Introducing The Chromebook

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Introducing Chromebook
Introducing Chromebook
Chromebooks Explained in Simple Terms - Is a Chromebook for you? - Chromebooks 101
Chromebooks Explained in Simple Terms - Is a Chromebook for you? - Chromebooks 101
News Today   Dell Launches Chromebook 5000 Series For Education. Starting at $289
News Today Dell Launches Chromebook 5000 Series For Education. Starting at $289

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Yh: hiya mate how 's u

cheese man: What's the song

Kathleen Vaughn: Well, not everything....Can't cast Sling via the Chromebook....

Tay-k: Even if I had free time on the chromebook, it won't let me play roblox or minecraft. I hate that bullcrap.

Spicysauced: After 6 years, I still come back to this ad, its so nicely done :)

Gurnoor Bains: I got a Dell chromebook 11 blue for 2 years for my school

Kamal Karkonasasi: It is a good idea if u have access to high speed internet all the time. maybe good idea for near future.

LeadRedDead: "Chromebook" a.k.a. "The Privacy Violator".

Tesco: One question:

Can it work with Gentoo and Libreboot?

M. L. Saunders: I now I have the Google Play Store on my Chromebook. Chrome OS has come such a long way! 😊

Christophermobley Swag: Yourlavtop is the best I just got a cromebook yesterday it was awsome

Reefarlane: Revolutionary

Jade Repaye-Finnerty: I wish I hadn't made the mistake of not buying one when I could have but NOW they are out of my price range. :( But if it has HP, McAfee,&/or Norton, I would not want it then. Just saying....those 3 things are the worst. + no more CS as of October?

no longer used: Too bad it isn't even practical

チロ: Actually you can get Linux on it pretty easily, the Chrome OS is pretty limited, so on mine I always use Linux;

David Khugatti: found cheaper full HD amazing images

Timothy J. Holloway: This video is an internet monument to how little Google honoured its promises, especially the ones that benefited customers, all so they could make it more Windows-like. Chrome is a huge system hog and somehow boot speeds actually got SLOWER over the years.

Basically, all but desktop computers suck, but if you want cheap and usable (if super-slow is still "usable"), a Chromebook is the way to go. But don't count on speed. And since one mainstream porn site I visit freezes this thing almost every time I visit so I have to hold down the power button to turn it off, I'd say something is still seriously wrong with it.

Frankly, Google abused early adopters like me by making promises they never tried to keep, especially for speed and reliability. For a couple of months, labels used to pop up over the icons in the desktop-like app shelf, blocking them from being clicked. And this Aura interface seemed to halve the performance. All so they could make it more familiar to all the dumbasses out there who freeze up when confronted with anything other than Windows.

I wouldn't bother getting one of these things unless you're looking for cheap and easy to use. Google doesn't give a crap about its users unless it adds to their bottom line. Remember that. My Chromebook is just how I found out how freaking loathsome Google really is.

Mememan9999: "can you play roblox on it?"

Samuel 220: i really like Chromebooks.😍
Introducing the Chromebook 5 out of 5

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Introducing the Chromebook