Data East Last Action Hero Pinball Machine

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Data East Last Action Hero Pinball machine
Data East Last Action Hero Pinball machine
1993 Data East Last Action Hero Pinball ピンボール ラスト アクション ヒーロー ピンボール
1993 Data East Last Action Hero Pinball ピンボール ラスト アクション ヒーロー ピンボール
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Data East Lethal Weapon 3 Pinball Machine
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Hook Pinball Machine by Data East
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The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends Pinball Machine by Data East

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KoSLoW27: This is the Best Data East Game !!

Matt Rasmussen: I've had this machine for about 4 months now and I really like it a lot. Had Jurassic Park too and while I did like the machine, this one appeals to me more, just more stuff to do and the tasks don't seem impossible like some on JP. The magnets are insane... Had a Baywatch too in nearly perfect condition, wish I never sold that (although that was a Sega).

samwyse2006: +PinBallReviewer The music is AC/DC's Big Gun from the movie. The generic synth sounds that are used make it sound similar to Duke or Doom.

lightsouthaha: The movie was not as bad as some people portray it to be; I actually prefer the movie to the machine. It was an Arnold movie and movies at that time were done a certain way. To me, the Jurassic park table is up there with the great bally/Williams machines just because it is easy to pickup and fun to play, even though it lacks depth.

tiagomendes1983: Great table great, funny movie. Im from Portugal:)

tattyadams: Good stuff, you can enjoy Data East's best game again!

Matt Salvatore: Yeah I'm really looking forward to playing again. What other machines would you suggest that have a somewhat steep learning/skill curve/deep set of rules, but also fun/enjoyable at the same time? I used to have a Judge Dredd machine as well, but had to sell it because I needed money.

LordDreggar: This game was in the Student lounge at college. I never played Pinball games before this one, I was more of a street fighter type. After the SF2 machine when down I played this one. I fell in love with it, I probably pumped about $500 in it the years I went there.

Stevie Marie: I have this machine at home, but I love it so much I could never bear to part with it.

Paul Balls to the wall: MATCH: "To be... or not to be." (smokes) "And Hamlet is taking out the trash!" (Arnie throws man) "Ugh!" *glass breaks* "Not to be." That's epic.

tattyadams: It’s good isn’t it! I think you are probably right with the music. One of the reasons I don’t like a lot of Data East stuff is the pumping sound tracks (have a look at my Star Trek 25th video to see what I mean) but this one is not too bad.

Punisher106: I'll say this, WWF Royal Rumble, Tommy, and Last Action Hero prove that DE makes some screwed up tables. I guess it's the sounds they use. It seems like 500 thousand things are going on at once.

FL Brizzle: This is my favorite movie of all time (guilty pleasure huh). How much did this machine cost you if you don't mind me asking? I collect stuff from the movie (figurines, cups, etc). I'd love to get my hands on one. As far as the best machine ever, I'm not sure. I haven't played this one but I dug the Gilligan's Island machine and Addams Family (from the movie). They are also two of the most widely produced if I'm not mistaken. Anyways, I subscribed to your channel. Cool stuff!

mjdan4: ...Don't talk to me in that tone

FL Brizzle: LOL I know! Thanks for the info! Subscribed!

David Lieber: Yes, a sleeper of a pinball game. Movie was a dud...but great game play. Just picked up one last week.

Dan Horn: Love this game, I just picked one up two weeks ago. Mines got an LED conversion, you should really consider it makes the game POP! I never even heard of the movie before I saw this pin, and I ended up buying it because I liked the pin so much. Movie sucked, but oh well it looks neat sitting next to the pin. Ha! Happy shooting!

tattyadams: Hey Larry, sorry my friend! It really is a great game, I wonder what else there is out there waiting to be discovered!!!

tattyadams: I agree about the movie and I have just decided to sell LAH and keep JP as it is more fun!

mjdan4: Nice video man ;) BTW,Did 'Data East' make any other pinball games?

tattyadams: Man, that is a guilty pleasure, respect to you for owning up my friend! :-) Seriously though after I got the machine I got the move again and it's better than I remember, Arnie was good at mocking himself. I'm not sure if you are in the UK but these normally sell for £1100-1200, good luck!

PinBallReviewer: Wow cool pin. I noticed the music sounds a lot like Doom or Duke Nukem music it is very close it is almost a remix of that music in this pin lol.

dadofducks: Long the pin Matt, but I loved the little side story you posted more. I've got to stop watching your vids Matt because you give me the itch to try to buy some other titles under the radar like this one! You're killing me Matt! LOL

Matt Salvatore: My LAH is getting serviced after being out of action for 3 years. Thanks for the video tatty!

tattyadams: Are you serious my friend, they made loads!!!!
Data East Last Action Hero Pinball machine 4.7 out of 5

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Data East Last Action Hero Pinball machine