Data East Last Action Hero Pinball Machine

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Data East Last Action Hero Pinball machine
Data East Last Action Hero Pinball machine
Last Action Hero Pinball Machine GRC
Last Action Hero Pinball Machine GRC
#251 Data East LAST ACTION HERO Pinball Machine in private home since 1993! TNT Amusements
#251 Data East LAST ACTION HERO Pinball Machine in private home since 1993! TNT Amusements
Last Action Hero pinball gameplay
Last Action Hero pinball gameplay
Pinball Arcade: Last Action Hero™
Pinball Arcade: Last Action Hero™

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Ecoutez le cinéma...: crazy nice gameplay

charles jones: Just FYI, LAH was just added to Pinball Arcade. I haven't seen a real one in 20 years. But it kicks as much ass as I remember.

Now we just need Jurassic Park and Star Wars to complete the trifecta of good Data East.

King B Awesome: Very nice game by Data East, but Star Wars is way better! :)

Francis Tokarski: These sounds make me hungry for pizza.

StruwwelPeder: Love this pin. Here's the story how I got mine: I walked down the street in a small town in southern Germany in 1998, when I saw three guys carrying this machine out a pub. I walked up to them and asked what they where doing with it. One guy said:"flipper is dead - that's it!" "Wanna have it?" - I said yes, ran home, got my fathers car and all my savings and ended up paying the equivalent around 130.-$ in deutschmarks. :) - It was in a 3+ condition. I polished it up a bit... it is still there. Love it. :)

james town: Used to play this in the Pub back in 93/94 ...

KoSLoW27: This is the Best Data East Game !!

samwyse2006: +PinBallReviewer The music is AC/DC's Big Gun from the movie. The generic synth sounds that are used make it sound similar to Duke or Doom.

FL Brizzle: LOL I know! Thanks for the info! Subscribed!

tattyadams: Man, that is a guilty pleasure, respect to you for owning up my friend! :-) Seriously though after I got the machine I got the move again and it's better than I remember, Arnie was good at mocking himself. I'm not sure if you are in the UK but these normally sell for £1100-1200, good luck!

FL Brizzle: This is my favorite movie of all time (guilty pleasure huh). How much did this machine cost you if you don't mind me asking? I collect stuff from the movie (figurines, cups, etc). I'd love to get my hands on one. As far as the best machine ever, I'm not sure. I haven't played this one but I dug the Gilligan's Island machine and Addams Family (from the movie). They are also two of the most widely produced if I'm not mistaken. Anyways, I subscribed to your channel. Cool stuff!

tiagomendes1983: Great table great, funny movie. Im from Portugal:)

tattyadams: I agree about the movie and I have just decided to sell LAH and keep JP as it is more fun!

lightsouthaha: The movie was not as bad as some people portray it to be; I actually prefer the movie to the machine. It was an Arnold movie and movies at that time were done a certain way. To me, the Jurassic park table is up there with the great bally/Williams machines just because it is easy to pickup and fun to play, even though it lacks depth.

David Lieber: Yes, a sleeper of a pinball game. Movie was a dud...but great game play. Just picked up one last week.

Matt Salvatore: Yeah I'm really looking forward to playing again. What other machines would you suggest that have a somewhat steep learning/skill curve/deep set of rules, but also fun/enjoyable at the same time? I used to have a Judge Dredd machine as well, but had to sell it because I needed money.

tattyadams: Good stuff, you can enjoy Data East's best game again!

Matt Salvatore: My LAH is getting serviced after being out of action for 3 years. Thanks for the video tatty!

Stevie Marie: I have this machine at home, but I love it so much I could never bear to part with it.

Dan Horn: Love this game, I just picked one up two weeks ago. Mines got an LED conversion, you should really consider it makes the game POP! I never even heard of the movie before I saw this pin, and I ended up buying it because I liked the pin so much. Movie sucked, but oh well it looks neat sitting next to the pin. Ha! Happy shooting!
Data East Last Action Hero Pinball machine 5 out of 5

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Data East Last Action Hero Pinball machine