Kitchen Quick Tip #5 - Cleaning Silver With Baking Soda

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Kitchen Quick Tip #5 - Cleaning Silver with Baking Soda
Kitchen Quick Tip #5 - Cleaning Silver with Baking Soda
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Anita Larsen: This tip just saved me hours of rubbing. Thanks so much!

Marie Bowling: Thank you. I just love you.

Paula Landau: Good video . Thanks

Firebrand55: A good visual demonstration of the power of chemical reaction!
All I need now is loads of silver objects to clean!

Jane Lee: Oh wow, it's cleaning like magic! OK, I think I can use my silverware and necklace that I have ignored for so long because of tarnishing. Thank you.

Jeffrey Herman: STOP! I'm a silversmith specializing in restoration, conservation, and preservation and conservator at

This process, known as electrochemical (galvanic) reduction, uses aluminum foil or an aluminum/ aluminum alloy plate and a warm solution of sodium carbonate (washing soda). When the object comes into contact with the plate in the solution, it removes only light tarnish, not the thick, black tarnish produced by years of neglect. Pitting of the object can occur if the aluminum plate is not periodically cleaned. Another not-so-obvious problem is scratching of the object when in contact with the plate.

Objects cleaned by this method may tarnish more quickly than silver that has been polished, for the object's surface will act like a sponge and more readily absorb tarnish-producing gases and moisture. The solution can also seep into hollow areas such as coffeepot handles, unsoldered spun beads around the tops of lightweight holloware, weighted pieces with minute holes, and any porous attachments. For these reasons, this cleaning technique is not recommended.

Read more on the PROPER care of silver at

Luke Thomas: I just bought a huge set of tarnished silver plated flatware at a thrift store. I can't wait to try this out, thank you. I liked your glee at how it worked, too!

Vanessa Odom Machen: Does this process damage the silverplate?

Eric Kennedy: Sorry Looking at what you're cleaning I take that back but anyone with Georgian 18 Century Silver do not do this!

Eric Kennedy: No Way bad advice! Wow you guys are crazy! Not my Silver! It is not good for your Silverware it creates a film on silver and makes it very difficult later google silver cleaning.

Melissa T (Shmicklet): This made our silver look better but it didn't remove the tarnish completely. Tried it twice and still there is some tarnish. We took them to a silversmith to fix up a few dented spoons, perhaps they used a cleaner on them that was bad?

202dinthemke: 'gleaming silver, in seconds, look at that' 240p

but after, assume the silver was not just tarnished but also filthy...the residue of baking soda is way too thick to completely wipe off. so in that case wash soap/water and then repeat chemical dunk?

and what kinda cloth you using cause i tried a couple and they seemed to microfiber for safest result?

nld1960: what if you cannot dunk it under water, like a silver dish around wood

Shana Shanina: Thank you so much for this video. I just purchased a beautiful silver tea pot and I can't wait to clean it. I had no idea how to clean this treasure before. Thanks again. :)

ztwntyn8: I've had this ugly silverware that I have identified as valuable but it was so nasty looking I didn't know what to do and was sure I could ruin it somehow id I didn't polish with the right compound etc. I just happened to stumble across this and tried it on a few of the bigger utensils and it worked excellent. I was about to melt it down and now I'd eat off of them. Off to do the rest of the set!  Thank you!!!

Brianna Learmonth: Thank you so much for this. It so was quick and easy and worked so well I couldn't believe it! :) Very happy with the result of 25 year old silver cutlery cleaning up to look like new. 

jager bon: i have a silver tray, i was wondering do i need foil or can i just put hot water and baking soda in and on the tray?

TA Lindsay: that is awesome!!!!! I am going to the thriftstore right now to buy some silver to try it. Thanks so much!

katzcradul: I've never seen it not work. Did you pile the silver in the pan, or did you lay it out in just one layer. Each piece of silver must be touching the foil. Are you sure what you were cleaning is actually silver? Just trying to figure out why you had a fail.

Arqui Denis: I did that and it didn't work
Kitchen Quick Tip #5 - Cleaning Silver with Baking Soda 5 out of 5

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Kitchen Quick Tip #5 - Cleaning Silver with Baking Soda