DIY Manual SMD Vacuum Pick And Place Tool

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DIY Manual SMD Vacuum Pick And Place Tool
DIY Manual SMD Vacuum Pick And Place Tool
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How to make a low cost Vacuum Pickup Tool for SMT Pick and Place
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DIYmanal xx: i was

Thomas Dorsher: Genius, I declare! Genius!!!

Dennis Coburn: I tried silicone tubing and it didn't work. Apparently, it's so soft that it caves in and doesn't sustain the vacuum all the way to the tip. I'm not sure this is the correct explanation, but replacing the silicone tubing with standard plastic aquarium air tubing works fine.

BandAid: Where did you get your component storage trays?

Grass Roots: Nice.  Thank you for the time and effort to video and post.  It's appreciated.

Lawrence Kesteloot: What a well-done tutorial! Thank you!

Neil Hancock: Absolutely amazing. Made it up and worked very simply. Will be trying it on a board build soon.

Stathis Bikos: cool video. Can you give a rough estimate of the amount of vacuum this pump can produce?

Rob B: some silicon tubing would be more flexible and easier to manipulate much like the Si insulation on a good soldering iron. As a source try fuel hose intended for model engines from a hobby shop.

retiredsearge: Or for $40 buy the BEADSMITH PICK IT UP and be done with it.

Gan Liu: Hi, the video is very good. But your SMT enclosure could be better:
We have surface mount resistor/capacitor/inductor kits, no leaking down to 0402 size, look at here:
Contact us, thank you. 

Dennis Furr: I've gone off and done my own thing...spending a little bit more money but with a great result.

I ordered some syringes with draw tubes.  These have an ID of 14mm and an OD of 16mm.  I bought 8 x 9/16x5/32x3/32 rubber washers.  This diameter washer fits really nicely in the 14mm syringe.  I also used a purpose built pump instead of hacking the aquarium pump.  It cost about the same so no big deal.  I also bought some 14mm iron tubing and some 6mm brass tubing.  This was a bit dear but I have most of it left over.  I used a 8mm wood drill to ream out the centre holes on the rubber washers.  This was a pain but I figured out if I make a spacer from the iron tubing which I was going to do anyhow and put the spacer and the washers in the syringe they can all be cut at the same time and it only takes a few minutes.  I then put 2 washers on the brass rod followed by the iron spacer and finished with the remaining 4 washers and inserted the assembly into the syringe.

I can connect 6mm hose to the brass tubing which is the same ID as the fittings on my pump.  I don't have a mechanism for releasing the vacuum but since I want to use this in a CNC I'm likely to build the vacuum control into something a bit more sophisticated than a hole in the syringe. (No criticism intended.)

So, I've abandoned the cigar box but have a different plan which I like much better.  If I prorate the cost of the metal tubing and clamps I'm still under £20 but I still need some hose which may push it over a bit.  This still falls short of the mark of having a working mechanized pick and place machine as I've blown the whole budget on the pick-up head.

Dennis Furr: I wonder why you need a vacuum pump at all.  Can't this be done with a rubber bulb like on a physician's BP cuff?  The vacuum pump seems like overkill.  I'm thinking about hacking this with a mod of Low Budget Manual Pick and Place (HD).  I only need to work on small boards...wonder if I can get this into a cigar box...and keep the cost under £20.

danny zak: Does it do 0402's aswell ?

DrexelPID: Thanks for the video on the pump, I replicated the video and it works great! I just added a solenoid and a foot pedal for flow control for mine. 

Raymond Earle: Guess I shall be making one of these. Thank you very much.

kaveter: nice video.. is it not easier to change polarity for direction of the pump instead of rotating it?

Eflat Productions: That was sweet, and ingenious!
DIY Manual SMD Vacuum Pick And Place Tool 5 out of 5

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DIY Manual SMD Vacuum Pick And Place Tool