Glock Vs. Lone Wolf Barrel

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dowdawg: My lone wolf barrel causes my slide to go forward off the gun after firing..

Michael Jones: I have been reloading for the glock 22 gen 4 for almost 2 years now I have been using the factory barrel all this time. when I reload for this gun I worked up a plinking load that works well for my conditions but I started from a lower charge than the manual listed and worked up to the point where I didn't get the bulge.

Peace Keeper EDC: Good video

C Lewis: Great info. Thanks

Aresfire2: With the concept of Glocks not being able to use Buffalo Bore Ammo, I have a new GLOCK GEN4 G27 and the chamber seems to have a lot meat. But with your calipers your taught m what really counts. Will a Lone Wolf barrel make to the G27 able to handle the hottest +P anno out there? So with LW Barrels would you say Buffalo Bore ammo is safer in the LW? I CCW my G27 and will only buy +P from Sig, Underwood and Buffalo and want the tighter barrel. Are you saying the AK like workings of the GLOCK will go way with the tighter clearance Lone Wolf barrels?  I plan on buying two. One for my CCW GEN27 & the other for my GEN4 G20 next week with a compensator on it next week.

55scuba: I didn't see this question in the comments. I reload and have several rounds of lead @ 45ACP and would you recommend the wolf because of this?

MrEricdgreat: Thanks very informative

Practical Shooter: So tell me why my Glock 19 G3 fired brass fits fine in all my other handguns??? The Lone Wolf barrel is just overly tight. Never had any issues with 9mm brass bulging from my G19, and reloading them over and over. But thanks for the review.

James S: Would annealing the fired brass at the bulged area after full length resizing help to reduce the strength reduction caused by the brass stretching thereby allowing reloaded brass to be used?

David Smith: It's called Glock Bulge. Reliability and dependability is why it's there. This is why 95% plus Law Enforcement carry them. I size all my reloading brass in case I have some that has been shot thru a Glock.

John Budesa: GOOD INFO VIDEO-- Lone Wolf are excellent CNC barrels and the price is second to none. IF YOU HATE THE LONE WOLF LOGO, GET A DOUBLE DIAMOND FROM THE GLOCK STORE. Both barrels are manufactured in the same Chinese Plant. They may be Chinese made BUT are SUPERB!

MrPecker I I I: Thanks for the video. What Gen is this barrel? I have a G4 23, and a G4 27.

SuperButch888: is the gemtech glock 23 aftermarket barrel has the same full support as the lone wolf aftermarket?

Don Gayan Amarasinghe: Thanks for sharing information! Is it always the case to have bit of open area above the feed ram on the brass casing? Is there a type of barrel can be purchased to eliminate this issue?

neckarsulme: did a 5year old design Lone Wolf's logo?

bbhrdzaz: thumbs down. you reject the lone wolf barrel despite the facts and evidence before you. your judgements are subjective and without merit. given the facts you have presented, the Lone Wolf appears the superior barrel. reloads or not. you present numbers, 99% to the right, but again, a subjective observation. did you measure 99 of the 100 rounds you fired? hmmm.

OrangeDiamond Barbarossa: Rambling is right..... Geeze.

Slim Jim: You give up reliability for accuracy basically. I've seen both tested professionally and the lone wolf is far more accurate. For practical defense however you are right the Glock barrel is accurate enough. Also I work in a ammo factory and're shooting a ticking time bomb. We're talking mass production and stuff finds it's way into boxes that should not. We're probably talking less than 1% out of billions of rounds. It's like a slot machine the odds of hitting the jack pot is small however in this case you don't want to be the lucky winner.
All that said the Lone Wolf is going to act like most non-Glock's. It's gonna love some ammo, and hate other ammo. Also the more you shoot the LW barrel the better the reliability will get. It'll never match the factory Glock in that department with all ammo however due to the design difference.

SHEEP DOGG: I'll buy Line Wolf products when they stop putting their stupid logo on crap. And when they offer a solid black barrel minus the logos.

sooner54: Good vid. thank you. Had decided to get a KKM for my 9 mm Glock as I will be shooting lead for the most part. This confirms my thoughts, that poly. case in the KKM is all I needed to see to seal the deal,good advice, cheers.
Glock Vs. Lone Wolf Barrel 5 out of 5

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Glock Vs. Lone Wolf Barrel