Glock Vs. Lone Wolf Barrel

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SHEEP DOGG: I'll buy Line Wolf products when they stop putting their stupid logo on crap. And when they offer a solid black barrel minus the logos. 

sooner54: Good vid. thank you. Had decided to get a KKM for my 9 mm Glock as I will be shooting lead for the most part. This confirms my thoughts, that poly. case in the KKM is all I needed to see to seal the deal,good advice, cheers.

ideamachineim: Got one, can't wait to try it! Thanks!

Antoua B: Amaya you are the man :)
For the first time ever, after watching at least 30 videos on this topic, was I able to fully understand the chamber support issues of glock vs lone wolf barrels.
The best video, period.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your truly incredible ability to relay the knowledge to amateurs like myself. Cheers

cartbon copy: thank you, was good info

Bhfeice Holder: in a sense, you could never use reloaded bullets in the lone wolf barrel.

Bhfeice Holder: wouldn't the standard barrel be good lets say in an survival situation where you had to scavenge for ammo that may have been reloaded? because those expanded rounds would not fit in the lone wolf where as they would fit in the standard glock barrel.

Jim C.: Did you polish the feed ramp on the Lone Wolf?  I received a Lone Wolf for a Glock 30 today.  They said in the description that it had a polished feed ramp.  It does not look polished to me.  A polished ramp should look like a mirror in my opinion.  The LW I got does not...not even close.

perikaveera: I'm no Glock fan here and I don't reload either but these are my reasons for Lone Wolf barrel. Bought a Glock20 in 10mm last year. 10mm because it's a hot/exotic/cool round and all that but it's also pricey and not easily available. Also, out of a factory barrel it can hurt your shooting hand especially your trigger finger. A Lone Wolf extended/ported barrel took care of that and far better accuracy for $125 extra. Another hot round is the .357Sig but that too is pricey and hard to find at your local ammo place. .40S&W is cheap and they're everywhere. So bought a LW .357Sig extended/ported for $125 and a LW .40S&W for $110. That's 3 calibers for the price of less than 2 and more shooting and practice options and the best part is that THE 10mm MAGAZINE IS GOOD FOR ALL THE THREE CALIBERS!
Jackson, Mississippi.

Bill M: We saw a lot of case head seps in Federal Hydra-shok in 1993-96 circa as Federal brass was made by a 2 step draw process. Federal's explanation is the case is meant to be fired one time and one time only.  There is a lot of that early .40SW brass still around. I witnessed more than 20 of these case head seps. Supposedly Federal corrected the problem but they could never recall all those cases and ammo. For what it's worth. 

Marty Abernathy: You did a fantastic job on this video explaining what a "fully supported chamber" was.  I am a big fan of Buffalo Bore ammo and is not recommended with factory .40 Glock barrels.  Great video

Fergesslich: Still better than no gun.

tjdinfl: Nice video. You covered all issues with zero inaccuracies. Nice job. You did, however, neglect to mention that you can also put an aftermarket .357sig barrel on your 23 or 27 (I'm sure you know that). The .40 caliber Glock is very versatile.

jris211: Me too. realize that most of these people have no idea what they are talking about.

jris211: get it reamed. Lone wolf charges 30$ for the service. They are match grade barrels and therefore have tighter than usual chambers. You're gonna be wasting money buying new shells for that particular barrel. In fact, you wasted money buying one if you did not get a conversion barrel for 9mm. Use the stock barrel for your reloads, lead or whatever. Understand that there is a lot of internet myth out there about glocks, specifically the 40. It's not gonna blow up

jris211: Contrary to popular belief, you can fire lead rounds through your stock glock barrel. That is a very common internet myth

jris211: Why wouldn't you load 40 for your glock? The lone wolf barrel chambers are renowned to have very tight chambers. I have a 9mm conversion barrel and had to get it reamed. I've reloaded 40 for my glock and never had an issue. The casings have been used in the teens for some. And guess what, i also fire lead through my stock glock barrel. This unsupported chamber crap is nonsense; same with no lead through glocks.People mess up 40 due to they get dumb & double charge charge and blame the round

jris211: Don't panic about it. The lone wolf barrels are match grade. In other words their chambers are way more tighter than most guns, not just glocks. Go ahead and reload them. The resizing die will do fine on the glock fired brass. You're gonna find out that all this "unsupported chamber" nonsense is just that. Nonsense.

Chris Crawford: Good video

william stewart: in the glock 22
Glock Vs. Lone Wolf Barrel 5 out of 5

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Glock Vs. Lone Wolf Barrel