Brazing Copper To Steel

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TIG-Brazing Copper to Steel TIG Time
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Silver Brazing Demo - Stainless Steel. Brass. & Copper
Brazing a Steel Pipe Together at Weld Strength with SSF-6 Silver Solder
Brazing a Steel Pipe Together at Weld Strength with SSF-6 Silver Solder
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orrisd1992: neat , always worth learning new tricks

CDNBaconRich: Could you show how you would hold a piece of aluminum if I wanted to braze a piece of aluminum 1/8" bar inside of a box on the top edge?

BlueCollarDreams: Very cool video Jody

Mark Belden: Nice work!

onjoFilms: I was wondering if you can do a video on how to cook juicy chicken?

Juan Galarza: helped me install a compressor today thank you! keep doing what you doing man

Sabri Adali: hello we want to this machine if you have

Dredgerwood: i was wondering if you could do a video about how to braze or tig brass to copper? i am building an oil tank out of 6" copper pipe (approx 1/8" wall) and i am going to be using brass bungs for feed/return lines and filler cap etc... welded the tank with tig using a copper wire for filler, turned out good as far as i can tell. thanks Jodie

Rodd Ruiz: Don't flux everything up. Thats a t-shirt right there. Haha

raydeironfist: That was awesome! Always neat to see a different approach to a situation.

Luis Moreno: Propane can braze well too for those who were asking.

Mike Hamilton: great demo, doing the monolog as a commentary on the video works.
but silver is expensive. so generally you have 3 brazing materials ?
lead, lead free, and silver, for most of the materials
one would want to join together ?  is that because silver is more versatile and bonds with most metals ?  

MrTonyshit80: I couldn't understand well what are you saying. I,m not English native...can you write will help me more..

MrTonyshit80:  Dear sir ...what the purpose you use the flux....?

Andrew Parker: Thanks for the video - nicely done and informative.

landykid60: ahhhh,, that's a very tidy job,, nice work,,

wing Chow: Today is the 19 th of Oct2013
Brazing Copper to Steel
Brazing Copper to Steel

NightRunner417: Doesn't it just make you crazy thinking about what you could do with it? Mmmmmm induction heating, so sweet. :-)

Super Taster: if you have small parts, he's using oxy/fuel here, there's no way you'd get that copper block up to temp with a little propane torch
Brazing Copper to Steel 5 out of 5

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Brazing Copper to Steel