Brazing Copper To Steel

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Brazing Copper to Stainless Steel
Brazing Copper to Stainless Steel
TIG-Brazing Copper to Steel   TIG Time
TIG-Brazing Copper to Steel TIG Time
Brazing Copper to Steel
Brazing Copper to Steel
Using Silver Solder Paste to Join Copper to Stainless Steel
Using Silver Solder Paste to Join Copper to Stainless Steel
Silver Brazing Demo - Stainless Steel. Brass. & Copper
Silver Brazing Demo - Stainless Steel. Brass. & Copper

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Dredgerwood: i was wondering if you could do a video about how to braze or tig brass to copper? i am building an oil tank out of 6" copper pipe (approx 1/8" wall) and i am going to be using brass bungs for feed/return lines and filler cap etc... welded the tank with tig using a copper wire for filler, turned out good as far as i can tell. thanks Jodie

Rodd Ruiz: Don't flux everything up. Thats a t-shirt right there. Haha

raydeironfist: That was awesome! Always neat to see a different approach to a situation.

Luis Moreno: Propane can braze well too for those who were asking.

Mike Hamilton: great demo, doing the monolog as a commentary on the video works.
but silver is expensive. so generally you have 3 brazing materials ?
lead, lead free, and silver, for most of the materials
one would want to join together ?  is that because silver is more versatile and bonds with most metals ?  

MrTonyshit80: I couldn't understand well what are you saying. I,m not English native...can you write will help me more..

MrTonyshit80:  Dear sir ...what the purpose you use the flux....?

Andrew Parker: Thanks for the video - nicely done and informative.

landykid60: ahhhh,, that's a very tidy job,, nice work,,

wing Chow: Today is the 19 th of Oct2013
Brazing Copper to Steel
Brazing Copper to Steel

NightRunner417: Doesn't it just make you crazy thinking about what you could do with it? Mmmmmm induction heating, so sweet. :-)

Super Taster: if you have small parts, he's using oxy/fuel here, there's no way you'd get that copper block up to temp with a little propane torch

71dembones: You are a master my friend! Lots of good, no-bones info in here! I subscribed to make sure I got good welding advice at my fingertips! Brazing dissimilar metals is what I know the least about and it seems to be everyday routine for you. Thanks!

rcwarship: Heya Jody, Thank you very much for taking your time to make/upload these great videos!!!!! I realize that it's not called out/required for this application, however, if there is a 5 to 10 thousandths gap between the copper/steel, it will greatly increase the strength of the joint as it allows the solder to flow between the parts. The gap can be made by using a center punch to deform the copper or steel, a cold chisel for longer ones works great as well. Thanks Again & Best Regards, Jon

NOBOX7: those induction units are awsome , to bad they use 10,000+ watts , my garage currently has a 20 amp limit,,,, 2400 watts :*(

NOBOX7: your awsome homes , thanks for sharing the pre placed tec, i loved it , it seems to pre heat the brazer rod better then manual feeding

Nicholas Mione: Silver Brazing Copper to Steel

Need help welding copper to steel? Jody over at Welding Tips and Tricks ( has some ideas on how to do it with silver brazing.

Thanks to Welding Tips and Tricks.

ljwartuk: will a plumbers gas torch work?anybody??????

dougspair: In 30 years, I always found the Stay-Silv flux dries up in the container after exactly 2 openings of the cap. Nice it's water based too, easy to just add a bit of water.

Hadi: is it that torch of propane gas or not ? if not >> can i use propane gas for brazing?
Brazing Copper to Steel 5 out of 5

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Brazing Copper to Steel