Voice Command Dalek

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18 Inch Voice Control Dalek Video Review
18 Inch Voice Control Dalek Video Review
Voice Command Dalek
Voice Command Dalek
Having fun with voice control Dalek
Having fun with voice control Dalek
18" Voice-Command Dalek from ThinkGeek
Dalek 18inch voice command.
Dalek 18inch voice command.

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ThePuppyBossBros 123: I mean that thing looks like a vacum I'll say dalak clean my flor please someone make dalak vacums

Hanrry Oliveira: Where can I buy one of those?

Nicholas McCormick: i want it

walter0bz: get some deep learning tech inside one of these. 'self-driving dalek' etc.

Rachel Snowsmith: That sounds like the 9th doc.

Keoni Romano: I think i want one of those

Calcifer Flame: Where did u get it

Myrtymine: I wouldnt sleep with a dalek in my house ....btw that guy sounds like the 9th doctor... So the doctor has his own dalek

A Wolf: I agree, K.D.N.Z.O.

A Wolf: Army of 10,000. [Planet of the Daleks] #WHOVIANSUNITE

Inpolite ROBLOX: The guy sounds like Christopher eccelston

ACID WAVE.: so cute <3

Tigerstar ShadowClan leader: i want one of those so bad

Gina Chaney: wow that's real nice

Totaly Original: look up voice command R2 D2 its like the same thing just this is a dalek

Connor Stockschlader: If you save up you could make an army of daleks

신비주의: Cute

andrew moreau: EXTERMINATE!

Kenneth Williamson: This is so cool wear can I get one I live in uk 

Gin “firewolf933” densetsu: Where did you get it?! And how much? Unless it's like $300. 
Voice Command Dalek 5 out of 5

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Voice Command Dalek