Voice Command Dalek

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18 Inch Voice Control Dalek Video Review
18 Inch Voice Control Dalek Video Review
Voice Command Dalek
Voice Command Dalek
Dalek 18inch voice command.
Dalek 18inch voice command.
Doctor Who: 18 Inch Voice Control Supreme Dalek
Doctor Who: 18 Inch Voice Control Supreme Dalek
18" Voice-Command Dalek from ThinkGeek

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WoodenToaster Fan 551: i want one of those so bad

minecraft hunter: wow that's real nice

Uber Xtreme: look up voice command R2 D2 its like the same thing just this is a dalek

Connor Stockschlader: If you save up you could make an army of daleks

신비주의: Cute

andrew moreau: EXTERMINATE!

Kenneth Williamson: This is so cool wear can I get one I live in uk 

Gin “firewolf933” densetsu: Where did you get it?! And how much? Unless it's like $300. 

Benik CZ: Did he speaks only english?

Ian Gregson: I think this is more of NE accent as opposed to Chris's Manchester but I remember Our Friends in the North also :-)

Today's Bullshit News: Is this the 9th doctor?

Pie Pierrot (Eta): I don't wanna KNOW how much this thing would be though. O.O I wanna get one of those Desktop Patrol Daleks and those are running for around $40, imagine what this thing would be.

Pie Pierrot (Eta): Haha, that's pretty impressive. I even waited for you to finish your sentence when you asked it about the Doctor. Did you make this or did you buy it? Impressive AI.

TheRyan1845: He sounds like christopher eccleston

Bry Guy: I WANT ONE!!!!!

Daughterofthehunt AgithaCromwell: there is a remote control for the movements f the dalek, right?

Olivia DeVito: lol he's so cute I want one. WHERE THE HECK DID U GET IT.

Power2563: where did you get that?

Lauren Lambdin: OOOMMMMGGGG!!!!! I want one soooo badly!!!!! Where would you find them at/ buy them. Cause thats amazing, I would be the happiest person on earth if I had one of those

Hazel Brooks: PS - If you kept banging my head like that "i" would exterminate you too lol.
Voice Command Dalek 5 out of 5

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Voice Command Dalek