Voice Command Dalek

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Voice Command Dalek
Voice Command Dalek
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Voice Control Dalek
Voice Control Dalek
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My Voice Controlled Dalek.
My Voice Controlled Dalek.

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TheRyan1845: He sounds like christopher eccleston

Bry guy: I WANT ONE!!!!!

Daughterofthehunt AgithaCromwell: there is a remote control for the movements f the dalek, right?

Pie Pierrot: I don't wanna KNOW how much this thing would be though. O.O I wanna get one of those Desktop Patrol Daleks and those are running for around $40, imagine what this thing would be.

Power2563: where did you get that?

Pie Pierrot: Haha, that's pretty impressive. I even waited for you to finish your sentence when you asked it about the Doctor. Did you make this or did you buy it? Impressive AI.

Connor Duggan: these years where brilliant! :')

Olivia DeVito: lol he's so cute I want one. WHERE THE HECK DID U GET IT.

John Smith: Is this the 9th doctor?

Lauren Lambdin: OOOMMMMGGGG!!!!! I want one soooo badly!!!!! Where would you find them at/ buy them. Cause thats amazing, I would be the happiest person on earth if I had one of those

James E. Chadwick: I'm sure it's been said, but this guy sounds like Christopher Eccleston. Do they make these things in the New Dalek Paradigm?

Nycholas landry gravel: Shut the freak up and take my money!

Hazel Brooks: PS - If you kept banging my head like that "i" would exterminate you too lol.

TheShadowWolfPack: is that real or is it a toy and how do u get it

Josh Adam Tom Thomas: wow how did u do that!

Hazel Brooks: Great stuff, now I know how to get mine going on it`s own, thank you.

Taylor Kirby: I think Daleks are super cute even though they are pure evil :3

Darth Vraak: that thing is creepy as freak!

julie boss: omg where did u get that?

Gvtertje: Now add a vacuum function to it and i might buy it :D

riversong1718: BEST TOY EVER 

AxA: I have that for christmas xDDDDD

Robin Meise: were you got that from?

Semi Human: 10/10 would crap pants

Asta V. B.: It's so cute!!! Please please please put a link to a website where I can buy it!

mech3lle: It's just the cutest!

sarah leakey: where do i get one of these?

Kevin Salado: There will be cats flipping their crap about this

Khotarri: is choice mute, therefor cannot giv commands nuuuuuu ;w; still cool tho :D!

martin miranda: D: da miedoooooooooooooo

Kevin Salado: There will be cats flipping their crap about this

Wolf Dalek: i found this video because right now its doctor who 50th anniversary

FUCK: Seems like something that would scare a Dog.

Juan Mejia: Whar did you bye it


Mr.Liam Jones: I bought 1 of these and Every night ,that thing is freaking Creepy....

Mr. Ninja X: I want one

Arangarta: The voice comand Daleks have to be better than the 18 inch RC they can't even look forward without the eye stalk going straight up!

L aerad: Stroppy little bugger, isn't he? :-)

Bluestone365: They are £49.99 brand new in shop now

frenchie16000: Do want!

Oliver Antal: I wish I had one! :) Where did you get it from? :)

MyCoreU: His voice sounds like a freaking robot =O it´s crazy!!? lol

biofan2: WHERE THE freak DO I GET ONE?!

HardCoreGamingXL: Ahaa I bought myself one of these a couple of years ago it is WELL worth the money honestly the amount of fun me and my little nephew had hiding behind the sofa as it was trying to find us when it had red eye was immense haha

pegasus64100: make teh dalek go yoda on u


M. Bison: Better than Siri


Dustin Estep: A little dalek
Voice Command Dalek 4.9 out of 5

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Voice Command Dalek