Madolche Deck Profile (January 2014 Format)

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Madolche Deck Profile (January 2014 Format)
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Joe Kell: Nyquil deck profiles are the best deck profiles :P

Biudeeh Gamer: Sua verruga e maior q a minha bunda, e olhe q tenho obesidade morbida

AlexMetapod: Jamie you dun goofed again! You can only use Hootcake once per turn!

Celza Yamuto: I know only aliitle about this deck

Dragon Ranger: Hootcake in only once per turn.... :/ You can't activate its effect after you special it from ticket if u already used it in the combo...... And you do not ever need more than 2 Chateau... also terraforming and emerald is not needed in madolche. And i dislike running 3 Gelato and Cardcars. Tour guides are better in my opinion as it is an instant rank3.

BludAardvark: IMO Duality is better than Upstart a least prior to angelly. You have combo pieces but the impact is not immediate. There is some setup involved and you need to be able to put monsters in the grave to get hootcake to start running.

Daniel Newlin: omg that mole is like the size of jupiter!!

richdevlD0G559: 3 chateau isn't necessary. should play 1 cruffsant cause it enables better combos.

SleepyKoala: Can you do a Bujin deck? It would be interested to see how you would adapt Hare/Arasuda and Pearooster into your build.

Kieran Fiferman: The deck's good man, but, it could do with a few tweaks here and there. Personally, as a Madolche player, I really don't like using Spell Striker, probably 'cos it's not my style of playing this deck. I've been experimenting with a more aggro/Synchro-based variant. Genex Ally Birdman's a really good tech/tuner for Madolches, especially if you have Tiaramisu/Puddingcess + Ticket on field, which could give you Star Eater if you have Puddingcess, or having a Tiaramisu, and then go for something like Black Rose. The other thing I've been trying out is double Plaguespreader Zombie. While it doesn't trigger Ticket, it provides just that extra bit of Synchro opportunities, especially Frozen Fitzgerald, seeing as both Hootcake and Mewfuille are both Level 3 Beasts, and Plaguespreader is a Level 2 Dark Tuner. Similar effect to Armades, but can also resurrect itself, while loading the graveyard for Hootcake ammo, which, in turn, will provide more power plays. Finally, I'd swap Creature Swap for Mind Control. It's still a fun deck to play, but, I really want to prove that, if done right, it can become a decent contender. Oh, and, if you're still looking for a Madolchepalooza, I've got one going spare if you're interested. Good video, as always! Keep it up!

iPhoneeditor: I've been playing madolche T.G. roar and it is pretty friggin ridiculous when it goes off. It has a lot of Otk potential and if it gets stopped you just make a naturia beast or barkkion in your opponents face. Also roar plus setting mageline is pretty awesome because first turn you don't reveal what you're playing.

Lachesis Ceres: this will sound like i'm a hater but i just have to comment on this video. This is one of the reasons why madolche isn't a top tier deck. The only way madolche would be a viable deck is when it's played like a OTK. It has a concistancy of around 80% and when angely comes out it will have even more potential. In my opinion your deck isn't optimal and if it works in the current meta it's probebly not working out well. Your combo at the end isn't optimal either but that might be because of your deck. I'm hoping you'll concidering to redo this video again. If you have any questiones about my playstyle pm or reply. Sorry if i offended you but i mean no harm.

Ivan J Rodriguez: If a monster get compulse you can still active his eff after? As a chain?

xrhstos k: could you please build a Six Samurai deck profile? I think that it would be so great.

BranTCG: I like Maxx "C" in the Deck because you can drop it in the Graveyard during your own turn if you absolutely need a monster for Hootcake

Chris Carpio: Please build Inzektors.

Declan Graham: woop woop madolches c:

Marzittie: Also Exciton is always a no no in Madolche, you will almost always have a huge amount of card advantage, which means Exciton will be a waste of extra deck.

Irving Flores: Hootcake is once per turn (/.-)...even if its a different hootcake than the one that did his eff previously that same turn -.-

TheAgentofYugioh: what are your thoughts on puddingcess

paul lion: puddingcess crap

Ai Saika: U need some help, since u dont play Madolches gues I can give u a little hand and also what I think. What I think, it ok, to 1 to 10 ill give it a 8.5, still missing some things (Madolchepalooza), but its ok, I see some cards that dont go like Upstard the deck it fast it self and make, the Creatur... that sounds fun realy, maybe Ill give it a try my self. Play 2 Madolche Ticket i my self play 3, U get some smart ppl that se that card and they destroy it, well u get a plus 1 for u Tiaramisu but not a plus 1 on a special summen and u play 3Messengelato, u have... 4 target and ur going to spam Messengelato a lot, Play 3 fields, 2 Ticket and 2 Palooza, I play 3 out of eche card and get a lot of hate, but as long as I get the job done i guess it ok. That all I can give u kid and also, 2 Maxx C, I have a big hat on Maxx C around now, but as time pass I actually like a lot the card since it works with my deck, U like Veileres, go fir it I also play 2 of them, but Maxx C, u can drop him in ur hand any time just to get ur OTK when u have that Veiler stuck in ur hand and cant get cards for the Hoolcake. Im trying out "T.G. Madolche Quasar", Im a realy crazy Chick i guess jeje, but its fun trying new stuff, but guess that the fun of Yugioh, take care and put something worm around for the cold. =)

Federico Biondini: i m running three tgwarwulf instead of playing rota book of moon and swap

lowrona: I personally think 3 Chateau is too much, and running Terraforming makes that 4, it's consistent at 2. I would add 1 Ticket and Palooza or 2 Pot of Duality in their place.

Giov Harley: Farai il sylvan deck profile ? Bel video 

thebui916: Actually, you can only activate one Hootcake per turn. At least that was my interpretation of it. I thought it was similar to the wording on Dragon Rulers.

NickyBenz22: are yoou capable of making an evilswarm deck?

88riddlemethis: You can only use the effect of Hootcake once per turn.

jonathan perido: he doesnt really care about the deck he just wants to make up for a mistake

bryan castaneda: guys I have a lot of deck for trade for other deck o for stuff you can send my pm

007v3x: Can you do a gravekeeper deck profile for this format? :D

airius russell: you should do an updated chaos dragons deck

sylverzenki: its cuz of his cold! HES SICK HE DOESNT KNOW ANY BETTER! but i like running 2 chateau 2 ticket, then have the 3rd chateau in the side, 3 messenger and 3 kitty cat is a must imo for a grindier game if you go against something like gravekeepers. i feel like spell striker is a must as well for people who arent running that card, it gives you the oppertunity to OTK a LOT easier and you can search out your madolche spells/traps twice with a spell striker.

Joshua quindao: Please make Infernities.

jediknightzac: Jamie can you please do a frog monarch deck profile for the new list thanks 

Marzittie: Ticket is always more valuable than Chateau. Let's say you open bad with a ticket in hand you can essentially sac the non needed Madolche in order to get ticket off which will give you your needed set piece.

Tylel: Wher is the angely....

AbyssalOrca: are madolches budget? are they semi competitive/ top tier? :c

Rafael Pashamov: Also, I subscribed :) Hope for you to do the same after some time. need to upload the vids.

Rafael Pashamov: A good version of the deck, although I would play it quite a bit different. 3 chateu +1 Terraforming is a bit too much for me. Cardcar D is not that good of a tech actually, although better than most of the random stuff..

MuggzTheCat: No offense but you apologize and make excuses for making bad videos sooo much. Just take your time and make your videos good lol. 

Brian Peckinpaugh: I run 2 divine wrath...u get quick hand advantage, and to prevent their hand traps. Or anything else for that matter grave effects whatever

Brian Peckinpaugh: You can tell your really noob with madolche, keep trying though
Madolche Deck Profile (January 2014 Format) 4.4 out of 5

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Madolche Deck Profile (January 2014 Format)