Home Made Log Lifter 3

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HomemadeTools.net Website: Very interesting! We just posted this one in a homemade logging tools thread on homemadetools.net: http://www.homemadetools.net/forum/logging-tools-videos-32450#post45274 . Jump in anytime if you'd like to chat with other tool guys.

Successfully Puzzled: nice rig. I bet you could rig it a little different and haul 4 or so....

charlie brown: looks like it s hard to load the truck with that lift

Bobby John: Excellent let's someone with a blown back actually do something and feel productive. Great Idea!

uuyittn: did i mention i really like this video

Praetorian27: That is awesome...good for you!

fgh dv: hahaha

Ed Heerlein: Thanks, I don't loose any sleep over them for sure! ;)

Tristan102100: yeah,i guess so,haha!

Ed Heerlein: Never heard of or saw a dragging mat. Don't matter. When I load the trailer with this and make 1 trip with 10-15 logs, I feel like I saved time! Specially when all of what I do is not on 1 property. Think the law would frown on me dragging them down the interstate!

Tristan102100: so you can use a dragging mat

Ed Heerlein: Makes it tough to use a sawmill on it with all the dirt that picks up! Dulls the blades almost as fast as a nail!

Tristan102100: all i see here is time consumtion just chain it up and drag it not like it is solid gold

OfficialHankIII: Thx for the tip

marc benoit: i like this idea....i use winch all the time on my atv....i have bush...wish i owned a tractor....lol .strap bike to a large tree, use pulleys and straps and with right pulleys i have used 2000 lbs winch to move wet 25[ by 50" at base..large wet old pine 90degree up and down a ravine..point would be the weight on the back of truck...do the load wheels work ok for you....i have an idea of what i would do there...nice stuff any how...just thought i would say so

Ed Heerlein: I am using a cheep 3000lb winch I got at Harbor Freight

OfficialHankIII: What kind of winch is are you using to pull?

Alan Ward: Design the bottom forks to fold up, lift the log past them till they fall, then lower it. Eliminates all the chaining.

Dusty Rhodes: If you secured your chain directly over the forks, the log would swing to that point, instead of falling short of the forks.

Ed Heerlein: To some, I am sure it is. Would take way more time then cutting say firewood into 16" pieces and then loading them, taking that to the wood pile and stacking it. Wouldn't be any faster or easier than trailering 10 - 12 foot logs to the wood pile cutting and stacking there now would it?
Home Made Log Lifter 3 5 out of 5

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Home Made Log Lifter 3