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Bill Penny: so how do you unlock the porn is this game just do quests? oh it has blood.... close your eyes tell your 18yrs old then you can live in the real world kids. if you can make it.

Bill Penny: Kids see the same thing on MTV? nothing nude in this game No drugs that i see? does it have drink or sex or harsh words?

Elijah Bollier: The term "adult" is used basically as an eye catcher and means "Lots of blood" and such things

SimpleTriple: i think sexpexfex is the best mmo adult game

EvazivSounds: maybe kids game =))) Wtf man?? this is adult games? you have to be or gay or a kiddo ;-)

Diego Genovez: @roxas53 extreme violence

Bobby: lineage 10x melhor que shaia e wow

Cody Peavler: @newb321123 only in your opinion -.- WoW DOES have better graphics though...

Cody Peavler: @Kole208 lol now its 2011 and WoW has even BETTER graphics

Kole Powell: ummm this looks gay lol wow is better if its going to be sexy it needs at least good graphics i know its 2006 but wow in 2004 had way better graphics than this!

AnotherMMOVideos: Good Fun!

tina wilson: Well put together Clip

Cerasella Madescu: @roxas53 I'm asking this too...

CJ Horsman: @AenimaJoe Your wrong. red light center . com ... it is an adult oriented game. if ur a member u can have some... *adult* fun.

Fuyukaze Shotakeo: were can i download libido???

Darkside2205: lol on libido's website they said they tried to make it look like real people

andru pls: is there even a english version of 3feel

AENIMA AE: Wow... after hearing about Kabod online I started looking for "Adult-rated mmos" ;P or mmorpgs who showed the natural body of women plus all the violence and maybe some gore like in 1 horror mmorpg I played. NONE, there's none.. I'm actually surprised by that lol since there's TONS of crapTY mmos out there using alot of sex appeal to draw in male players but no sexy, adult oriented mmos out there... Kabod in my opinion sucks, some other company should make a GOOD 18+ mmo w/ more than just boobs

XxThief542Xx: Exactly.... they claim it is nowadays but its not actually... :U

trapt007: @roxas53 I was thinking the same
Sexy Adult MMO Games 5 out of 5

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Sexy Adult MMO Games