Wendy Williams Inspired Full Lace Wig : CLW059-c Ombre

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Wendy Williams Inspired Full Lace Wig : CLW059-c  Ombre
Wendy Williams Inspired Full Lace Wig : CLW059-c Ombre
DivasWigs Wig review
DivasWigs Wig review
After Show: Wendy Williams Takes Off Her Wig!
After Show: Wendy Williams Takes Off Her Wig!
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AFRICANEXPORT: LOL. Yall keep it real. The density is something thats customizable. If you like a medium density 100% or perhaps 120% is perfect. This 150% is for those who love big and full hair. I'd like to think of this as pageant hair :O) Check out the latest review of an Italian yaki unit from adlacewigs. I LOVE 

Blend'n Life&Love: Love it!


BeautyLikeMaureen: This wig is a no no i think dey sh have added more hair from the middle to d back but love d ombre.

Glicia Karla: You look so fab in this wig! I love it! I love your chanel!

LongHairPrettyNails: Love the thickness but they should work on gradually increasing the density from the front going back.

Jasmin Andrews: Love you Africanexport but not the wig....its a bit hmmmmmm.....high...lol

How To Be Natural: the density is great

Kiki Beckles: I actually like it! Love how full it is!

MarisaStar1: This wig is not well made. Even with a thick density, the hairline and front should be ventilated to lay right. I love thick hair but they tried it!

Ashley Shantel: I Love Wendy Williams, and this wig is definitely channeling her. LOVE IT!

Gina Jacob: 2 toned is great .. yes thickness is there but the bottom of the hair.. to shiny..looks synthetic!!

Donna Ramsay: Love the hair. An style.

Lachelle Singleton: love your channel and reviews on wigs, but this one is not a good one. I feel you weren't being real about the unit. We can clearly see that it is too thick, but thanks for the review so we know what to get and not to get. I do admit it looks like a Wendy Williams unit based on the density, she wears a lot of hair!

Kadiedra Griffin: I love the fullness. I know a lot of people that don't and can't rock the fullness but you can. It looks more realistic to me for those of us that naturally have thick hair. I don't care for the stick ups and the ombre is a little meh for me. Maybe if the darker hair on top was a notch lighter it would be more haute and less hmmm. Personally I think you can rock the colors on the bottom all the way through. I also feel as though the top is fuller than the bottom which is a bit strange. Maybe it's because of the random short patches up top? I also think it might look better a few inches longer to really give it va va voom bam bam boom! 

CandieGirl85: Love the color, not a fan of the wig. 

Amber Shaw: I love your vids! .. But, this wig is not it. The hairline just looks too fake for me. Keep doing yo thang on the YT!!!

Simi O: The style suits you but you need to tweez the middle parting to make it look more natural and also press the top down to prevent this wiggy look!

adriekaye: i really like this hair on you!

Monebyrd: I luv that hair! Sexy housewife vibe! Thanks soo much for sharing!

Loritha Erickson: I love your videos but I don't necessarily like this wig on you. I don't know if it's the color but I'm not feeling it. But your makeup is on point as always.

Jon'Vieve TheInfamous: wiggy wiggy

Ariana King: idk what your hair is doing underneath (so that could be part of it), but this def looks too poofy straight down the middle

faqu529: This is a jazzy little number.

Kristie Jennings: Nice unit and it looks great on u.

kalisha jones: Very pretty and love that color, it looks good on you.

DeLisa D.: I think its a nice unit. But maybe you should switch up your braid pattern underneath ( i know you have a lot of hair), maybe that would allow the unit to not appear to be so high. I've also found that running my curling wand over top allows the unit to flatten out a bit to make it look more natural. 

Diva Wuan: Been looking at Wendy Williams hair since the development stages; She is my favorite talk show host and I watch her YT After Show. Far as her wig line I am on the fence about it. Thought there is one wig I saw on her site I vowed to purchase the overall collection needs some adjustments. Still my favorite talk show host but just needs some help in the wig making department. Don't see K Michelle too tough because I am so use to her with Rihanna red hair but this is overall a lovely unit. #wendywilliams 

nyekole2010: im not feeling it because of the way the front or top is i think. cute color and i like the thickness it gives but yeah...

Joshlyn0954: That wig is a fail 

ebonywahine: I have very thick and apl hair that I would have to have professionally braided down in that spiral manner (ala phillzjampoet)in order for this unit to work because otherwise it would sit up too high on my head...but because I have a lot of hair growing out of my scalp I also gravitate to hi density units like this one...the hair is the bomb diggity! And your skin is flawless as usual!

lamodenior: No hun. You're too pretty its taking you're glory, and not in a good way. Shape it , Cut it, dye it!


Crazykitty156: Colors nice and styles is great but too full

93Kaffy: helloooo!!

93Kaffy: Im here catching up! I loveeee your videos

NanTheGoldChild: Lol you are hilarious and gorgeous!

aquariouschic: LOL, can see Kmichelle wearing this wig. Looks good on you though

Nicole Brackett: Love it!!!

Kimbella Rose: I like it a lot idk if it the density or the color but YES GIRL you did that

Sapphire's Thoughts: No ma'am!!! I love you but honey... This makes you look like a drag (no offense)

Bay Tay: Girl bye...hot mess...lol

The Interviews of Beauty: Ah its thick .. No girl do ur thing and cut into it . Its not there yet . I might even dye the omber . Tweek it. You look good though

AFRICANEXPORT: Yea I was thinking that I would cut the hairs . Thanks for always supporting HUGS

MsCoolandcollected: I love the color on you but I don't like the top, it looks too fake

Britte Daniels: Wooow. I just clicked on the rpg show link for the first time. I was about to start considering wigs? $300+!?!! Ummm...not ME! lol

Tini BlackBerri: Question, what should I look for when picking a wig? I'm natural and haven't seen my hair in a relaxed state for 2 yrs, so I don't know what to look for. Also, would you suggest that a beginner wig wearer shop online or local beauty supply store to test wigs out?

Irene Caldwell: I love love love love love it!

93Kaffy: you are welcome, its my pleasure! *HUGSSS*
Wendy Williams Inspired Full Lace Wig : CLW059-c Ombre 3.8 out of 5

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Wendy Williams Inspired Full Lace Wig : CLW059-c  Ombre