Hyundai Genesis: 0-100 Km/h

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davidpaulin: @MagikJoe77469 the engines aren't bad at all .. the world engine created by hyundai mitcu and chrysler had been designed on the theta engine that hyundai uses in a few cars .. it's a great engine gdi is coming for 2012 and power will be bumped to 270-280hp and the 3.8 will have around 340-350 ..

airtouch01: If Hyundai is serious then why do they sell their products at slave labour prices..?

MagikJoe77469: very creative commercial. love the genesis but not the coupe... i like the coupe shell,, not the engine.. if i had a coupe i swear i would put some twins in it. re-design the whole engine.

Connor Stephens: shut up you POS, Your name should be "Bail Paid" dumb ass

0bakaSan: holy fux i love the way they showed 5.7 sec. it seems like a long time but when they actually showed it in relativity, it happens quick

death13001: badass

tomhuu2: yes, the bmw has more of a solid door feel/thump but uses ugly and hard plastics (if the two cars are couple thousand dollars priced) in between

theemceemurdah: beautiful

alexandergoldman: This is a kick ass commercial with a clear message. Man, Hyundai has seriously stepped up their game over the past few years. Impressive stuff

jw4kim: awesome!

Hyundaibestwarranty: YEAH I LOVE GENESIS

Bill PAID: piece of crap
Hyundai Genesis: 0-100 km/h 4.7 out of 5

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Hyundai Genesis: 0-100 km/h