Pathfinder Cribs The Pathfinder Yurt

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Pathfinder Cribs The Pathfinder Yurt
Pathfinder Cribs The Pathfinder Yurt
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Michael Smith: what kind of fur is the haversack made of becuase when i go trapping this winter i d want to make one

Glenn S: Out of curiosity, Dave, is there a reason a stove jack of some kind isn't used?

choopdewoot: wonder how much that all cost. cool though

Appalachian Freedom: Home sweet home!

InTheSticks0001: @FixedByDoc The M1951 is rectangular in shape. The stove pipe collapses and stores inside the stove. This is a good inexpensive and transportable package, about 28lbs with pipe. The M1941 is a split potbelly, easy to operate and more durable, IMVHO (In my very humble opinion), but weighs 55lbs with 11' of 4" pipe that does not collapse and store inside the stove. The M1951, perhaps like Dave's stove, can fit in certain bucket style packs like the Alice pack.

BrownFlip7852: is this a permanent shelter? or are you always on the move? because it looks like there's a lot to carry...

centervilletn: @BravingTheOutDoors obviously you arent married

Countrytime870: My mom said a"Yurt" is how sweedish people say dirt.

Wingman115: Best looking crib I've seen so far! Thanks for sharing.

Kayakwinds: Just excellent! Wonderful work, Dave. These yurts have tremendous potential. It would be great to see a community for yurts spring up in your area, or, for that matter, in any other area. Some state parks are renting yurts, and the overwhelming majority of people try them love the experience. What did the stove cost? Are you cooking on it? I'm really looking forward to seeing future videos about your yurt experience.

Steven Jennings: Cool Informational Video

Nicholas gill: how long do you usually stay here for ?

gatorhighway: Cool vid. Dave. Could you show how the stove pipe goes through the roof?

Joe Addair: I will be comeing home on the 12th of Dec. from a 30 day stay in a M-1950 military GP small have fun brother I know I did. Outdoor Living series up on my channel

jeff patterson: Really liking the 21st Century Longhunter Series. Good stuff here, thanks!

miguelbinha: Loving this!!!!


dualpreppers: You didnt show what was in the fridge!

Josh H: I miss the journal of the yurt series soooo much.:'( -J

robert210756: $2000.00 for a tent, thats expensive

Syncubus: Having your beds raised also maximizes storage space.

Love Pinky films: thanks for showing, great yurt. all the best kind regards streetartist

slntknight69: Does this mean we'll be seeing you and Iris on the tiny house blog soon? They have a large section on yurts. Is that the original stove you ordered or did you swap it out? Thanks for all the great vids and lessons, keep up the good work.

WickedHazeSilver: Another great update thanx !

LV PG: Great intro music

RebLin51: It makes sense to sleep in separate bunks with her closer to the fire. The fire tender has to get up often letting cold air into the bedroll. He doesn't chill her every time he gets up to tend sleeping in his own bunk. So, she stays warmer. He is being considerate and putting her warmth and comfort first. Or if she is the fire tender she is not chilling him either.

Lydirius: Now, if you could just get the internet to work out

Jimm Griffin: dave...very nice...spiritpipeman

jaknife99: Now all we need is recurve composite bow

bobmombab: @ScoundrelzNTwK lol

Christopher Forsberg: Dave, check out instructables webpage about wifi extenders, there you'll find loads of great diy tips on how to get wireless internet connection to your yurt!

nartin9: 63? that warmer than what the thermometer stays half the time in winter. my room is usualy 55.

Ali N: beaver

Jacob9282: Wow i just posted a comment like a few hours ago requesting to see the yurt and now its up! Great video and great little semi-permanent shelter! :) thanks

Daniel: pretty sure he/she was just asking to know where he/she could get the same. i don't think he/she was being a smartarse

Raven croak: hey dave are you stayin there 24/7 or just demonstrating the properties/skills involved, love all that you do, God bless!!

dlvmark: Awesome brother!

51foxy: Hi Dave looking forward to more videos from the yurt, i could watch them all day long thanks paul. uk.

Arthur Brehm: i love the yurt series... dave is an inspiration... i've got last week my pathfinder waterbottle with the cup, the stove and the 4free pothanger and i love these items. i use them for my daily coffee or cooking meals in my truck cooking outside the truck with a small gas oven. best regards from cologne (germany)! arthur brehm

micers: If you need to improve that connection you can check at

cowboyroy1961: Excellent video Dave. My wife and I are always looking forward to what you put up next. Your lessons have served us well up here in the N Georgia mountains. We are grateful! Cheers! Roy, and Sandi

vanrooyendavid: very educational. you expose us to so many options of self reliance. the yurt double not just as a semi-temporary shelter, but it is also a movable structure.

robcas631: Yurt rules!

lawfin60: WOW! Great video Dave! Makes me want to sell the house and step back in time. I find it amazing to see how you can live in relative comfort and totally self sustained like this. It's good to know the skills that you share with us viewers. It also made me happy to hear your choice of reading material for the yurt.

BravingTheOutDoors: @wildernessoutfitters Alright brother ;) Cheers for the double warmth then :D

jimgam730: Dave, do you think you could hang a hammock in one of those yurts? thanks

liighthead: shhh its hiding ;) nice video btw :)

streetfighter398: 11

spence0324: Great vid again Dave. One thing, how about ceiling insulation? It appeared as if you had a single layer on the roof. Could you add an air layer on the inside roof? That might increase efficency.

IAA015: Damn with that setup you could do months of sasquatch/bigfoot research in the remote bushes! especially with your knowledge of survival! I must ask out of curiosity as i'm a believer myself. Do you believe in sasquatch Dave? :o
Pathfinder Cribs The Pathfinder Yurt 5 out of 5

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