Pathfinder Cribs The Pathfinder Yurt

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Chase Whitcomb: Can you do a Pathfinder Cribs on the hunting camp?

Allofthemonkeys: What size of yurt is that?

DD826: Man, you must be looseing a lot of heat out the roof. Just canvas right?

kenneth caloun: enjoy your videos

Glenn S: Out of curiosity, Dave, is there a reason a stove jack of some kind isn't used?

Luke Be: Is that the large snow trekker stove Dave? You the man! Cheers from Aus

Hamster Hammer: the call of the rugged outdoors!

akn7able: love pathfinder cribs so much better than mtv

nartin9: 63? that warmer than what the thermometer stays half the time in winter. my room is usualy 55.

Ali N: beaver

ARTHUR BREHM Bushcraft Survival EDC Knives Gear Fun: i love the yurt series... dave is an inspiration... i've got last week my pathfinder waterbottle with the cup, the stove and the 4free pothanger and i love these items. i use them for my daily coffee or cooking meals in my truck cooking outside the truck with a small gas oven. best regards from cologne (germany)! arthur brehm

Countrytime870: My mom said a"Yurt" is how sweedish people say dirt.

Josh H: I miss the journal of the yurt series soooo much.:'( -J

jaknife99: Now all we need is recurve composite bow

Michael Smith: what kind of fur is the haversack made of becuase when i go trapping this winter i d want to make one

Knuckle Sandwich: dave inspired me the same way... so i went to the bush with my son... 24 hrs later we're back in the AC pitiful.. i will keep adapting

streetfighter398: 11

Half333DeaDd: u again... get a life loser

Daniel J.: pretty sure he/she was just asking to know where he/she could get the same. i don't think he/she was being a smartarse

Hindu Goat: dont question dave or he will block you
Pathfinder Cribs The Pathfinder Yurt 5 out of 5

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Pathfinder Cribs The Pathfinder Yurt