Let's Review: Gravity Falls Season Finale - Obvious Spoilers

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Infinity_Patch: She was right! He wrote the books!

Haley McPadden: they made us wait 2 years

Sheila Ryan: ok stan does NOT HAVE A SECRET TWIN!!!!!!!!! but i thought it was old man Mcguget because of all the proof!! there is like 5 hints about it! he has a bandage on his hand, the writer has 6 fingers etc... but he HELPED the author with his research.  but he is a mysterious man but a lot of people say hes done with his mysterious past, and maybe he is, but i think there is more he is hiding from us now.

Connor Voss: blenden blanden at 3:42!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jack McNally: When the Gideon Mech punched Dipper, he got a nosebleed.

Gavin Stout: Season 2 in 3 days

Ramona Haber: at 9pm on Disney Channel!!!!!!! :D :D :D

Ramona Haber: its tomorrow!!!!! AUGUST 1st :D 

Gustavo Gonzalez: Season two of gravity falls comes out on august 4

Dseth52: The wheel in the opening credits has bill in the center with different images. These images are also shown being worn by the characters... 
Pine tree-Dipper
Shooting star-Mabel
Llama-Lebam which is Mabels TWIN goes back to the episode with the magical printer and shows some hints in "deep end" and the wax people episode at the end where supposedly Lebam is picking a sweater between a llama and another image and the head in the vent says "llamas are natures warriors" or something so Lebam takes the llama...
Star with eye-Gideon
Heart with cuts-Robbie
Symbol of the fez-Stan
Hand-Supposedly the author of the books
Broken ice bag-Supposedly Wendy

All these characters have more meaning including Robbie. He becomes important in the episode when he brainwashes Wendy with the backwards music.

Theres also as you said encrypted messages in the credits which you can figure out by having each letter processed 3 letters in the alphabet backwards and in all the episodes there is a triangle with an eye which makes the assumption that bill has been watching sense the first episode. In the season 1 finale it is proven true that bill has been watching when around 4:12 of this video theres a transition of stan going to the vending machine. Its hard to tell but there a pipe with an encrypted code and by going 3 letters backwards as I said you can tell it says "Bill is Watching".... even more epic season finale. 

Logan Stumbo: season 2 is coming out on agust 4th lol

Alyssa Huenke: August 1 is the first episode of season 2 .

Cat Boy: season 2 is on august first

Jackie Oakey: "Stanly" is Stan's secret twin. Like that episode when they showed Stan's flashbacks as a child, and when Stan was in wresting class... you could see in the background, his twin, reading a book.

Radioiactive Films: I remember this I died but I had a clone

Foxy The Pirate (SwagGamingVids): It comes out august 1st. 

Bob NotRealNameMan: There is a secret society and this has been in confirmed by a hidden message and the society is possibly trying to stop bill and open that portal. Stan is a member, which is why he says "We finally have them all" Stan's car says stanley because he has a secret twin (search it its to long to explain) Ols man mcbucket is also the writer of the books and this has also neen proven and i dont want to explain it here, just search gravity falls writer of the books.

Minecraftgamer123: SEASON 2 OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hugo Rojas: actually its the begging of august 1st 2014
Let's Review: Gravity Falls Season Finale - Obvious Spoilers 5 out of 5

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Let's Review: Gravity Falls Season Finale - Obvious Spoilers