Root Kindle Fire HD 7.4.9

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Root Kindle Fire HD 7.4.9
Root Kindle Fire HD 7.4.9
How-To: Root A Kindle Fire HD v. 7.4.9(NO COMPUTER)
How-To: Root A Kindle Fire HD v. 7.4.9(NO COMPUTER)
How To Root Your Amazon Kindle Fire -
How To Root Your Amazon Kindle Fire - "Jailbreak" It
Root your Kindle Fire HD 7.5.1 - NO COMPUTER - EASY
Root your Kindle Fire HD 7.5.1 - NO COMPUTER - EASY
Kindle Fire HD how to ROOT
Kindle Fire HD how to ROOT

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Idk Anymore: it is not from the app store either

Idk Anymore: and I wouldn't want to lose my app data

Idk Anymore: plz respond anyone but would I lose app data? For example I have clash of clans

lauren: I can confirm this still works on version 7.5.1

carol mitchell: cant find device manager or portable devices on my kindle fire hd 6 4 generation

im Rejex: my kindle died in the process and now well .... screw me

Nigel Fuller: Awesome, piece of cake. Took about 5 minutes and worked first time on 7.4.9. Thank you!

Dawnfriek: started  following the steps and it seems everyone wants the adb drivers on google drive cause it tells me I cant download... NOOOOOOOO

Samer Faraj: Hello

I installed the Android SDK, and the ADB driver is showing correctly under Device Manager and my Kindle is identified in the CMD Prompt...i also have Kindle showing under Portable Devices...

Im running the v35 root , all runs smoothly, but after first reboot, it says that could not find /ric in binary folder...
and then asks me to restore data and reboot...

in the end i couldnt find SuperUser...

Please someone help  !

Donald Goldsmith: Well I have  7.4.9 firmware  and just spent all night trying to get this to function  the first time it sat for quite a while never did ask the questions as you said it would and finally gave error messages for down loading the files.and then immediately failed there after.

andrew bramlett: clicked do not back up and it restarted never got the option to restore and now when i try the root again the command prompt is telling me to connect my device even though its plugged in... HELP PLEASE

marypinchesme1: ok, kindle fire hd is rooted with kitkat to full android works great, but, can't seem to load a amazon kindle reader app from play store,  it says error code during application -24 can you help I really want a kindle reader app

David Macias: It says my device is rooted and I can't find the super user app in my kindle I'm on 7.4.9

hubalv3: Today, I  used Bin4ry v 35 and adicentialy i display xpiria root system on my kindle fire HD and its working ^^ my kindle is rooted and working properly.

XxSkyrimDavidxX: This is not for 7.4.9 this root is for 7.4.6. Why lie?

ES__Shadow: Does this work with the latest 7.4.9 update? 

David R Smith: Does this work for the Kindle Fire 7.4.9? I've gone through the process several times, but at the very end of the prompts, the tablet goes out of sequence, at least, as far as the tutorial is concerned. Consequently, I am unable to reach superuser status. ("Restore previous Backup! Please select the RESTORE MY DATA option now on your device! Now unlock your device and confirm the restore operation.") I have to swipe (unlock) the tablet AND THEN press Restore my data. Is that what's plaguing me? If so, how do I overcome this? Thanks for the helpful videos.  

Mark Johnstone: Does this work with all OS versions ?

Carissa Flores: Help! I have done factory reset on the kindle fire hd multiple times and tried to do the root but it still says please connect device with enabled USB-debugging.... i have also downloaded the supersu but my computer doesn't know what to open it with. Please help 

lincoln roberts: i cnat even get the drivers
Root Kindle Fire HD 7.4.9 5 out of 5

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Root Kindle Fire HD 7.4.9