Kanger Protank 2 Vs. Kanger Protank 1

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How to fix Kanger Protank flooding.
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Kanger ProTank 2 No air easy FIX and reasons.
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I Love You All! Review

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W̶̷̲̅L̶̷̲̅O̶̷̲̅ғ̶̷̲̅ᴀ̶̷̲̅ɪ̶̷̲̅ʟ̶̷̲̅s̶̷̲̅: Its amazing how different you are in this video

Col b 75: add a air flow valve to it makes all the difference to the protank 2

ishotstuggi: today you buy a subox nano and it BLOWS this thing away...its so much ecxiting how far vaping has gone in the last 2 years...

Hayseed1776: OMG for those of you that think the Kanger Protank 2 doesn't hit good enough "not enough air flow"for those of you on a tight budget, you don't need to buy the Kanger Airflow Control Valve V3 for 6 bucks here is an easy fix there are 2 small holes on the bottom side of the base take a 1/16th inch drill bit and drill them out I used my Dremel , I am amazed it's so freakin awesome now. 5 minute job...awesome vape now hope I helped you guys out ..Hayseed1776 :) vape on ....

Lairdo: I know this video is a couple years old but I have a question. I've been using MT3 type tanks and the coil heads that go with them. I just got a Protank 2 and was wondering if I could use those coil heads with this tank. They're a bit smaller, mainly the chimney section, but they fit and screw in properly. Only reason I ask is because I have a TON of them! Any advice?

Alex temp: thank you RIP Tripper for introducing me to ProTank 2. I have gone and bought one of these, unpacked it, filled in juice and .... this is by far the worst p***ce of s**t I ever came across... it has flooded my battery, I tried to swap o-ring - the same, I tightened more - no joy... and it whistles like police officer! f**k that s***t, I am about to clean it and take it back to the shop... I am back to JustFog - cheap but so much better.... next stop - Nautilus, hope it is worth it

Jesus Hernandez: I cant wait to get mine i ordered couple day ago

ROQ Z: Nothing like tight draws! lol

Nicole Baker: Is it cool or warm vape? The protank 2...

Christian Steinbach: i remember when these were considered good

CDM DMB: Hey rip... Long time watcher could you try to do the sigelie pro 1 and 2 compare cause although they are very similar to the Kanger to me they hit better and get significant better taste with that airy draw and similar better cloud I want your opinion.

Kay Armondi: I am a newby and loved the review. I have a protank 3 but this helped...becuz the 3 is so much like the 2...Thanks dude.

ninjatarh33l: Ok so I have a protank 1 and this juice I got broke the glass,( which is actually some kind of plastic and not glass), is the glass in the protank 2 actual glass or that plastic stuff, I'm trying to find a tank that can handle those harsher, more corrosive flavored because I like the flavor alot

Justin SomSom: Im sorta new and do you need to put like coils and cotton or whatever in clearomizers? I'm very confused by coils and cotton because I don't know how much coil or cotton i should use...help plz.

Chunk Mob: I like grandmas cookies flavor haha i have a protank 2 it woek great i love it

Danang Sidharta: in my experieced, almost all kangertech products suffered from gurgling & flooding after a few minutes chain smoking, but as long as u put the juice only a few drop like dripping it's should be fine, but if u put more than 1/8 tanks, it will gurgling & flooding...

JungleListSoldier: What mod are you using?

Toni Decker: the Airflow are not the same! one have 2 airholes in the base and the other have 3 airholes.....but i forget which base comes with Protank1 and Protank2..(looks same)but different airholes...

bull dozer: these came out in england and hit its climax for 6 months. but now its died down again. no one uses or buys them any more. loool.  lots its peak. 

Dana Degroat: I am a vaper newbie...and your review was awesome!!! Gonna try the Protank 2 out :)
Kanger Protank 2 vs. Kanger Protank 1 5 out of 5

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Kanger Protank 2 vs. Kanger Protank 1