Kanger Protank 2 Vs. Kanger Protank 1

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Derek Roq: Nothing like tight draws! lol

Nicole Baker: Is it cool or warm vape? The protank 2...

Christian Steinbach: i remember when these were considered good

CDM DMB: Hey rip... Long time watcher could you try to do the sigelie pro 1 and 2 compare cause although they are very similar to the Kanger to me they hit better and get significant better taste with that airy draw and similar better cloud I want your opinion.

Kay Armondi: I am a newby and loved the review. I have a protank 3 but this helped...becuz the 3 is so much like the 2...Thanks dude.

ninjatarh33l: Ok so I have a protank 1 and this juice I got broke the glass,( which is actually some kind of plastic and not glass), is the glass in the protank 2 actual glass or that plastic stuff, I'm trying to find a tank that can handle those harsher, more corrosive flavored because I like the flavor alot

Lush Justin: Im sorta new and do you need to put like coils and cotton or whatever in clearomizers? I'm very confused by coils and cotton because I don't know how much coil or cotton i should use...help plz.

Kabab Man: Welcome to the pro tank grave

Raul Carranza: I like grandmas cookies flavor haha i have a protank 2 it woek great i love it 

Danang Sidharta: in my experieced, almost all kangertech products suffered from gurgling & flooding after a few minutes chain smoking, but as long as u put the juice only a few drop like dripping it's should be fine, but if u put more than 1/8 tanks, it will gurgling & flooding...

JungleListSoldier: What mod are you using?

Toni Decker: the Airflow are not the same! one have 2 airholes in the base and the other have 3 airholes.....but i forget which base comes with Protank1 and Protank2..(looks same)but different airholes...

Lars mich: I ask on many Ecig videos but never gets any answeres. When I buy a New tank, it works real good, I also buy extra coils/vapor haeds, but they usually do not work, it only goes a few days and I must replace it again. What is this ? Are the changeable coils of a worse quality ? 

bull dozer: these came out in england and hit its climax for 6 months. but now its died down again. no one uses or buys them any more. loool.  lots its peak. 

Dana Degroat (DanaD89): I am a vaper newbie...and your review was awesome!!! Gonna try the Protank 2 out :)

nope: I didn't know you could vape a protank that high. Huh.

GRiZLOC: I still have some Protank 1 and Protank 2. Too bad the Protank 1 is discontinued. The Protank 2 is still available. I use the Protank 1 and 2 on several devices like the Smok SID, Kangside 30 and my favorite mechanical mod Smok Fury-S. I wish I could make my own Micro coils.

PHOTOS-N-GRAPHICS: do you get much leakage out of the protank 2?  I dont understand how it does not seep out the sides of the glass.  Is there rubber inside where the glass goes, and is it wise to buy rubber rings for the future?  If so what size?

William Norman: The Protank 2 has too tight a draw for me on both my eGo C Twist and X6... Was unhappy until I got an airflow control valve.  Now I LOVE this tank.

PHOTOS-N-GRAPHICS: how do you guys inhale so much without coughing!  i cannot inhale that much or i hack.
Kanger Protank 2 vs. Kanger Protank 1 5 out of 5

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Kanger Protank 2 vs. Kanger Protank 1