2014 Hoyt Faktor 30 Review

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2014 Hoyt Faktor Review with Cameron Hanes
Product Spotlight:
Product Spotlight: "2014 Hoyt Faktor Turbo"
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Bid on Cam's Hoyt Faktor 30 for Rick Carone
Cam's 90# Hoyt Faktor 30 - loaded for buffalo!!!
Cam's 90# Hoyt Faktor 30 - loaded for buffalo!!!
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YTrab1970: I have the Faktor 34 and really love it

Zach Hamilton: I've been shooting the alphamax 32 for 4 years now and I like it but I'm looking for a new bow. I wanna bow I can shoot better groups with, something with a little more let off. My draw is 27 inches I shoot 60 pounds with my alphamax. I've been looking at the elite energy 32 and the faktor 30 which would you recommend?

John Leach: The let off and consistency are amazing I bought one

Myles Lamb: Is there any way you could do a review on the Faktor Turbo?

Joshua Henn: This bow doesn't make any sense to me. Just as fast as a lot of other bows, but it's brace height is lower which equals less forgiveness. Then, there are smoother bows out there as well. This bow brand new is 1400. Get the chill r. Shoots faster with almost same specs. Smoother, more quite and 400 bucks less. Hoyt price tags in my opinion don't make sense at all

Novembersmack: Just picked my faktor 30 up friday 

trainwreck253: in your opinion, how would the bow be for carrying around all day spot and stalk hunting?

BackwoodsAcoustics: Just picked up my Faktor 30 after seeing this video I ran down to My archery shop and shot it.... Loved it. I have shot matthews for years and my last purchase was the Helium in 2012.... Thanks for sharing this. Great job

Larry Otto: I have been frustrated with my Bowtech insanity, and was looking for something that would be smoother and more forgiving. something I would enjoy shooting. I had my eye on the factor 30 and the creed xs. I really liked both, but it came down to the grip, speed, valley, $100 less. for the Faktor 30 I am now a Hoyt guy. I am loving this bow. p.s. I have a bow tech insanity for sale :) $500

Daniel Carvalho: what inches is your group at 25 yards with this bow?

Larry Lyle: Purchased this bow following extensive research and could not be happier.  70lb limbs with 29 in draw, Trophy Ridge Outlaw 5 pin, QAD Ultra LD, and Fuse Stabilzer and it pounds tacks.  Thanks Hoyt!

BurgerHuntingShow: Just bought the my Faktor yesterday.  Amazing!  Set it up with a QAD ultrarest HDX drop away, an IQ 5 pin bowsight with retina lock, and shooting 350gr Victory arrows and a tubeless peep. Straight away I was bunching 5 arrows 1 on top the other at 25 yards no fine tuning  or anything the archery pro put the stuff on and we went to shoot.  I test shot the the Carbon element G3 the spyder 30 the faktor 30 and the charger.  If you are looking for complete set up the charger isn't bad still has some hand shock but nice and smooth.  The other 3 now the G3 was very nice I'd say slightly smoother and barely quieter definitely ccouldn't justify paying $400 more for it over the spyder or faktor though.  The spyder was amazing as well virtually dead in the hand, barely any noise and smoothness was great! Shot the Faktor and fell in love hardly any difference between it the spyder and the G3.  Personally I thought the Faktor had a better back wall, slightly smoother pull, dead quiet a very very slight more amount of hand shock than the spyder. Compared to the G3 it fell minimally and I mean very minimally short. Like I said no way to justify the extra $400 for a bow that was barely better.  I got the Faktor 30 bone collector edition and paid $899 for it any other is about $849... Definitely worth it, this is the bow to go with, you won't be disappointed.

James Hill: Are you gonna do a review for the hoyt ignite?

Bill Guesman: I went to "shop bows" today. I shot the Spyder and a Faktor, and a PSE. I immediately knew which one I liked better. I am very much a "newbie" in archery, but feel is feel. The Faktor ha a solid wall, was a smoother draw, and was much quieter in the hand when shooting. For me it was instant love with the Faktor 30. I'm not a brand guy, I don't know enough to be yet. I am now a Hoyt fan!

Billy Adams: Went bow shopping today. Had my mind set on the Mathews Creed XS, until I shot the Faktor 30. Brought the Hoyt home. Love the draw cycle, speed, and smoothness of this bow. It made a Hoyt man out of me!!

Dustin Reese: I normally shoot a 60 lb 28.5 inch draw bow, but with this bow could easily shoot 70 lbs. Easiest bow to draw ever. There was hardly a hump in the draw. Will soon be purchasing.

Morgan Pyfrom: So i started shooting a Jewel for the first time at 50 # & 25 DL but found that I wanted a faster bow ( I got the equalizer release 2 so that will help to get a longer DL). I liked the Jewel but granted, it was my first ever bow.  Im looking for bows that will be a good choice with a good backwall, fast and light enough for a girl to carry on long backcountry hikes. Right now my choice is the Faktor but wanted to know your thoughts on bows i might look at etc. My jewel didnt shoot very fast, even though i had light arrows and was hard to get a good passthrough on an animal... and am hoping to increase the effectiveness of the bow overall   Any thoughts on bows (no matter the brand) would be much appreciated! 

Corey mercer: I went to my local bow shop and after shooting the faktor 30 I got rid of my bowtech. I was amazed at how smooth the draw was and how great it held on target. 4 week shipping period. Gah still 3 weeks to wait. 

Michael Peyton: Trying to decide between the Hoyt Spyder 30 and the Faktor 30, I shot both yesterday and the Faktor seemed to have my vibrations and I see you mentioned that too

Brett Fittock: can you review the Hoyt factor turbo thanks
2014 Hoyt Faktor 30 Review 5 out of 5

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2014 Hoyt Faktor 30 Review