Alden Shell Cordovan Color 8 Indy Boots

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Alden Shell Cordovan Color 8 Indy Boots
Alden Shell Cordovan Color 8 Indy Boots
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Paul Kelly: I would love to see how these boots are holding up for you. Any way you could produce a follow up video?

Stan Wright: Can these boots be worn in the winter-(snow) Or does Alden make winter boots

Jabulani Phakathi: how many pairs of Alden do you have?

LordChrisHimself: I bought the shell chukka, it's been a year and to be honest I've only treated them one time.. what you pay the extra $150-200 for saves you so much time and money on shoe care.. the problem is I don't actually find the look that attractive compared to natural CXL these days. I get stopped or have an longing stare once a day though.. :) Have you looked into the White's Bounty Hunter boot? I'm rather longing for them dude.

Hao Wang: Thx for the review! Could you share how to get the commando sole? I know AE has an option of adding rubber pad when ordering shoes on its website, but all Alden's shell cordovans I saw on Shoemart or Aldenshop are pure leather soles. 

jacko717: possibly the most beautiful pair of boots I have ever seen

Variel Perez: Awsome Video! Where's a good place to shop for a pair of those boots? Thanks 

Geotubest: Have you posted a more recent video of these boots? I think you mentioned in this video that you'd follow up in a year or so with a video. Would be interesting to see how these have broken in. Thanks.

sambking: Great video. I emailed the ShoeMart a few months ago to see when they would have more of these in stock in my size. They didn't know so nice score! Keep the videos coming. They are really great!

Kelvin Chin: You have many pairs of shoes! How many do you own now? It has been a long time since you last uploaded a shoe video..

Joe Lau: It is shell cordovan colour no.8 Indy . 

geminiflip613: Shoebags came with my pair of 403's I bought from the Alden shop in DC.

Joe Lau: There are some stains in my Indy boots after rain splash. The problem is not serious , but the surface is not shining enough. I have used horsehair brush to try to improve the situation , but the result is not good. Do you have any suggestion ? I have just worn it for several times. 

pennfootball71: nice review what are the advantages of Shell Cordovan? Do they need the same maintenance as calf skin? Or more? 

Matt Kohut: In your experience, what material wears and looks better with age, shell cordovan or Chromexcel? I want to get indy boots to use everyday and I want the most durable material. Thanks! 

ATL3809: Thanks for the awesome review! How are you liking them after a few months? I'm thinking of buying these for an all around every(other)day street boot. Would the shell cordovan look too "nice" for that you think, in comparison with a chromexcel version? 

Joe Lau: if i wear uk 8 in converse, what size should i wear in shell cordovan indy boots?

loonacy4: can you recommend any similar boots for someone on a budget. I love the look of the indy boot but simply cant afford them.

voxer99: I know the neighborhood. It's a steep markup but better than ordering the wrong size, sending them back, etc. Many thanks for this.

phototristan: I really like the commando sole.

HealthyJoeful: Damn those look sick.

phototristan: These are also 8D. I recommend the same size as Barrie last as they are quite similar.

phototristan: Work hard, save and invest well.

stan_sprinkle: oh man, cigar + commando... I'd be on that if I found it in my size.

stan_sprinkle: They told me they were getting a new shipment last week, so now would be a good time to go and see which sizes they have. Check both stores. I was originally on the hunt for color 8 cordovan chukkas. Unipair didn't have my size but San Francisco Market did

MrJun909: Alden should give you one free pair by now with all the Aldens that you bought. Beautiful.

itskawaiidesufuntime: this boot is like looking at a timepiece, a work of art. im glad i stumbled upon this corner of youtube.

stan_sprinkle: A store called "Unipair" (unipairstore). One street over there is another store San Francisco Market that also sells them. The markup on them in Korea is pretty tough to stomach sometimes, especially for cordovan. But after my foreigner's tax refund, I probably only paid $80 more than I should have for the Indys. For cordovan, will probably just wait until my next US trip or have my family ship them.

phototristan: You might look to Red Wings.

phototristan: That's actually one I want to buy soon, just haven't had the opportunity yet. I've heard that some woman wear Aldens and there is certainly nothing preventing it, if you can just get sized correctly.

stan_sprinkle: I have a pair of 9D AE McAllisters. I don't own any Barrie last shoes, but tried on 4 or 5 different Barrie shoes at the store. I ended up buying some Indy Chromexcel boots in 8D. I think the Trubalance last is a wee bit slimmer than Barrie, based on what I tried. I have a skinny foot - D width but skinny in terms of thickness - and found that Barries had loads of space between the top of my foot and top of the shoe. So 8D Trubalance fit me really well, 8D barrie fits but is a little roomy

voxer99: Thanks for your help on this. Where were you able to buy Alden Indy boots in Seoul?

nana: you know, that actually looked pretty cool when you wore them, I kinda want to try. BUT HOW DO YOU AFFORD ALL THESE THINGS?!

phototristan: I have not.

voxer99: I know your regular size is 8.5D and you went down to 8D for your Alden 975s. What size are your cordovan Indy Boots? Is the Trubalance last similar to the Barrie last? I'm an 11E in Allan Edmonds McAllister. Any sizing recommendations for the Indy or the 975? Many thanks.

magicapricot: freaking beautiful, although I prefer the plantation crepe sole to the commando. I've been on a cordovan spree myself. I really can't get enough of it right now.

Matt Sheehan: hello, i was wondering if you know of anywhere to obtain larger sized moc toe boots? i own several pair of red wings, but no moc toes. i wear a size 16 so you can imagine it is not easy finding any haha, please help!

stan_sprinkle: Also, D-width McAllisters are borderline snug on me, so even I might have been able to wear E-width. So I'd say you are almost surely 10D in Barrie, but for Trubalance you might need E-width. And for cordovan, because it doesn't stretch much, you might even go a half size up in Trubalance. My Indys are not cordovan, they were comfortable snug and are loosening up. But if they were cordovan, I might size up. Unfortunately, you just gotta try some on

LordChrisHimself: The speedhooks on my Indys rotate, but I do like the look of the hooks. I like the eyelets too though, hard choice. Congrats on the score man..

stan_sprinkle: I got some Indy Chromexcel boots 2 weeks ago and they came with shoe bags. But I bought them from a shop in Seoul, so maybe they just through the shoe bags in there because they had it. They're a pretty tight fit, so maybe they gave me bags for regular shoes and not boot sized bags. The bags you have look larger... to they easily fit the boots?

stan_sprinkle: when I say "half size up in cordovan", I mean 10.5 - half size up from whatever you wear in Barrie

dave0z96: Have you ever considered Whites boots, Im thinking about buying a pair of semi dress in shark leather, and water buffalo leather .

phototristan: Yes, regular shoe bags will not fit boots. You need larger ones.

MatteNoob: I'm not following you for your shoe videos, so pardon me for asking if it is as rude as asking a woman her age, but how many shoes have you got?

magicapricot: freaking do it. Their calf is more impressive than Alden's and when they do recrafts, they'll actually replace damaged section of the upper along with the sole and cork.

tracyfans: do you have a facebook? wanna see how these aged..

Kray Z. Bitts: Love 'em!! Industrial look is great.

brandoncormac: Beautiful shoes and great review. Keep it up!

voxer99: Thanks Tristan, that's a big help!
Alden Shell Cordovan Color 8 Indy Boots 4.7 out of 5

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Alden Shell Cordovan Color 8 Indy Boots