How To Make A Fake Nose Using Nose Putty

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How to make a fake nose using nose putty
How to make a fake nose using nose putty
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Chery Cheral: Where would I buy this in America? I don't think it's available for international shipping from the website in the link. 

JefftheKiller181: Would you be able to make it a cone nose? I'm doing a clown with a pointy cone nose... Would that be possible for this?

Aaron untiveros: hahaha amazing tutorial!! your so funny!!!! x) Thank you!!!!! :D

oakfront: hi joanna, great video. but please fix that dripping tap lol.

monkeydude5601: would it be good to get the general shape of the nose using the putty then use the liquid lates over it to make it blend better and to make it moe durable?

James Greenaway: im playing a panto dame ugly sister, we are having fake noses where is the best place to buy all the stuff you need ? , great video very very useful ! keep them coming :) xx

joannadelilah: @gypsydaddygirl78 thanks! xx

dfg297lpopdirk: whart can i use that is pliable and easy to mold , but will set hard or hard like a silicon. i am building a frankenstien face but i want to create eyelids to cover my own eyes to give that drooping effect, is there anyway you can set face putty by giveing it a coat of wood varnish, i ask because i need to create that frankenstien brow

EFI BEN: Where**

mistoffeleeskitten: @joannadelilah how long does it take to make the exact nose you made in the video? i'm going to be acting as the childcatcher in my local carnival and i need to know how long before-hand i should strat the nose? thanks

joannadelilah: @mistoffeleeskitten thanks! One box should be plenty, you could probably get about 6 of the child catcher noses from one box, plus you can re use it if need be xx

joannadelilah: @4625mob thanks :) x

joannadelilah: Ooh goodness that's a difficult question, I don't know! Um how about a frankenstien monster type of creation with scars stitching you together? x

joannadelilah: Yes you can, sorry for the late reply! x

joannadelilah: yes x

joannadelilah: @younggibbs you could, it wouldn't do any harm, but it might make it sore, so you'd have to be careful and just go with how it feels x

alihr787: Looks like my nose without added fake make-up

Patricia Walsh: We stock all Kryolan make-up at reasonable prices including nose putty starting from £3.99! We are called Stage Door, based in Stockport UK. Orders can be made by calling 0161 4803022 or emailing, we ship all over the world!

joannadelilah: @ksushka Thank you! It dries within a minute or so and then you can paint straight over it if you want to x

joannadelilah: haha! :)

joannadelilah: @blableblubla1 haha oh dear! x

jclark3401: REQUEST!!!!! Can you show me how to make big muppetty looking cheeks?

4625mob: sweet

ksushka: Thank you for the tutorial!! I made a great nose for our play on saturday thank to you!!!

joannadelilah: Sorry for the late reply, I hope you have found a way to make it work, I've not tried their nose putty but I've tried other products from them which I liked. It helps if you use a tiny bit of moisturiser on your fingertips when you are blending out the bumps x

joannadelilah: @alihr787 haha oh dear xx

infiniti burton: hahahahha her nose lendin

joannadelilah: @sarahisahartland You can seal with liquid latex, but I really wouldn't recommend it. Because the whole benefit of using putty is that it blends seamlessly with the skin, if you coat it with latex, even a thin layer, it will change the texture of the putty making it look more fake and rubbery, also it would leave a visible join around the edges of the latex, liquid sealer is invisible. x

Gosia Ilnicka: i don't need to make a fake one haha ;D

Sarah Hartland: you have such an adorable accent!

joannadelilah: @jclark3401 I'll see what I can do, but I doubt I can get to it soon to be honest, so busy at the moment, thanks for the request though xxx

joannadelilah: haha brilliant! x

MizzCODGamer: And another question! sorry! um, when i use spirit gum, do i have to buy the spirit gum remover? and whats the best way to cover my eyebrows when im working with prosthetics? thank you! so sorry for the questions! im just starting out on this! x

Kristin Braun: if i wanted to make a nose prior to halloween can i take it off and reuse it or is this a one time shot?

joannadelilah: @miracleworker79 haha well, yes :) x

Kororo Koropukkuru: Eso a los 15 min se ha caido si es que los aguanta. Usad latex, hay videos en internet donde os enseñan a usarlo bien, la carne artificial pesa mucho y una capa tan fina para unir un mazacote de care artificial no lo aguanta, y menos en la nariz que gesticulas y se cae.

joannadelilah: Sorry for the late reply! I use

joannadelilah: It always stays soft, it will hold it's shape but you can re shape it as many times as you want to x

Theodóra Fanndal Torfadóttir: Does anyone know of a shop that sells Kryolan in Luxembourg ?

Alex zur: Хрень


MyySteffyy1234: Hehehe Youhh Look Funnyy x) its Good 4 Halloween :)

joannadelilah: hihihihi :)

joannadelilah: @ProfessionalFlamingo haha i don't know who that is! But I'm really glad the vid was helpful to you xx

joannadelilah: liquid latex would probably have more staying power, I have a video on how to do that x

alihr787: @joannadelilah I know!!! right!!!!

glasswestbrook: I am going to use green face paint for a witch so can I use the same face paint on the nose please? I will be in a small theatre so should I put transluscent powder over it. Help please.

joannadelilah: The latex would be more difficult to blend than the putty I think, you wouldn't really use both latex and putty, one or the other not both x

joannadelilah: @hauteblonde It wouldn't work for that hon, it only lasts a couple of hours and it appears quite obviously fake, I hope in time you learn to realise beauty is not in "perfection" it's things like your nose that give you individuality and character xxx

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How to make a fake nose using nose putty