Mosin Nagant Bullpup Stock

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Dan: Does center balances systems still sell these stocks

Jim Cannon: I'm going to attempt to shoot this gun 1 Mile. I have the Archangel stock now. Stay tuned and SUBSCRIBE!!!

kf4dcy: i can see it being used for better accuracy. as part of the reason the bullpup was invented. the design offers the advantage of longer barrels in a shorter configuration. putting the majority of the weight in the shoulder pocket of the shooter. but seeing that the mosin wouldn't need to be a longer gun. the weight redistribution would offer some gains in accuracy. long heavy guns are harder to maintain an steady aim. but that's my view point for better accuracy from bullpup-ing a mosin nagant..

Jim Cannon: This is a true "drop in" accessory. Free floating, no bedding was possible. It wasn't an upgrade for accuracy, just for plinking fun.

Jim Cannon: Thanks!

kooljosephmadera: The Cure. Awesome song selection.

kf4dcy: go to riflemods profile on youtube and you'll find a detachable magazine for the standard mosin nagant mag wells. much like mosinmags, the one that never made it to market.

kf4dcy: i see no barrel de-resonator on it. that's one thing that a mosin nagant needs to be as good as every other precession rifle out on the market today.

kf4dcy: i like that you posed this. a bent bolt needs to be used in this configuration. and a glide notch made in the cheek rest. so the bolt handle can function without disturbing the cheek position. just my thoughts on one bad aspect of the engineering that went into this. i like everything else that is this bull-pup. did you need to bed the action and what were the three shot groupings like.

Jim Cannon: I haven't shot the Archangel yet, but I'm going to soon. The Archangel adds the removable magazine capability and I'd rather have that than a shorter overall length.

NeverdeadCube: This is an exercise in hilarity, just like modified AR-7s. I applaud with slaps on my knees!

kamui344: How is it compared to the archangel?

TheMolamacarrones: Good bye to the long eye relief scopes!!!!

sr1129: Who said they were? Still doesn't answer the question about the set up though :)

Jim Cannon: I've never heard of someone buying a bolt action because they were concerned with rate of fire.

Jim Cannon: Ridiculous good?

talon55130: That stock is ridiculous.

sr1129: I like bullpup but wouldn't having the bolt all the way back there slow down the rate of firE?

Emotionally Challenged Subordinate: my archangel stock is only 4 feet from me right now:)

Jim Cannon: It actually took only a week or so. I think that was a fluke, because more are taking 5+ months!
Mosin Nagant Bullpup Stock 5 out of 5

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Mosin Nagant Bullpup Stock