Mahindra 4025 Versus Massey Ferguson 2605

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Mahindra 4025 versus Massey Ferguson 2605
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Bala Vadivel: We have owned both tractors here in India. Honestly if you compare both tractors of 80’s, MFs were way better than Mahindra. But modern day Mahindras are really better.

agri knowledge: I love mahindra

yo yo honey singh: I love mahindra

Karamjit Singh: mahindra no longer sells this tractor

Parametric Universe: The torture Ive put my 4025 through 4wd is a heck of a lot. I picked up the back end of my 1986 winnebago chieftain to level it off at the hunting camp roughly 13000 lbs, knocked over some pretty big trees, road it all day long with a rotary tiller only complaint i have is i didnt opt for a cab model with air conditioning, feet never came off tingling, havent had any trouble out of it other than what ive caused. It weighs close to 7000 lbs with the loader around another 1000-1500 depending on implement I dont need to fill my tires with water to gain weight, love the diff lock got me out of trouble quite a few times, sheard the pins on a bottom plow couldnt tell the diff until i looked behind and nothing was plowed for 50 yards.

Kyle Peel: This can't be a serious comparison... Lol! This is comical...

gatt be: I don't know anything about tractors, but I know B.S. when I hear it.I wouldn't take a free weather forecast from this guy

Azahar Sk: Massey Ferguson trackers is must betar

X7a1536: The two tractors are priced very similar and vary as to which is less expensive. The comment of $10K difference on a $13,000 tractor. has no basis.

Mike Glasscock: He didn't mention the price between both tractors or hp. My Mahindra same tractor bought new 2015 for $13,700 beat that. Marhindra of Clarksburg WV.

Pook Atim: I don't own or use tractors but I must say, this is the lamest comparison I have ever seen.  If that is the best you can come up with to recommend your brand, I wouldn't be impressed at all.

Don Clements: No diff lock, no rubber mat, why put fenders on if they don't cover the tires? Are two steering cylinders better than one?  How about that huge exhaust pipe just asking to get in trouble with limbs and blowing fumes right back in your face?  The drawbar on the 4025 is mounted much sturdier than the Massey and it does go further back under the midsection.  The 4025 has standard draft control too so the plow can do some good work!  How about that rinky dink 3 pt setup.  Mahindra has two huge adjustable links.  Massey has one cheapo adjustable link and a solid link about half the size of a broom handle on the other side.  Sorry to bash, but this dude needs to run both tractors in a field before making a video next time.  Think he would have pointed out the other features that actually matter?  Oh, what about the huge price difference too?

231MasseyFerguson: I've owned each brand and both are very good. But I personally prefer Massey Ferguson. I find the power to weight ratio better. The paint will last longer on the Massey also. Would I buy another Mahindra? Absolutely.

zilla2006able: Massey Ferguson is the best.

Aggies Fan: well, i can say this much, Ive been a professional mechanic for 28 years, and have worked at artec tractor in alabama , a mahindra dealer , and can say the mahindra is very "user" friendly , easy to operate , and pretty sound mechanically .

hesstondc: Not 10k more give or take a few hundred depends on incentives

Aaron H: Well, I would hope the Massey has a few small convenience advantages since it's about 10k more on average LoL. Not impressed.

Bull power: massey best all time

TDubya5: Massey 2605 has no differential lock. No excuse for a modern tractor to not have a differential lock.

Nick Kurtz: This is complete Sales B.S. Our 4025 is rock solid and a great buy. The Massey may be good too, but I wouldn't know. Don't listen to this losers comments because he's just trying to sell whether it be a tractor or horse sh*t. His feet is tinglin'...pure BS people!
Mahindra 4025 versus Massey Ferguson 2605 5 out of 5

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Mahindra 4025 versus Massey Ferguson 2605