Nomad Survival Bow Review Take Down Spectre Ll Table Top Xpectre

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Kobalt Koalition: You are a small channel for someone who's made videos this long. Not an insult, just a observation.

Boquan Erwin Chen: How is the bow holding up? Did the limbs break?

braxtinc: bro! we have the same first name and last name initial, omg, hi!

Floyd Pink: I am new to prepping/survival and have watched a few of your uploads. It's refreshing to see a guide/tutorial video without the poster sadly attempting to be funny. Thanks for the info!

Lost Profit: Can this be used for left handed people?

Emily Huaman: Hi, I just received my Nomad bow and arrow set however mine is missing the wing nuts :(. I tried contacting Xpectre because i ordered from their site however they are unresponsive, Would you happen to know what size wing nuts I need?

bushcraftmumma: I was looking at this online today here in aussie its $170! Still, I think its a great idea, especially for a kid. If they get seperated from u or have to do the hunting for survival for some reason this is a great idea for them, as well as adults.
I have a large recurve bow, but its not too practical for bugging out. This may be a good option.

Brad C: Well like I said this isnt the perfect go to bow for hunting or to enter target shoots with. But if your just looking for a simple basic bow to store for an emmergency/bug out situation its hard to beat. One consideration is weight. This thing isnt like lugging around a brick yet its very durable. I rec. extra strings tho because those will break obv. Again as an emmergency bow for guys like me on a budget its great. But I totally respect your opinion!! I am just working with limited funds.

Brad C: is where you can buy both bows. I believe as of this posting those are the only two bows they have. They also have some other survival type products. I plan on making some more purchases myself soon and I"ll post a review on them if I do. The spectre ll has several good videos on youtube so I didnt bother doing one. I will SOON be posting vids of me shooting both bows soon on youtube. I have been waiting for the farm to green up a little to have good shoots for the camera.

ASVPXWolf: Where can I buy the Spectre II bow?

Brad C: Yeah I'm a budget prepper myself. I wanted to keep costs to a min and keep it as basic yet durable as possible for under 100 dollars. Soon I'll have footage of me actually demonstrating the bows at the farm. Just waiting for things to green up a little for a good shoot!

Brad C: No prob. Glad to be of help!

Ghostginthree: Thanks for the info concerning both bows.

Ghostginthree: Cool take down bow. Thanks for the website link. You did a great job. Seen the other sort of twin take down bow that basically folds both arms into it and that one costs about 129 dollars still not bad price but I think this one takes down to a smaller size and comes with arrows to. Now that is nice. I too would add this to my prepper go bag. Thanks.

Brad C: The Nomad is 89.95 and the Spectre ll is 69.95 The main advantage with the Nomad model is the ability to take down to a 16 inch compact length and the take down arrows. I personally have both. The spectre ll comes in varying lbs pull so I got a lesser pull for the wife. Both are excellent bows FOR THE MONEY. I'm not a serious bow hunter of course. This is for a bug out bag emmergency basically.

christian haynes: how much was it?

Brad C: @wolfcookieo9 yes its

Brad C: To littleapoccolypse: very sorry I accidentally deleted your comment. His comment was that I should have bought a spectre ll. I actually agree with you. I bought both and the nomad is more compact and has the take down arrows but I lean towards the spectre ll myself. There are already nice reviews on it so I wanted to let people see the nomad. I may do a comparison video of the two bows soon. Thanks for subscribing and again I apologize. Im learning the controls and working from a mobile.
Nomad Survival Bow Review Take Down Spectre ll Table Top Xpectre 5 out of 5

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Nomad Survival Bow Review Take Down Spectre ll Table Top Xpectre