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Voltoz911420: thanks for this vid man now i see the power of (royal) battle mage im rank 7 for now! (im botting 24/7 i think i will get it day after tomorrow or tomorrow! cant wait :D)

Yen Robbie: Try Class,Weapon,Cape:Wizard Helm:Luck..i hit 2k lvl 37...:)...

dylan ndayidylan: this class is the best

marklouie delatorre: is work 2 crit 2k tnx to this video i well sub XD

Oziel Alejandro: Si me funciono xD

Andre Gamer: e eu tou lvl 49

Dragonsolace mater AE: nice `me

Jake Smith: You get Royal Battlemage or Battlemage by getting Rank.10 Swordhaven or you can take the shortcut and buy it for 2.000ACs

tuklover bejo: hello po

Otavio Ferreira: Nice cuzao

Omar Abdulla: if you want it check out my video on how to get it just click on my name and click on videos and check how to get it

(Herobrine Games): comprei a minha hj

mild mildny: Wow `!

Muffin Monkey: wld blade of awe be stable enough for it ??

Proudly Lamphun: โหดมากๆ

RAGE_DAaqw: Use blood fury on blood titan to gain mana back quicker, therefore, they aren't so reversed. Bloodtitan also can hit higher crits plus go immortal

ronaldo elon: hey bro.. .how to get royal battlemega ??

eRSHADI HO: wht level r u?

Eu e_e: gosto dela cara to pensando em pegar ela

Andre Gamer: eu tenho 10 class tenho battlemage

saif kamel: Omg a very strong class i will get it neer

Pur3: It's like reversed Blood Titan. Blood Titan uses HP, gives HP, not Mana. Battlemage uses Mana, gives Mana, not HP.

Wasaca Z: Umm Es Buena La Class :)

yorgenis rosario: olle la battle mage es fuerte pero pirate le lleva ventaja de dodge solo ganas porque te mueves mucho pelea como hombre,sin ofender te veo en nythera a las 8:30 pm para un duel mi nombre es yorgenis elemental ok te espero

AdventureQuestTutorials: Nice video! (Liked).

aries dadulas: SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO COOL I like the enchantment AND I LIKE THE ARMOR

Joseph Anthony: Guys she makes it look bad, she only does 1500 damage.

noba graves: shes 55

Bradley Alemao: I really want this class, it seems great and all, but it cant heal...and that doesn't seem like a class i would like...but when i get it i guess i will see

Dylan SP: battlemage looks OP i want it i got da gold but no rep

AQW Soul: Theres one thing, Blood Titan still takes Hp damages from opposition and the skills but Battle Mage uses the 3rd skill which last for a while that takes in MP ; HP matters most without dying.

AQW | Demb0o0w: Rank 10 Swordhaven or 2k acs, farming rep swordhaven in /join castle.

israel erinoluwa: that is one beast class im going to use le bot to get it

werknemerful: man its like a royal pyromancer..

cristian gds lXeNieSel: wow op class nice video ;)

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