Haul!! (Tj Maxx, CVS, Sedona Lace, Etc)

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Haul!! (Tj Maxx. CVS. Sedona Lace. Etc)
Haul!! (Tj Maxx. CVS. Sedona Lace. Etc)
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TJ Maxx Haul ! Sleeveless Collar Shirts & Dresses
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Haul/Review (Drugstore & TJ maxx)
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TJ Maxx Haul: Handbags & more
♥ Clothing Haul! Forever 21 & TJ Maxx ♥
♥ Clothing Haul! Forever 21 & TJ Maxx ♥

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chapariitaa16: i love how your not a size 00 like some gurus it just makes you more relatable!

Casey Holmes: thank you!!

Casey Holmes: thank you!!

Casey Holmes: @leighannsays haha i hate it when that happens!!

Tonibolagna143: I'm just saying the dream on nail polish on me dries really wierd! Again just sayin! See ya

amirlan: you're so pretty, how tall are you?

Casey Holmes: @beautywitholivia12 Aw thank you!

Ashlayschannel: Girl loving this video !!! Lol I went and bought 2 tops from the 10$ store hahahha love it!! Thanks for sharing :)

SedonaLace: Cant wait to see what you think about the Vortex Brushes! :)

Ulissa Guerrero: Yes love the hauls do more ! :-)

beautywitholivia12: aww your so pretty! i would really love to look like you:(

J Mccoy: Cetaphil = amazing & always worth the $, I have very very sensitive skin so that's all I can use from the lotions to the soaps. Tkz for telling about Shoe Show shoes being buy 1 get 1 50% off becuz I have one that's an hour from where I live. Love all the things you. I've never ever been to a TJ Maxx but totally going asap!!!!

Casey Holmes: @MakeUpBySarahSparkle Thaks so much!

xosarahh20: When you hold up the items can you hold them up there so they can focus all the way, I just want to see the products alittle better :) thank you!

Chica Luvs Makeup: Love love your hauls. I'm the same on sandals lol I want those Steve madden shoes:))

Ashley 〈3: @Hayleybabiexox What're you saying "right?" for? She does look a little bit like Jessica Simpson, look Jessica Simpson up.

Casey Holmes: @SedonaLace loving them so far!

Casey Holmes: @Ashlayschannel no problem!!! lol thank you!

MYRETROFASHION: Hey nice taste lovey, it's making me wanna go shopping again but im on a really tight budget, eek! :)

Casey Holmes: @MakeupBarbie92 get it!! you will love it!

Casey Holmes: @FridayNightHighLite get them!!!! you will be obsessed! lol thank you love!

Katnisslover321: She kinda looks like Britney spears

Courtney Boo: Haha I wear the same size pants! I am wearing size 3 right now bit there kind of tight around my ass lol(:

Caitlin Elizabeth: You look like Brittany Spears! In my opinion she's a slut, but she is georgous!!!(:

Casey Holmes: i decided to stay blonde! :)

Ashley 〈3: You kind of look like Jessica Simpson. :D

Casey Holmes: @Jamie22Danielle Youve never been??!??! You definitely need to!! Lol

thesalvagearmy: Looks like the brush sets I found in the trash all boxed up and everything. If anyone is interested in paying nothing and dumpster diving for 100's of dollars worth in makeup hit me up on my page. I scored a $135.00 free bottle of Calvin Klein and so..much much more. I have a video up from the dumpster to home.What I'm doing is perfectly legal were I'm at. I've been dumpster diving for makeup for 16 years. Never got a ticket or asked questions by a cop ounce.

Hayleybabiexoxo: rightttt?

Casey Holmes: @LilChicaBonita422 Haha thank you!!

pixistix19: lol omg I thought I was the only 1 who knew what shoe show was!

TheM0rganicflava: <3 your style :)

Casey Holmes: @lolvintagex Thank you! That means a lot! :)

Casey Holmes: @beautyminion nope, GA! :)

Casey Holmes: thank you! :)

Casey Holmes: lol thank you

Casey Holmes: @Dazzzlefashion i get that a ton! :)

Kait Nichole: Im about to buy those sedona lace brushes! Iv been eyeing them for a long time now!! LOVING your hair in this video girlie! <33

Casey Holmes: @maribby91 lol they dont need to put coupons in products before u buy because cheap ppl like me will always find them! lol

Jenna Johnson: i love your dress wheres it from?

Casey Holmes: @pixistix19 haha nope!! ;)

AppleTree!: You look like Jessica Simpson!!!

awahleuba nimsay: go size 5s! :P

Rishelle Casale: The same thing happens to me with clothing because of my bigger chest.! Its annoying lol

tori breen: When is your giveaway done with? The travaols

Casey Holmes: @xoxoamandanicole Thanks so much!

Casey Holmes: @arielaguilar3210 Lol i like my laptop in my sight. Thanks!

Casey Holmes: @rishelle13 Yes!! For me, the seams always need to be blow my boobs if im gonna wear it! :)

Natasha Perkins: I have a shoe show in my town too!!!!

Melissa Smith: just so you know, they put a line through the brand so you can't try to return it to the original store! ;)
Haul!! (Tj Maxx, CVS, Sedona Lace, Etc) 4.9 out of 5

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Haul!! (Tj Maxx, CVS, Sedona Lace, Etc)