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"Meet the Egg Bus" Vlog #9
Golden Gate Bridge - Unforgettable crossing in a VW Bus. Travel Vlog(4)
Golden Gate Bridge - Unforgettable crossing in a VW Bus. Travel Vlog(4)
1967 vw bus 1st ride
1967 vw bus 1st ride
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vw beetle @ goes 2014

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firelife171: Cool man vw

Rodder Files: i love it bro, Cali Car World , 4 Eva

Finn Blu: Ah yes socal and the wicked world of cool rides including micro oz

Rodder Files: Right i love these things an will own one someday, love how yours is coming along

mustie1: id be a kid in a candy store,,nice show,,,

sixtyfiveford: Old German iron is always cool

Rodder Files: Allways my friend

jevchance: Thanks for taking us along Kenny

Rodder Files: yes this one is rare, no matter what Country you might be in, i would have shown the other side but it was full of junk, he uses it as a parts Hauler.. at least its getting use...

Rodder Files: And this was a Small gathering only lol, we have tons in SoCal

84GasSubWild8101: Cool video ..... I want @2:00 Truck

jay taylor: i never seen so many busses in one place too fricken cool kenny

Rodder Files: Thanks, i luve me some VWs

Cheator40: Cool.

Rodder Files: i knew you would catch that lol

ceedell: at 5:38, those headlights look like '68 Olds 88, like the one I recently did.

Rodder Files: Anytime my Friend anytime..

vw64manyrd: ...my first vw was a 59 bus...got me hooked on vw's 36hp and all...Thanks for the walkaround!

finpainter1 .: nice buses

Procrastinatorgarage .: Sweet show
VW BUS OCTO Meet 5 out of 5

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