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V W Bus Show H D
V W Bus Show H D
1965 VW MICROBUS complete version. from field to garage. to the open road!
1965 VW MICROBUS complete version. from field to garage. to the open road!
Trying to get my slammed 65 VW Bus up the driveway
Trying to get my slammed 65 VW Bus up the driveway
1974 VW Bus Custom Paint Job
1974 VW Bus Custom Paint Job

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TorreySummer: Hey there, nice video! Check out our music video we did in a classic VW bus for our song 'Kiss N Ditch'!!

timsbeetle: o.m.g your killing me with all the great buses.

strtrodder100: Thanks, i luve me some VWs

strtrodder100: Yeah Ru..we know you likem Small lol , J/K Brotha, i like them too they are way different...

strtrodder100: yeah video does no justice, yah had to be there . thanks for checkin it out..

timsbeetle: the green panel is lovely

84GasSubWild8101: Cool video ..... I want @2:00 Truck

strtrodder100: Yes i so loved the green panel myself, it was Sweeet

tertessa: Awesome buses!!!

strtrodder100: yes this one is rare, no matter what Country you might be in, i would have shown the other side but it was full of junk, he uses it as a parts Hauler.. at least its getting use...

mustie1: id be a kid in a candy store,,nice show,,,

udizzy1969: that was a great trip bro, thanks. tons of cool buses

strtrodder100: Oh Yeah, Lots.. Hope that Smoked Chicken was tasty brotha ...

sixtyfiveford: Old German iron is always cool

vw64manyrd: ...my first vw was a 59 bus...got me hooked on vw's 36hp and all...Thanks for the walkaround!

Cheator40: Cool.

strtrodder100: i love it bro, Cali Car World , 4 Eva

MagicCadillac: Wow, I really didn't know that there are so many of those in California, that's awesome. Those buses where called "Bully's" in Germany but I didn't see them for a long time, maybe there are some people here who still have a bus like that but thewy don't drive with it anymore, I don't know what the secret is. Great vid Kenny.

strtrodder100: Luv me some VWs , yes i do...

strtrodder100: i knew you would catch that lol

The Shade Tree Fix-it Man: Some pretty unique VW buses there for sure.

strtrodder100: Right i love these things an will own one someday, love how yours is coming along

Buckswoodshop .: Looks of good stuff to look at.

Yaheuben66: Cool-- I like the stubbys...

ceedell: at 5:38, those headlights look like '68 Olds 88, like the one I recently did.

finpainter1 .: nice buses

firelife171: Cool man vw

strtrodder100: I Allways wanted one myself, but my Father was against them, Because his dad had a Fatal accident in one, he didnt want me to have. But i will get one someday i really like them alot..

strtrodder100: And this was a small gathering my friend we have tons, probably even more then Germany now lol

Scott Best: Really cool, hurts to watch, had a 72 bus should never have let it go

strtrodder100: Allways my friend

Finn Blu: Ah yes socal and the wicked world of cool rides including micro oz

strtrodder100: thanks George, its that Cali Climate that keepsem perrrtttyyyy

strtrodder100: And this was a Small gathering only lol, we have tons in SoCal

jevchance: Thanks for taking us along Kenny

jay taylor: i never seen so many busses in one place too fricken cool kenny

Procrastinatorgarage .: Sweet show

strtrodder100: Anytime my Friend anytime..
VW BUS OCTO Meet 4.5 out of 5

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