Beretta 96 INOX .40cal

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Austin Travis: Just make sure you will join in military not to waste your skills

SlickWilly: Inbreds with guns

junior n pineda: dude you cant control that recoil

The Shootist: Does he even have a hair on his pencil yet

Андрей Грищенко: Какой-то салага,а не мужик

Yearning Wizard: How many shots?

Yehuda Abramovitz: You are not practicing gun safety! Stop waving that pistol around like that. Keep the gun down range finger off the trigger!

jeremy beverly: Hickok45s first video. Good video dude

randy shakleford: I'm surprised how straight forward and seemingly mature you are should be a great shooter with practice I'm sure you'll get keep it up

Son of my Father: What happened to the4 basic rules? Aim the gun down the range. Always.

Derek Wall: ill bet that cost you a pretty penny. that only holds 10 rounds? the one I looked at in a gun-store was a black Beretta 96 and had a 15 round magazine

Armando Cabrera: He gonna shoot up his school. Lmao

AlphaBlyat: THIS GUN IS crap!

Joshua Simmons: great video , more informational and fun to watch than some of the " pros " !!!

Conan 357: Ver, very good bom!!!

Recoil Junkie1981: You have much to learn about shooting young gun. But not bad. Keep practicing

Anthony Navarro: Bad kid !

Gary McCarty: Was anyone else thinking Corey Feldman from Stand by Me?

tonygharman: Nice gun my friend, that is the next one I want. You are not a bad shot and for sure you WILL get better. Keep your right thumb down a little and take your time between shots, as you get there the follow up shots will hit. When I was your age I couldn't have even hit the big target. Great video, I learned what I needed to know about the gun by watching you shoot. Keep shooting brother and thanks for the video!

Shawn Jwina: if your slide doesn't lock back you always drop your mag and check the barrel for a failed round, you could of had a squib load for all you know
Beretta 96 INOX .40cal 5 out of 5

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Beretta 96 INOX .40cal