Hard Cast Lead Bullets Vs Soft Lead Bullets

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Ronald Pagan: I recovered a few .40 cal, 180 gr fmjs that were stopped by sand and they looked perfect. the copper was a little dull, I guess they got "sandblasted" ; )

First Last: looks like a piece of railroad track to me

pejnismiggle: I feel like you could rock a serious mustache.

Joel Sanchez: What's the difference between a full metal jacket and a total metal jacket?

Amos Soma: Glad those were your fingers holding that bullet!

Michael Allen: This is a very information rich explanation of "hard cast" in one of its primary roles. Oh yes and they reduce leading of the barrel as well. Thanks to the producer of this video.

F!@#Guilt: that anvil looks like a painted railroad tie..

Myles Nicholas: Forget the lead, guys are busy making swaged bullets with brass cases.

fourteen21: msgt Bill your completely mistakencast lead barrels will last at least 10 times longer than a copper jacket only barrel.and yes I'm a Littlegirl.do some research.

Dewey Hines: Hickok that's a piece of train track your a pound'n on

Msgt. Bill: One thing to keep in mind, Hard cast bullets may penetrate deeper but these bullets are very hard on the weapons refiling. If hard cast bullets are fired too often you can count on shortening the barrel life !

1911LOVER 45: Do you have a license for that assault hammer hickok45?😱

TB Bandito: The red metal "anvil" is a piece of rail track

MrSIXGUNZ: rail road line :-) would love a chunk lol Blessings !!

Randy Tory: its a rail road track cant you tell

Franco Tramble: The last cast rounds I loaded were M1 carbine, we pressed a copper gas-check on the bottom of the projectile. I haven't loaded cast bullets in a decade or 2, so forgive me if my info is out dated or if you covered this in the clip. Is this still the method, or has all this new tech provided a different solution for the issue of excess leading?

Gregory Mahaits: Railway RAIL is designated partially by it's weight every 3 foot length. example: if a 3 foot length is 70 pounds it is 70 pound rail. there are lighter weights too. most common nowadays in mainline rail is 124 pond and 136 pound. your piece looks like 100 pound, which was the standard on many North American railways from the 1960's until the late 1980's.The most common rail used in steam days was 70 and 85 pound.
i always enjoy your videos. Thanks.

Paul Riley: Hard cast is use to prevent leading of your barrel if you are pushing bullets past 1200 FPS..

Krevin Grard: very informative Never knee they used different lead in those bullets.

cavediverjc: Oh dear God some of you are simple. He was JOKING about his "anvil".
Hard Cast Lead Bullets vs Soft Lead Bullets 5 out of 5

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Hard Cast Lead Bullets vs Soft Lead Bullets