Hard Cast Lead Bullets Vs Soft Lead Bullets

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Tyler Foley: Railroad rail section

orion m42: awesome information for a rookie like me thanks. be blessed

jake28061: Was it still nailed down when you cut it off to make your anvil?

john kennedy: do you need to use a gas check for hard cast 4570 bullets when you reload them ??? I was thinking of trying them but have never used hard cast before .

DirkDucat: He knows exactly what it is. He is so kind to give us the chance to add something positive. He is a good teacher. Remember the vid about the 'magazine'.

Kyle Brausen: could you use the hard cast bullets for whitetail?

SouthernGlockster: Can you shoot hard cast through a stock Glock barrel?

12GaugeDemoMan: RR x

Johnny Corona: Nice hammer grouping, looks like most were in the A zone. Too funny, you just knew they would put the slow-mo of it at the end. Always great vids hickok, please never stop. Cheers from Cananda

Steven Miller: Once again you have educated me sir! I'm a subscriber. Keep these videos coming! Thank you.

Cory Walker: +hickock45 I love the classic slo-mo hammering, at the end. No hickock video is complete, without a little slo-mo action.

Richard Mccain: What do you think of the underwood extreme defender for bear.

joseph Norcal USA #1: nice video, thanks for the info!!

Luis Saavedra: hickok can you talk about armor piercing bullets ?

littleteethkeith: Railroad track makes wonderful boat anchors as well.

Nick Pryde: it's a peice of railway track

phmaximus: I kinda guessed that hard cast ones are harder... that part is kinda obvious, but im wondering how are they harder?? is it in the casting process???
Hard Cast Lead Bullets vs Soft Lead Bullets 5 out of 5

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Hard Cast Lead Bullets vs Soft Lead Bullets