Hard Cast Lead Bullets Vs Soft Lead Bullets

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Scott McCandless: that makeshift anvil reminds me of a bit of i-beam but i not sure if that is what it truely is

.357Addict: I come back to this video every few months to see how many people actually think our friend Hickok did not know he had a hunk of railroad track.  I sometimes wonder if he chuckled to himself after making the comment about not knowing the source of  his anvil.

op3l: Just found out about these older videos. Love the information!

Wa Rid: A section of old railroad track

Goldeader: Rail road rack

R G DEGREGORI: Come on Hickock you completely missed some major differences between hard ad soft. Hard can be pushed to greater velocities without leading the barrel. Soft will deform to engage rifling where dimensions are off standard. You didn't discuss gas checks at all. Gas checks are required if you want higher velocities. Hard carat lose their hardness over time!

I was disappointed in this video but still love you man.

Mandrake: So... are hard cast bullets more likely to ricochet than soft ones?

K S Harris: Weren't you afraid those bullets would go off by hitting them with a hammer?...tsuj gnikoj

no dillinger: it's the end section of a rail-road rail,they also work great in the fire place if cut to a fitted length and have an upright piece tacked on to stop rolling logs  that's some hard burning steel as i recall .let's see now your in a southern state at your age and don't recognize a rail-road rail,my bs meter is in the red,your blowing smoke under our skirts now ;)

Charles Auger: it smaller than a train track, it looks like tracks for mining.

cory l: 1. flatten bullet
2. load bullet

brian heidel: it's a piece of railroad track.

mRrOcHe100: Your like Thor the way you handle that hammer!

Jared Timms: what you have for an anvil is 136lb railroad track.

Daniel Cook: it looks like the piece of railroad track I have as an anvil in my basement, and use all the time. It was the first thing I noticed in the video. 

Poppys Bench: Been casting for my 45/70 since the mid 70's and other calibers too,old wheel weights or printers linotype are my favourite metals.Ah rail track,so useful,I have an anvil too,they also make ideal fire and ant proof fence posts,power poles,bridge beams over yr creek,where-ever imagination takes you,that piece has a wear roll on the side there the weight of many trains
has peened the surface over the edge,this rail would have been condemned to scrap.

LittleGreenMonsters GoRAWW: rail road track

Nathan Dean: train rail an wat your doing is stealing  from a trian company. even if the rail isnt used any more that is still theft.

NineFeZX: Ha ha ha. That is a good sense of Humor."there is long stretches of it" I fear dead pan is a lost art 

huk: try paper patching . pure lead at 1900. yes even works  in your lever guns. but you dont need expansion with a 45. no deer has ever been lost r shot twice after being hit in the front end with a 500 grain postel 45. but my 50 is more acurate with 500 grain pp patch
Hard Cast Lead Bullets vs Soft Lead Bullets 5 out of 5

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Hard Cast Lead Bullets vs Soft Lead Bullets