Hard Cast Lead Bullets Vs Soft Lead Bullets

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Aridian: One of the first lessons I learned with my .45 Colt Vaquero was to GET THE HELL RID OF soft lead bullets! I could see the difference in barrel leading with just 100 rounds.

Randy Peacock: it is a railroad tie

Aaron Johnson: omg what is all the RUSTLING

Aeron Matt: Every time I ask a question about guns I wind up on this channel lol keep up the good work very informative

MrJohnnyDistortion: So, if I were in a fire fight with a bad guy, and he was hiding behind a car, I would want the hard cast bullet. Yes/No?

Minnesnowtan: You probably found an Iron Root, which is mostly ferrous (iron) but with all the trees and fires nearby it was contaminated with charcoal and acts a lot like steel. Iron Roots should form underground yet they often are found at surface levels, oddly in parallel pairs. James J Hill and other railroad barons took advantage of these and built their empires with them. As much as they lay claim to iron roots, the roots are naturally formed and are free to anyone who wishes to take them. After all, it isn't as though they were nailed down.

Marianne Sisler: I thought hard cast wasn't lead

Sam Taylor: will a gas checked bullet help prevent leading in a barrel?

Working Man: I just got into shooting as Maybe it's more of a hobby a few years ago I did shooting for hot when I hunted with a pistol just for fun just to be with the guys but I did like using a pistol but I never really had the time to really put the effort forward but I do have more time now so I'm into it but I enjoy your videos I've learned a lot I shouldn't say a lot I've learned it all from the YouTube and watching you and others one thing I think I can teach you though and I do get your dry humor cuz I almost commented about the railroad track and I thought now he's got to know that who wouldn't know that but if you would hold that bullet the opposite way in your fingers just the same way but the opposite way if you would miss it wouldn't hurt near as much any true roofer that means a person putting a roofing nail which are usually short puts them in like they're smoking a cigarette next time try it but don't hit your fingers because it still hurts somewhat

brianroberts62: A real Question/comment about Hard Cast bullets.... (by now everyone know that's a piece of RR track. Hickok knew it all along- I, unlike others, have a great appreciation for his (extremely dry) sense of humor)
Here's the question. Are Hard Cast bullets any less safe than other bullets when shooting STEEL? Your video emphasizes how the bullet is barely deformed on impact. I never thought twice about shooting hard cast at steel until I watched this video. Now I wonder if that bullet remains intact.... is there more danger of 'full weight' ricochet (vs typical fragmentation)?

cr500mike: Thanks Hickok45 !
I just did a youtube search of whether hard cast bullets expand - now I know !
Bought my first bigger bore rifle a while back H&R 444marlin , looks like the heavy jacketed bullets would expand and hit harder on deer and pigs .
Liked .

Robert Nicolella: Can you answer a question about Hard Cast-- Using these for Large (Dangerous) animals --what is the difference between using Hard Cast and Full Metal Jacketed bullets---

86dieselman: It is a piece of railroad track.

Melchor Mendoza: 0:57 fangers

Tyler Foley: Railroad rail section

orion m42: awesome information for a rookie like me thanks. be blessed

jake28061: Was it still nailed down when you cut it off to make your anvil?

john kennedy: do you need to use a gas check for hard cast 4570 bullets when you reload them ??? I was thinking of trying them but have never used hard cast before .

DirkDucat: He knows exactly what it is. He is so kind to give us the chance to add something positive. He is a good teacher. Remember the vid about the 'magazine'.
Hard Cast Lead Bullets vs Soft Lead Bullets 5 out of 5

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Hard Cast Lead Bullets vs Soft Lead Bullets