Hard Cast Lead Bullets Vs Soft Lead Bullets

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brian heidel: it's a piece of railroad track.

mRrOcHe100: Your like Thor the way you handle that hammer!

Jared Timms: what you have for an anvil is 136lb railroad track.

Daniel Cook: it looks like the piece of railroad track I have as an anvil in my basement, and use all the time. It was the first thing I noticed in the video. 

Poppys Bench: Been casting for my 45/70 since the mid 70's and other calibers too,old wheel weights or printers linotype are my favourite metals.Ah rail track,so useful,I have an anvil too,they also make ideal fire and ant proof fence posts,power poles,bridge beams over yr creek,where-ever imagination takes you,that piece has a wear roll on the side there the weight of many trains
has peened the surface over the edge,this rail would have been condemned to scrap.

LittleGreenMonsters GoRAWW: rail road track

Nathan Dean: train rail an wat your doing is stealing  from a trian company. even if the rail isnt used any more that is still theft.

NineFeZX: Ha ha ha. That is a good sense of Humor."there is long stretches of it" I fear dead pan is a lost art 

huk: try paper patching . pure lead at 1900. yes even works  in your lever guns. but you dont need expansion with a 45. no deer has ever been lost r shot twice after being hit in the front end with a 500 grain postel 45. but my 50 is more acurate with 500 grain pp patch

Robert Lominick: Looks like railroad track, or tracks used for large gantry cranes used in shipyards.. In some Marina's, that move large boats, and yachts, use similar type track.. Back in the day, say 80 years ago, mines used track, small mountain trains used a narrow track and were not as heavy as today's modern track.. The track you have looks to small to support modern trains, but, not by much.. 

grassroot011: That red  home made anvil, a section of railroad  track. 

Joseph G.: When I handloaded, back in the '70s, I wanted to cast lead, but I needed the tin and antimony you mentioned.  At one point, I thought of continuing with the purchased "lead" bullets I was handloading, but to melt some down in order to cast them as I'd like them to be.  An example would be a 200 grain bullet for .38 Special, just to experiment.  I was accepted to grad school, so between work and grad school, the time wasn't there.  If I could only turn back the clock!  :)

Garth Ridgeway: i cant deal with your fingers that close to the hammer!

AirGunWarriors: Just subscribed, great information in your videos! Question: What roll does the balance of a bullet play in its design? Are bullets designed to be nose heavy? Base heavy? Are they designed to be balanced perfectly based on their center of gravity? Look forward to your response. Thanks again, AGW.

Matthew Petrie: Hey, i got a railroad track anvil too!  Sweet!

monkeyboy4746: Excuse me, I believe you have my railroad track, you took it off my desk when I was not looking.

IanPolerCP: Are those dumdums?

Wayne Washburn: Hello Hickok45, those are railroad rails you are using as an anvil.  They are perfect for that task.  I wish I had a stash like you do.

Aoshi.S2: living and learning... some day I gonna shot something..

Iliveoutside Outdoors: What you have there is a piece of railroad track
Hard Cast Lead Bullets vs Soft Lead Bullets 5 out of 5

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Hard Cast Lead Bullets vs Soft Lead Bullets