V2 'Cigarette Flavors' (Red, Sahara, Congress)

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V2 'Cigarette Flavors' (Red, Sahara, Congress)
V2 'Cigarette Flavors' (Red, Sahara, Congress)
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PromotingTheBeat: So I got the congress, literally because of your review. I will say this after 1 day of using this, and for anyone else that wonders... This is weird but, you know when you open up a fresh box of cigarettes, that fresh smell if you ever smell them before taking them out...that is exactly what it tastes like. I know you said this about the red but i get this from the congress, big time. I'm not even exaggerating. Is it bad? Not really...but I guess it takes some getting use to ( I ordered a 50ML from V2 ) so I'm still going with it. You're review by the way is hilarious ( drug dealers = Parliaments lol ) I never heard that one before... juice heads = parliaments aha

Brian Powers: Agreed. I've been smoking Camel straights and Camel filters for over 20 years. Wasn't impressed with either the "Red" or "Sahara", "Congress" on the other hand did it for me. I have 20 more on the way.

Edward Hodakowski: Thanks for the video. I prefer 'Sahara' myself, good throat hit and 'nutty' after taste, but when I drop down to 0.6% nicotine, I'll give 'Congress' a try. I don't like the pre-filled cartomizers, I like the clear ones that I fill myself. Smoked for 35 years and, after I started vaping, never looked back. Peace.

XKG80: Sahara tastes nothing like a Camel to me. It's so sweet and tastes like candy. Red & definitely Congress taste the most like a real cigarette. Menthol does too, but that might not be your thing. Good luck! Get a discount!

XKG80: Camel, yes. Weed, no.

FroztiVapes: @iberia77 can i have your red cartridges? :D

iberia77: Congress for some reason tastes like curry. The menthol is awesome though

h82sk8: My first kit was the V2 USB with Red and Blue carotomizers and my initial reaction was that they both are way to sweet and had a chemical aftertaste. I've ordered some different juices from mt.baker and some with WTA. I hope the taste that I find displeasing is not coming from the VG or PG? This vaping thing is more complicated then it appeared at first sight. I was really hoping it was going to be more like changing brands then switching habits.

GenXRanter: I've found V2 Red to be a great mixing base. Right now I'm vaping 3 parts Red with one part Black Cherry Oh Yeah from roar vapors and it's heaven! I thought the Sahara was horrible - just goes to show how subjective taste is.

iberia77: I got the 10 assorted pack and a pack of 5 congress and they both had a peppery taste for some reason. The red was too mild (a little like a Merit) and didn't really enjoy Sahara.... Just got an 80 pack of menthols which seem fine so maybe I'm lucky :-)

XKG80: Hey buddy. Yeah, I was using full (18 mg) here, but I have vaped light ones too. The flavor is exactly the same. The difference is full flavor produces more "smoke" and has a harder throat hit when you inhale. It also relieves your nicotine addiction better which I denied that I had until I started vaping. Congress doesn't taste like a Parliament, but Congress & Menthol taste the most like cigarettes, in my opinion. Sahara taste nothing like a cigarette. Some people say Red does but not me.

XKG80: I shouldn't say this because fewer people will use my code, but Greensmoke is great for tobacco flavors. You should check 'em out. V2 RULES ALL on Menthol. Check out my V2 vs. Greensmoke video for more!

Martin S: I totally agree, Congress is the best one... Red is to "perfumed" throat irritating... Congress is more soft to your throat, produce thick vapor and tastes "like an ash tray"... The way to go when you are quiting tobacco

XKG80: Yeah, the flavor of Reds is hard to pinpoint--kind nutty I guess. In my opinion, Greensmoke makes the best tobacco flavors. That's where I go if I want that flavor. V2 is way better for Menthol, Coffee & Cola, if you're open to those flavors. Well done on not smoking! Keep it up, and I think you'll see after 2-3 months that you won't even want a real cig anymore.

SteelCity1981: congress and menthol are the best you are going to get to an actual cig. I tried them all and I wasn't too fond of the red. there was just something off about it and I notice when you get low there is a big chemical after taste. and I agree the sahara is too sweet for my taste, it almost taste more like a black and mild cigar more then a cig.

Jack Handle: birds of a feather I can tell this guy smoked camel.And weed. Follow the camel to find the weed. Hell yeah I just ordered the congress and sahara

cal oui: allot of people dont like the congress. i personally like it, it is one of my favorites from v2. Menthol, red, mint tea and vanilla are all delicious as well

XKG80: You may have gotten a rotten batch. This is happening a lot with V2 these days. A fresh pack of V2 menthol are great, but I just received a huge order and they all stink. For menthol, I've tried many different flavors and can't find anyone even close to V2. For tobacco flavor, I recommend EonSmoke's "President" if I had to pick one. They are compatible with V2 batteries so gives those a try.

alcoholic5900: The sahara 18 has a RIPPING throat hit which i like a lot. It's slightly sweet and full up front with a little dry spicy ending. It's well worth a try.

JoshxIZ: Rotten batch? Yeah that might be the reason, im gonna see if i can get a refund i just got my first v2 cig today. Alright menthol and president it is then! Thanks for the advice !

XKG80: Just want to say, as an Astros fan who remembers all those terrible years for Pittsburgh at Three Rivers from '92 onward and also the early days at PNC: GO GET THEM GODDAMN CARDINALS!!!

JoshxIZ: Red not bad? It's horrible...I smoke marlboro red...and i can't even smoke the red cartridge it's disgusting. Are the menthol ones good? I don't wanna take my chances in buying another "tabacco" flavoured one.

XKG80: I've noticed now that Congress varies in quality. I've had some foul-tasting Congress since this video. Not sure if you ordered any Menthol in October '12 because it was a nasty batch, including the E-Liquids. I was able to get a refund and they told me to order in November. I guess V2 receives them from their manufacturer monthly to varying degrees of quality. It's the worst thing about V2--they need to be consistent. (I mention this inconsistency in my V2 vs. Greensmoke video...)

Jacktoast21: I just got some reds in the mail today. Good but taste nothing like a cigarette. It has a hint of something i can recognize but i can't put my finger on it. Over all ive been vaping for 6 days. I smoked 3 real cigs the first day, 2 the second and none since then. These e cigs really are a miracle in my book. I keep it in my pocket and sneak in to the bathroom or basement and take a few drags here and there and my wife has no clue. A+++. So grateful for these things.

XKG80: For tobacco, Greensmoke is way better. V2 has diminished the quality of their tobacco flavors over time. It can be a pain to change but it outweighs the consequences of smoking. Takes about 2 months to totally change habits and then it'll come naturally. Vaping has more stuff going on but also way more options. Plus you can smoke indoors. VG and PG, the only difference I notice is the burn. PG feels more like a real cigarette.

SteelCity1981: and I want to say as a pirates fan the mlb moving the astro's to the american league was one of the dumbest things the mlb has ever done. they should have put the brewers back into the American league instead. I hope the astro's return back to the national league soon, that was just a really dumb retarded move on mln's part.
V2 'Cigarette Flavors' (Red, Sahara, Congress) 4.7 out of 5

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