Kratos Vs. Dante (God Of War 3 Vs. Dante's Inferno)

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Red Drago: I like to point out several flaws to what you said 1 Satan is a fallen angel not a Christian God 2 Dante's inferno consist of both Christianity and Greek Mythology so his powers can affect Kratos

Soldier of Catholicism: Dante's Inferno

justfornucs: the problem I see with this is that it brings religion into it. looking through the comments it seems some ppl think the christian deities are without a doubt real, and that makes dantes actions a way tougher feat to achieve, forgetting these are both just video games. So we get ppl clammoring on about how dante killed death and satan (which idk where they get that from, seeing how he didnt actually kill him?) and that its harder to do because theyre real and more powerful (i dont mean to be that pickle, but proof? stats? nope.) Personally, while im super interested in Dantes journey and love stories about the devil/hell and how man interacts with it all, i think kratos would win in a heart beat due to shear ruthlessness, fighting skill/experience, and lack morals to hold back his actions. So instead of people clammoring on about how each religion makes the fighter greater than the other, maybe compare how they fight instead?

Hell Man SFD: Dants man its fom hell

Liege Lord: By the way Dante did not kill satan he merely imprison him back to thr abyss....Luifer cannot be defeated

Liege Lord: god killer vs demon slayer... tough one but my $ is on the god of war

Patrick Furtado: What is this music I hear from 2:31?

MODY ZEUS: God of war

Ace144: what GoW fanboys need to understand is that dante killed satan and death and they are on a whole other level then the greek gods seriously even the angels and demons are stronger then the greek gods meaning that dante would kill kratos it would be a tough fight though.

Jerico Roi Dela Cruz: ok summary Dante is all about hell and demons while kratos kills gods and mythical creatures and kratos goes beastmode in ghost of sparta Kratos wins! he could definitely kill dante

Red Drago: I should say Dante if we take a look at their strength Dante can control a giant titan and Kratos can barley move a Cyclops

Eddie Cowan: Dante hands down. I had so much fun in hell punishing the wicked.

Gabe hash: They're both equally badass. Dante had death itself on his knees begging for mercy, and Kratos butchered practically every Greek god, titan, and deity lol

LordJabu: The Christian God is stronger than the the Greek gods and even Zues himself has mentioned there's a higher God them himself beyond him the "True God".

Ju-juan Elzy: I personally say Dante, simply because he defeated a God that actually brings reality to the picture. Yes Kratos defeated the gods but there is no reality to the Gods that's made up Greek mythology. Stories not even a true religion. Even if they were the gods wouldn't compare to lucifer they prove to be weaker simply because they have so many dat possess a certain power r reason in Christianity there is mainly 2 God N Lucifer Heaven and hell not a God of War, n God of love n God of lighting, n God of water jus God and devil so his name stands for himself and rather u believe in the religion or not it is still a valid religion with millions of believers and the devil crosses over into multiple religions not the Greek gods only the Greek people prey to them n even then they aren't mentioned as a religion but mythology keyword MYTH so yea Dante for me even tho god of war is by far the greatest action games ever

Jaws the shark: kratos this is so easy Dante
Michael Martinez: people need to realize that Dante made a much bigger feat than kratos, he beat satan SATAN. who mind you is much more powerful than any greek god. Plus he traversed hell by himself and freed people along the way. Something kratos would never do, also you must redeem yourself of all sin before fighting satan again something kratos wouldn't ever do. Think about that.

kobe redmond: 😂😂this name is troll central

Rodrigo Becerril: kratos

adarkerlink: comparing Dante with GOW 3´s Kratos is unfair, we haven´t seen Dante at full potential, so a fair fight would be GOW1´s Kratos vs Dante, when we get to play the remaining 3 parts of Dante´s oddyssey then comparing him with GOW3´s Kratos will be fair.
Kratos vs. Dante (God of War 3 vs. Dante's Inferno) 5 out of 5

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Kratos vs. Dante (God of War 3 vs. Dante's Inferno)