Kratos Vs. Dante (God Of War 3 Vs. Dante's Inferno)

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Dante VS Kratos. quién es el más poderoso (la opinión de Dross)
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Cody McKee: The thing is Dante can't die because he is already dead he is an eternal spirit the grim reaper so freak you kratos🖕🏼

Young Legend: Kratos

reject911: oh ma qua tutti con sto dante ma voi lo sapete che kratos ha ammazzato demoni,arpie,ciclopi,centauri,zeus,ade,Caronte,mia nonna,etc.. le dante a scassato solo lucifero gia solo per il modo in cui uccide vince kratos ha uno stile che nessuno sa riprendere e per la sua forza kratos spezza le ossa a dante e poi uh...dante e stato al'inferno?beh kratos ce riemerso dall'inferno

crust trust: Krantes

Matei Bobes: clasic difficulty, which is the easiest difticulty? ) both are cool, GoW is AWENSOME but DI is also pretty fun!

Matei Bobes: can't say something about GoW3 because i only played GoW Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta! I also played Dante's Inferno on psp and my opinion is that is a cool GoW clone, good graphics, strong emenies but hard as freak (i play on

madan singh: you forget that Dante is invincible and kratos is not.

madan singh: he is killer.

madan singh: yes toy harris

Santiago Rex: Kratos would win

Beansprout #: dante would win.

Dylan Daly: Dante went through 9 levels of pure evil and temptation and not only survived but killed everything in his path including death then he defeats lucifers cage only to end up beating him in battle and locking him up once more. The mental strength that it would take to go through that is unimaginable and beats by far anything Kratos has gone through. The greek gods Kratos faces are about equal to the boss demons Dante faces if you blur the lines between the religions i'd say. Also to those of you who say his Cross would do nothing thats bullcrap because Kratos is a sinner clearly giving into Anger on multiple occasions aswell as Lust and im pretty sure Gluttony so if we're blurring the lines between both realities for this battle to take place his Cross will work

Hosrak Kiham: But the fight is between the lore characters or between their real skills and magic on the videogame. Cause for me i'm sorry but the armor that makes Dante invulnerable and restores health over time is completely broken.


oliver suarez: Ok lets say that Kratos is a god killing man and obviously he has an anger management to all of god and Dante has power of TRUE GOD too because of the cross he had,so I can say that he can punished Kratos because he is accompanied by TRUE GOD and ANGELS because of his cross and he has DEATH Itself,So Im on Dante's side,sorry if my grammar is wrong im not that good in english

Jaybat 46: So I want to say Dante wins. But I also want to say Kratos will. Look at both sides of the story before saying something head on. I have only played GOW 2 and I didn't even finish, too damn hard and same goes for Dante's Inferno. But a lot of people are saying that Dante killed a God. He didn't. Satan/the devil/Lucifer whatever you want to call him is only a fallen angel. Kratos is a freaking God killer. But these are Greek gods. They are immense in power and wisdom. And Kratos slaughters them all throughout the series. Dante roams hell, on his own sorta (that ghost dude gives advice) and fights off many iconic demons/followers/workers in hell. And he even defeated Satan. I don't remember if he killed him or not. But think for a second, Greek gods vs Christian God. Not to mention, that Satan is a fallen angel not a god. Though he isn't a God he has his own realm, he is cunning, and outwit you and find your darkest secrets and wants. Kratos won't just be fighting a battle of strength but also one of the mind. It depends on what gives out first. And Dante overcame those battles and defeated him. Give more interesting feats from Kratos to help me understand more about him please. I don't just want to sound one sided and biased. Sorry and thank you for taking time to read this comment :)

افلام كرتون: god of war 3

Red Drago: I like to point out several flaws to what you said 1 Satan is a fallen angel not a Christian God 2 Dante's inferno consist of both Christianity and Greek Mythology so his powers can affect Kratos
Kratos vs. Dante (God of War 3 vs. Dante's Inferno) 5 out of 5

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Kratos vs. Dante (God of War 3 vs. Dante's Inferno)