New You In 22 - Saturday Strategy

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New You In 22 Review - Does Jonny Bowden's New You In 22 Diet Work?
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New You in 22 - Saturday Strategy
New You in 22 - Saturday Strategy
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Victoria Plistinova: It is not about age , it is about how you look in that age and feel yourself. And feeling good is to follow Jonny Bowden 💪🏻👌🏻👏🏻🎉

Patricia Clark: wow those are some crazy ingredients but I am going to try it I totally need a new me in 22. lupus has really taken a toll on me and i  am juicing to fight back.

DeAnnaYah: Love your videos... watch them all of the time. Have learned so much. Truly do appreciate you and I am sure you are a busy man. I wish you or someone you chose too... could answer some of these peoples questions. I see you give short comments "you too" or "awesome" etc. Which is nice... but I would really love to see you or "someone" actually answer the legitimate questions asked. Just some "food for thought"... do love you though. (smile)

Redpill: He is so right, coffee is good for us. I've stopped drinking coffee for 2 months and I was hungry, tired and constipated all the time. Drink coffee!

GlennOst. TV: Great video guys..... Love your valuable wisdom.... Keep sharing the Goodness

Talk to you soon

Glenn ost aka Beachbody Daddy

Andrew Peters: Just got back into juicing, unfortunately being in the Army doesn't present a lot of opportunity to juice all week. I've now been following Drew and discovering all of these awesome recipes, every day I get out of work I get a new one. The only way I have effectively lost weight since being through basic four years ago, has been through juicing. This recipe is awesome, I feel alert and fully awake in the morning and have enormous energy. Good stuff!

kdhynes: Just wondering how much of this to drink daily. ?? Sorry if I missed it. :)

My Damn Channel: Is it just me being new to juicing, but are these recipes and acquired taste?? I have tried 5 different ones and and struggle to drink them. Im starting to think people make them out to taste better than they do? Now if I stick to single juices like apples, pear, oranges, and grape im good to go, but as soon as the kale, cucumber and other green veggies come into the mix they seem to go downhill in the taste dept. Its kind of aggravating.

melice319: Do you add the whole lemon (peel and all)?

Abundant1: this is fabulous!

Dale Chester: Everything you said was spot on but you should talk about fasting, preferably in the mornings to burn fat as fuel and increase HGH naturally. I'm a skinny guy but I have natural muscle tone and this enhances it.

NoelieTREX: Another great video- excited to try this one! Shallots and tomato and bell pepper sound like they would definitely be spicy but cool avocado seems like it'd balance everything out. Cool guest star too- keep this kind of content coming!

Kris Bailey: It seems like you have been using the different juicer? Not the Jay Kordich PowerGrind Pro anymore?
My previous Hurom Slow Juicer got just broken the other day, so I have been wondering which juicer I should get. 
Either PowerGrind Pro or the one you are using on this video.
Which do you recommend, Drew?

Maritza Munzon: Blending avocados in juice. it! Im going to have to try that.

K andJesus: I'm a college student and one of the classes I'm in teaches us how to write grants and propose them. So my grant is for a Childhood Obesity Prevention Clinic in a urban area. I will teach children how to plant & grow organic fruits and vegetables, cook and juice them, give free tests for food allergies, also will implement fun exercise and free meals. This will be free for 20 kids at a time and we can use all the help we can. I have a desire to teach children what gmo's are and how we can prevent diseases and live healthier lifestyles for life. I greatly appreciate your videos, God bless. Kristen

gponzo: This video is so helpful if I had a juicer! I'm always on the road and I gain so much weight from sitting all day. I'm so depress most of the time. I try diet food but nothing is working for me. I really want to try juicing but don't have the money to get one yet!!! I can't wait to get one so I can get to work using your YouTube channel
Thank you for posting!!!

Ana Kerr: Really enjoyed hearing this today and I am going to try this out. Don't have a juicer but hope to soon. I have a Vita-Mix machine but I see that it doesn't hurt having both to get a better juice.  How long does the juice last in the fridge if one is making a big batch like the one you made today?  If it's just one person drinking the juice would it go bad in a short period of time?  

Shannon: Love your videos :-)

cathy samuel: I recently purchased a Bullet blender. Could all those ingredients just be pulverized as opposed to juiced. I'm really committed to best practices of health and nutrition and respect your opinion. Please advise. Thank you!!!

Tyler Bentley: I have lost 59 pounds and I love juicing!!
New You in 22 - Saturday Strategy 5 out of 5

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