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DeAnnaYah: Love your videos... watch them all of the time. Have learned so much. Truly do appreciate you and I am sure you are a busy man. I wish you or someone you chose too... could answer some of these peoples questions. I see you give short comments "you too" or "awesome" etc. Which is nice... but I would really love to see you or "someone" actually answer the legitimate questions asked. Just some "food for thought"... do love you though. (smile)

the molle: He is so right, coffee is good for us. I've stopped drinking coffee for 2 months and I was hungry, tired and constipated all the time. Drink coffee!

Glenn Ost: Great video guys..... Love your valuable wisdom.... Keep sharing the Goodness Talk to you soon Glenn ost aka Beachbody Daddy

Andrew Peters: Just got back into juicing, unfortunately being in the Army doesn't present a lot of opportunity to juice all week. I've now been following Drew and discovering all of these awesome recipes, every day I get out of work I get a new one. The only way I have effectively lost weight since being through basic four years ago, has been through juicing. This recipe is awesome, I feel alert and fully awake in the morning and have enormous energy. Good stuff!

michele carpenter: I really appreciate that you encourage moms to take care of their kids' health. We get weak--kids are so picky, it's easy to give in and let them eat what they want instead... But I want my kids to take an interest in their own heath too! Not just do it because mom is a big meany. Can you make a video for kids? I love your Forest Gump episode and your other movie spoof episodes, but my kids are too young to 'get' those. Right now, they only care about one thing. Minecraft. Please make a Minecraft juicing episode. My kids will starve and freeze themselves to death in order to watch more Minecraft youtube videos. You can do it in your normal hilarious, yet informational style... Kids all over the planet would tune in. You could revolutionize their diets. And moms would love you forever.

My Damn Channel: Is it just me being new to juicing, but are these recipes and acquired taste?? I have tried 5 different ones and and struggle to drink them. Im starting to think people make them out to taste better than they do? Now if I stick to single juices like apples, pear, oranges, and grape im good to go, but as soon as the kale, cucumber and other green veggies come into the mix they seem to go downhill in the taste dept. Its kind of aggravating.

Devin Wawrzynski: I have been juicing on and off for about a couple months now, I just never have the motivation to do it everyday, due to all the bad stuff in my life. But I am trying my best to better my life, but it's definitely not easy when everything just comes at you at once. What did you start doing Drew, when you figured out you were living in the Matrix?

Matthew Melendez: Hey drew, I'm 19 years old & even tho at a young age I do struggle with losing weight. I live in a house with 11 other people & most of us are always trying to keep in shape or lose weight, I live with my Grandma who has rheumatoid arthritis real bad & her ALCU is no good atm, my grandpa is addicted to coffee & his doctor told him he needs to stop but he won't, my mom has been trying really hard to lose weight (even tho she looks fine just the way she is) but even soo she wants to make it happen, my cousin just went through a surgery for his ALCU (he tore them Playing basketball) & me Tbh I'm only 15 pounds over the normal weight I should be, which is much but I don't like it. Even tho I work out I know Juicing can help me out a lot, ESPECIALLY it can help my grandma & grandpa with her arthritis & my grandpa not drinking coffee. It will help give me & my family the correct diet & energy that we need to help us through the day (I didn't tell them I'm trying to win this for us so if I do win I'm going to record it & post the video response on YouTube to show you how happy you'd make us) thank you drew I've been watching you for a few months & I really find all your advice helpful. Thank you for taking the time to read :) I posted it on the blog aswell but I'll post it here to just in case 

Lala Sendor: Holy crap he's 67?!?!

Kristi Olson: Thanks for pointing out that we shouldn't be afraid to eat avacado's. I don't think I'm getting enough "good" fats into my diet. This juice looks awsome! .....can't wait to try it. Johnny are an inspiration. You don't look anything like the 60 yr olds I know! I will watch this one more than once. A lot of good info as always. High five to you both! <3

Kris Bailey: It seems like you have been using the different juicer? Not the Jay Kordich PowerGrind Pro anymore? My previous Hurom Slow Juicer got just broken the other day, so I have been wondering which juicer I should get. Either PowerGrind Pro or the one you are using on this video. Which do you recommend, Drew?

Abundant1: this is fabulous!

Shannon Marie: Love your videos :-) 

Chyenne Chester: Everything you said was spot on but you should talk about fasting, preferably in the mornings to burn fat as fuel and increase HGH naturally. I'm a skinny guy but I have natural muscle tone and this enhances it.

NoelieTREX: Another great video- excited to try this one! Shallots and tomato and bell pepper sound like they would definitely be spicy but cool avocado seems like it'd balance everything out. Cool guest star too- keep this kind of content coming!

Manuel Valdivieso: I just picked up a juicer and ran into your YouTube channel. I'm already learning a lot. Thanks!

Ana Kerr: Really enjoyed hearing this today and I am going to try this out. Don't have a juicer but hope to soon. I have a Vita-Mix machine but I see that it doesn't hurt having both to get a better juice. How long does the juice last in the fridge if one is making a big batch like the one you made today? If it's just one person drinking the juice would it go bad in a short period of time? 

Diana Acuna: I live with grandma and I would love for both of to start juicing for the first time in our lives. She has a bunch of ailments, and I don't have the financial means to obtain a juice. Would love to share it with someone I love. I am sure I would be thrilled to show everybody how we juice using some of your recipes.

K andJesus: I'm a college student and one of the classes I'm in teaches us how to write grants and propose them. So my grant is for a Childhood Obesity Prevention Clinic in a urban area. I will teach children how to plant & grow organic fruits and vegetables, cook and juice them, give free tests for food allergies, also will implement fun exercise and free meals. This will be free for 20 kids at a time and we can use all the help we can. I have a desire to teach children what gmo's are and how we can prevent diseases and live healthier lifestyles for life. I greatly appreciate your videos, God bless. Kristen

darris binion: Holy cow! I'm a personal trainer and physical therapy aide that specializes in lymphedema therapy and this video opened my eyes on the connection of our hormones to exercise and maintaining your weight. The patients I see this is exactly what they need and also family that this info would change their life. Thank you so much Drew and Dr. Bowden I hope I grow up like you.

Vladi V: Great stuff!

Renee L: I don't have a juicer. I am wondering if I would get the same benefits from putting it all in my Vitamix? 

Maritza Munzon: Blending avocados in juice. it! Im going to have to try that. 

April Marie: I have been trying smoothies .. Interested in learning how to juice and find some tasty food combinations :) love the channel I have a goal to lose 100 lbs a juicer would be amazing 🍍🍎🍌

lovesynergy1: Thanks Drew! I did show it to her but I had to translate it into french for her. She really enjoyed it!

Daniel Aguilera: Hey Drew, which juicer are you now using? I have a Jack Lelane but I think it's time I buy a new one already; been juicing kale but not getting enough juice out of it. By the way keep it up, you're a big inspiration.

Tyler Bentley: I have lost 59 pounds and I love juicing!!

pensatl1962: This is great information about the effect of imbalanced hormones on health and weight! Thank you for your work. 

Mariza Cortez: I am a "50" year young woman committed to changing my overall health through conscious educated decision making. Since I found your videos I have been delighted to find out how easy it can be to provide my body with the nutrients it needs. I would love to receive one of your juicers and incorporate juicing in my life. In return (should I be so honored to receive one of your juicers) I commit to having "Juicing" parties!!! I will invite my other 50+ friends and show them how easy it is to juice and share all the information I've gained from you. In Gratitude, Mariza

Maddie Kimmel: I just started juicing at Christmas after I found your channel and watched basically all of your videos and now I crave juice all the time!! I started with more fruity tasting recipes but now am starting to lean towards the more green juices!! I have at least one a day now and love it!! It makes me feel energized and ready for the day!! I would love a new juicer, as the one I have now is not very high quality!!! Thank you so much for making me feel so much better everyday with your awesome knowledge on juice!!! 

Lee Anne Chiles: Oh, I did a more holistic approach for pain relief. There is an electric stim in my ear, so cool....painful, but is working. Laser Spine Institute in Philly did the surgery. Hoping it works so I can get the weight off.

Happy Buddha: The background music is distracting... 

Leonor Ortiz: Drew, how often and how many times a day can I Juice for weight loss and to feel better of course.

Handle with Kare: Bless you Drew. Bless your positive, supportive, and nonjudgmental attitude. Your friend Jonny shares your zest for life; thanks for introducing me to him. I often feel defeated by the mess my body has become. I look forward to following this wisdom and finding a new-me-by-23 (pardon my play on the title). Thank you for all you do empowering lives every day.

gponzo: This video is so helpful if I had a juicer! I'm always on the road and I gain so much weight from sitting all day. I'm so depress most of the time. I try diet food but nothing is working for me. I really want to try juicing but don't have the money to get one yet!!! I can't wait to get one so I can get to work using your YouTube channel Thank you for posting!!!

Laurel Perez: Thank you for sharing and inspiring! Great to see someone older still striving to be healthy and live the best life possible!

Kassandra Peterson: I'm 15, and have such an immense passion for health, I have been researching all types of "health lifestyle" and I don't own a juicer as I can't afford one. It would be so lovely to be able to cleanse my body whenever I want :)

Jennie Riviere: I've purchased the new you in 22 yesterday, going shopping for week 1 shopping list tomorrow but haven't got a juicer so will have to use my liquidiser for now! I've struggled with my weight all my life, the last few years I've suffered from aches, pains, stiffness in joints, my concentration & memory are very poor & I'm hoping the new you in 22 will be the answer I've been searching for :-)

Denise Rhodes: Love that you are exposing the truth about the amazing avocado!! Keep spreading the good word! Also looking forward to learning more from "The New You in 22"!! Knowledge is POWER!

cathy samuel: I recently purchased a Bullet blender. Could all those ingredients just be pulverized as opposed to juiced. I'm really committed to best practices of health and nutrition and respect your opinion. Please advise. Thank you!!!

Mario10016: Thank you so much for sharing I'm going to do juicing for lent! But really for Myself! 

傅文珺: hahahhaha very funny to watch, Jonny talks too much and cant stop. Jew tries to talk so many times

darlingima: I purchase New You in 22 and will start next week once I get through all the books. Looking forward to be healthly

myra cartger: Thank you so much. I am a 50 year old black woman with severe high blood pressure. Your information has helped me tremendously. Thanks for you advice towards better health.

youhavechad: Looks very tasty.I can't wait to try. I'll probably add some fresh ginger or cayenne pepper for more zest. 

Lonni Sanchez: I ♥ avocados and coconut oils but what other good fats are out there how much good fats should we be consuming a day?

Cecilia Hurtado: Hi Drew I'm want to lose weight but it's really hard I bought a juicer but with what juice should I stick to lose weight?

Alex Khrestsov: WOW. Just made the same juice this morning. BOOM!!!!

Beauty Junkie: This is the first video I have watched on your channel. Glad I found you. I do not own a juicer and have never had a "pure juice healthy drink". Now I may need to get into the habit. I do try to eat healthy everyday and this could be the one thing that takes it to a new level. Thank you for the information and inspiration!
New You in 22 - Saturday Strategy 4.9 out of 5

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