DSL Vs Cable Internet - Lab Rats #44

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DSL vs Cable Internet - Lab Rats #44
DSL vs Cable Internet - Lab Rats #44
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JMar YT: I get Like 360 down / 75 up :)

mindhorizon: The cable company (TWC) was taking their sweet time getting things set up. They made a service call to my home to get it started. When what they did failed to work, instead of sending the guy right back to get it right, they wanted to schedule another service call a week away. This was definitely a problem because I need the Internet to work. Deciding that slow Internet was better than no Internet, I went to the local phone company (Verizon) to order DSL. When their initial installation efforts failed, they sent out a technician that same day. Yay, Verizon! They also asked if my apartment management company wanted to set up FIOS. So in the future, maybe I actually do have great Internet to look forward to.

Jose Elizarraras: 65 mbps down/ 10 mbps up.... 

Michael Fiermonti: All I have to say is when Socom 1 came out on Playstation 2 I had dial up and I dont think we even got 1 Mbs back then and it was dam smooth Now even 10 mbs is slow as freak , ALL these Bogus companies are screwing everyone , ALL BS !

jmcclelland85: I got 12 Mbps DSL here in Pennsylvania and that is the fastest the telephone comany provides

Charlie Jones: DSL is slow

Daniel: Thanks for the video we have ATT UVerse here in the Silicon Valley and love it.

Daniel: Get a dog(:

Basil Minhas: FTTN DSL > FTTN CABLE 

Jeremy's Transit & Tech: Not sure what world these guys live in, but it's Teksavvy 120 Mbps cable for me!

Basil Minhas: Cool these guys live in Toronto. not far from me.

ViperTechnologies: were you using eastlink for the cable test cause that seems afully slow.... also for the love of god check out www.speedtest.net -_-

kalef1234: lumos economy internet 2.7mbps down .6 mbps up fml

Tyler Miller: dsl is much easy to hack then cable when i had dsl i was all ways getting virus when i got cable i stop getting virus 

anand rai: Can't believe how far technology has gotten.. looking back 5 years before seems like looking at a completely different world 

Aicx Medina: what feline breed is that???? so cute!! the black one is o big.. :)


Gamer Jay: Paying for 25up 5down from CenturyLink switching next week to Comcast and hope cable provides some consistency. 

ridiculousrobby: Or get verizon fios they have fast internet speeds

ridiculousrobby: Just get comcast xfinity they have some of the fastest internet speeds up to 300 Mbps 

cod2025: Dude wanted to beat that cat's ass!

Chris Powell: dsl not for gaming nope nope nope...

Fraznor: DSL from Verizon advertised as "up to" 3Mb/s down 768Kb/s up Price varies from $29.99/moth to $35.00/mo depending on promo etc. They took away everyone's FTP access for the personal web space last year. You can only use their site builder now. Soooooo may dump them within the year. I had multiple web sites hosted there including w w w . queensbridge . us/ Wife and I are often both on line at same time, no problems even with one of us streaming.

paralogos: Most of Europe is getting VDSL (50+ Mbps) and FTTH (much more) and North America is still stuck with cable... what's the deal with that?

Super_Slav: core i5 2500k @ 4ghz 8gb 1600mhz ddr3 gskill 7870 2gb z68xp-ud4 100mbit internet connection HFC

MrCmax03: Here are your speeds: Dwnld/Upld....384K/384K, 768K/384K, 1532K /384K(1.5M), 3008K /768K(3.0M), 6016K/1532K(6.0M).....Your DSL might not be connected correctly in your home...with a dedicated DSL line and an incorporated DSL/pots filter at the NID!

Fraznor: In NYC Just did speedtest: 2.95Mb/s down .72Mb/s up 46ms ping to Secaucus NJ [<50miles] w w w . speedtest . net/result/1992404137.png

gophop: I'll take a shot... 2005?

labratsland: sure is sheek1983 that episode was shot in 2008

InvisiMan2006: what year was this video recorded in? The speeds you guys are talking about are below the lowest plans available in 2012.


MegachinimaThugs: they are totally doing each other

aj236s: Cant beat Dail up 56k baby :-)

oldspammer: If those ping times were optimized for your connection by some kind of traffic shaping, but your gaming data traffic was not, that would be bad in terms of server lobby "delay handicapping." Whatever software was using these metrics might "have to" help out the less fortunate players by letting them see you earlier than you them, or score your hits with compensating delays inserted, etc? What gaming platform are you using for counter strike, etc?

Bradley Peters: One point to add is that your dsl access depends greatly opon where you live. I work for a small telco and we put dslams in remote cabinets so any of our rural customers can get at least 5 meg. We border centurylink where there rural customers cannot even get dsl.

oldspammer: Controlling how many cores in use would be unnecessary overhead of checking for this, then doing a call back when a logical core becomes available. In the Windows API, CreateProcessEx() would be used by the game engine developers to create a new process space capable of inter-process communications, or creating its own multiple thread tasks. This would leave the processor core tasking to Windows & it wouldn't care how many cores there are & would take advantage of hyper threading if available.

oldspammer: A Xbox live friend just clarified for me that if any telephone handset remains plugged in that isn't even used, but remains connected on an un-DSL filtered phone line, those phones will be the cause of the DSL disconnecting when a phone call rings in. I have: 7 connected phones, but used only 3 DSL filters provided to me on the phones that I was regularly using at the time of the DSL trial usage period. Supposedly, the unfiltered ones were the direct cause of the DSL hang-ups during call rings.

oldspammer: Your phone line characteristics, like mine, are bad. My trial ADSL would drop too when the phone rang. The incoming phone line connected to a connector that was installed in 1964 & has noticeable corrosion discoloration on it (impedance mismatch). Friends have ADSL in newer homes don't have problems w/incoming phone rings like I did. A telco guy said to subscribe to their maintenance plan, get the line fixed up nicely, then cancel the plan--in that way the service costs are significantly lower.

oldspammer: What about VDSL? I am currently using Rogers Cable in Ottawa, Canada. Their fiber routes all signals to head end boxes in Toronto, hundreds of miles away. From accounts I've been told that they use the cheapest backbone connection to the USA that is available. They have so much routing equipment, they ran out of IP addr. Traffic shaping may be the cause if ping & speed test traffic are artificially boosted over that of data from online game play. Games & servers use this to handicap each player.

oldspammer: I seem to recall that the various socket 1155 & 1150 CPUs have on chip GPU for video support, but the socket 2011 do not. Many of the 2011 socket CPUs have slightly larger cache on chip than their 115x socket cousins. If the major priorities in gaming are rendering the 3d models the fastest, GPU horsepower may likely be favoured in game engines, etc, rather than more CPU cores? The Tek syndicate guy seems to like the AMD 8-core 8350 CPU.

Letsgorightnowyoupuppet: HAHAHAHA.. STFU

codgamefreak602: where ever the freak youre at your interent providers suck i get 40mbs down and 5up

Anthony Takata: What era are you from? Lot of outdated info from March of 2012...

SmellyClown: somehow this 21 minute video seem shorter then another video i watched that was just 9 minutes

sheek1982: how out dated is this show!

ldchappell1: Speed test in San Francisco using Comcast Cable. Download speed: 7.21 MB/s Upload speed: 4.70 MB/s

Enrique Llido: You forget that cable internet sucks during bad weather.

Mike Sucks at Halo: This video says it was uploaded in 2012, but my internet craps on the so-called fast connections you were talking about w w w . speedtest . net/result/2348162737.png

marxvlog: It's astounding how much you got wrong in this video. Telco infrastructure uses line pairing, so you share a line. There is no direct connection between you and the telco. You share your dsl bandwidth with the other users you're paired with.

Super_Slav: I dont need any logical cores only physical, games don't use it, core I5's are better for gaming because they run cooler under overclock, also games dont use more than 4 cores. The only advantage to i7's is cache but that's minimal in games and a waste of money..
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DSL vs Cable Internet - Lab Rats #44