DSL Vs Cable Internet - Lab Rats #44

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Cable vs DSL vs Fiber Internet
Cable vs DSL vs Fiber Internet
DSL vs Cable Internet - Lab Rats #44
DSL vs Cable Internet - Lab Rats #44
Cable Internet and DSL
Cable Internet and DSL
Fibre (Fiber) vs Copper as Fast As Possible
Fibre (Fiber) vs Copper as Fast As Possible
DSL vs Cable: Which provides the best connection?
DSL vs Cable: Which provides the best connection?

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Ni'Sheerer Colbert: 150 down 12up cable

Bash Bdee: 40 mbps download and 3 mbps upload here lol, its pretty fast to be honest

ABG: Dsl is better ... Cable internet company usually screw customers by blocking ports and blocking icmp echo requests etc ..... Dsl is slow but overall better .....

krisonytube: Here in Germany 45€ for VDSL2 Vectoring. 100Mbit's download and 40Mbit's upload.

NME10E: Get that damn cat off the desk!

Kevin17: £35 for 300mb Here in The Uk

Sebastian Jenkins: You babble to much just get on with it, I don't need your commentary you guys are terrible.

Brendan Alimony: I pay $62/month for 400 gb of internet with 30mb download speed and 5 mb upload speed. Is this a good deal?

Logan Braveheart: this old ass video i all need to update THIS FOR 2015

fraizie: 200/20 here. I don't like the asymmetry of down- and uplink for cable internet.

Jesse: Hello, im paying around $60 a month for my internet, for 8mbps upload and 20 download, but im only getting 15 download and .0.97 up... and sometimes my interent will just shut right off. and then i have to restart it.. could it be my modem ? its a stock modem from the isp, and its a few years old. Also im on DSL , any help would be great 
Thanks =)

hk18810186: how is this upload in 2012?  this is super old , only australia still at that speed

QuickJuniorstar Block: I recently switched from Cable to DSL due to problems with the Cable internet.

I never regret it! :)

iggnasio: WTF internet speeds. I tought that video is uploaded 10 years a go but its 2012???

Pinlight: This is now kinda old.  DSL can't compete with cable internet.  Time Warner speeds now routinely at 53mbs with 5.5 mbs upload.  Old copper phone wires can't really compete anymore, and ATT is the worst in reliability and their billing practices are deceptive.

fluidnoise101: PPOE was out of date Tech even at the time this video was posted. few companies use this antiquated tech and those that do are phasing it out. 

Wilfredo Gutierrez: Can you please update this video, with the actual bandwidths from ISPs?

Yunus Sogut: Ive got 160Mbps Cable here in Belgium

LUTCHMAN Nicolas: asychronous dsl means that the download speed is not the same as the upload speed... they don't even know what they are talking about.

hippo potamus: Jeez fellas just give us the facts and cut all the bullsh8t
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DSL vs Cable Internet - Lab Rats #44