Paraplegic Standing And Walking With Kfo's

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Paraplegic uses Standing Wheel Chair
Paraplegic uses Standing Wheel Chair
CRAZY Able-bodied women longs to be PARAPLEGIC!
CRAZY Able-bodied women longs to be PARAPLEGIC!
David walking in leg braces
David walking in leg braces
Standing Wheelchair
Standing Wheelchair
New Leg Braces
New Leg Braces
Walking 1/09
Walking 1/09
Paraplegic going up stairs to get into house
Paraplegic going up stairs to get into house
Ableware® Leg Wrap™ Positioning Aid from Maddak
Ableware® Leg Wrap™ Positioning Aid from Maddak
Walk with Braces
Walk with Braces
Bernie put's Jasper in the car
Bernie put's Jasper in the car
Life in a Wheelchair - Wheelchair Challenge for Mia Schaikewitz
Life in a Wheelchair - Wheelchair Challenge for Mia Schaikewitz

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Martin Gutierrez: Where can i get one of those kfo?? Let me know

Dexter Morgan: You are one tough S.O.B.! Thank God you have excellent upper body strength. Awesome....just awesome.

demented12: Do they make those for T-5 level injury? ( at chest level )

sideclimb: i got one but i cant seat, but one of my leg still dont move so much. can u just stand?

Martin Gutierrez: Wat up again...wats the exact name of those?

Naomi Martinez: Awesome video! I'd like to see more of you walking (:

Martin Gutierrez: Im t12 hopefully itll help me...but thanks!

julius davidson: That was amazing to see you do that with what seems like little effort. I am a T12 para and would love to try this. Keep sharing your great videos and advice!

lornahate1: hey Jerry my name is lorna my husband has the same injury level as you i sent you a friend request on FB if you don't mind i want to ask you somethings that can help me and my husband

Vali premal: Wcmx is what made me walk again. Nice. Try stance control locks you might walk better on em. Love you wcmx brother♡

elkushman: What's up bro i got a pair of those too they work good i have a spine injury a c7 spine fracture incomplete from a gun shot to my neck 

Darion Gossick: How do you get your legs to look normal do you use electrical stimulation?

figo misss: Good

زيد الشمري: Good Never give up 

S Barnes: Wow! Never heard of these. Truly amazing.

Australianul: Bravo! Eşti tare! Mi-ai plăcut mult. 

Mike Crutch: that is so amazing man, wow, you are impressive!

Kelley Anne: Your such an inspiration! Never give up always believe in yourself! Absolute amazing :)! Xxx

luvaquad: Cont.. sci many don't touch on our inability or train for back steps. So hard to do that. I pivot ..can't hop lol. This wears ya out..muscles will be mad a day or 2.. keep doing it.. wear em just to sit so its less foreign and less a stimulus. I was so happy to see this .. WCMX is great that ya do it.. this is a entirely different & awesome achievement on a grand scale !!

luvaquad: Well done Jerry. As a c4 quad using my Fillauer llc stance phase lock spl2 kafo's .. I get what this takes. My foot area was modified to remove stimulus and its easier to use a shoe with a bit of a heel .. extra size doesn't become a issue. My side metal area go into each side of my shoes. I noted what a pendulum does being yours doesn't have it. The force forward to unlock would put some down.. kafo differences can assist for those needing more safety. Going backwards I laughed.. our SCI ..

ThePietje81: GREAT!

Ravi Sharma: Im q paraplegic and standing up is a bigg deal

lilmanell13: What level sci Are u bro??

2013macbeezy: Wow I'm a t9 I have only been in my chair for a year now as its good to know there's a whole community out there that can help me thru my issues as I start my long journey down this road of ours,great vid please let me know how I can get kafos my doc or no one told me about them :(

jean paul de saint sauveur: thanks for this video

madsvh666: How long have you been paralyzed? great inspirational video btw

Demis Harmony: Thanks for this awesome video :) you inspired me so much and I really hope I can walk on day again too! I am paralysed the chest down :/ you are such an inspiration

Jerry Diaz: @Balqis maira yea for a lil bit.just gotta find your balance point.and thanks

cmeyer2323: Definitely hitting you up on Facebook!

jean paul de saint sauveur: I admire how you stand up and walk with this braces§ I am also paraplegic. Can you walk with braces and crutches?

joelyboyblue: Dude I'm almost your twin, close to your injury, used to have a yellow chair too- youre the man bro

buffalo1d: keep it up, praise the Lord. I am a quad and use bioness to walk

Jerry Diaz: yea dude,they lock you in place,and your legs fit snug in the brace so you wont bend.they good bro.get a script and find a place where they make braces

Romney Pasion: Coo. Im moving to Denver ill have Craigs rehab get me some scripts for these. Big ups with all the videos.

Bruce Veevers: Mate that is awesome been a t4 incomplete for 18months now. Was in hospital 7 months broken back 4 places motorbike accident. Got my leg braces the other day and stood up on Paraell bars for the first time it was amazing. after watching your video you have helped with my motivation thanks keep up the good work!!!

Mike Crutch: Wow dude!! Impressive and hot!

Jerry Diaz: @tfdogeramguy04 na I cath.maybe some day I will have controll

Manoel Deusdedit de Farias Filho Farias Filho: Hi yes you could try stand up and walking using crutches.Rmbr you are sstrong,very strong.Tk you .Go ahead.

Jerry Diaz: hi,thanks for watching.iam a t10 t11 incomplete. and naa far from a pro lol this was the second time useing just a good improviser,.and thanks for the happy birthday shout out :)

Ian Jones: Well done in these early days I had kafos all my life thru polio Wouldn't exist without em Part of my life Good luck

Michelle Davin: Hi Jerry, Keep going strong, your kfo's are like mine, i only wear on as i was luck enough to have a muscle transplant (corpse transplant) on the right, so only have a half brace on right.. The new life i got when i had my kfo fitted was amazing. Add me on facebook and chat soonb take care x Michelle Davin :-)

Thomas Wood: I myself have Cerebral Palsy & Autism (Asperger's) & I am a legbracer. I wear steel/plastic AFO's on my legs.

Mike Blanding: Good job dude!

ithinkiam: went to ken Bryant ! amazing!hard to explain. a t6 nothing below nipples, ten years. ten mins after arrival my son was doing sit ups by him self. one hour he was doing leg pushes 35 lbs! he is the muscle whisper. I didn't say it was easy ,but it works ! do your self a favor, .get it touch with ken . you are the kind of guy that will rock with his work . it was jaw dropping. it changed our lives.that stuff will still work!

Phobicscoto: Have you looked into adaptive sports? Check out adaptive skiing, surfing, scuba diving, handcycling etc...

Robert Brown: You're good with those!

ithinkiam: jerry you go man! that looks great .got to get those for my son hea a t5/6 ten yrs out . he would love that .have you checked out ken bryant on utube? were going there next week. the work he does is amazing! you too are amazing!

Helen Hargrave: I can't wait until I walk this year .

Lux Caster: Hey, thats looks really good. Does it work with crutches too?

Ardian Kadolli: Hello I would like to have one, where you can buy one, can you help!
paraplegic standing and walking with kfo's 4.9 out of 5

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paraplegic standing and walking with kfo's