Paraplegic Standing And Walking With Kfo's

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michele vitarelli: thanks for sharing. great video.

yaroub aouil: Good job...i see that it's a very useful way to walk...because i am also a boy can't walk from Lebanon

Stephanie Midyette: This guy is amazing!! Love his mental strength... Such good him 💕💕💕

JUANA JENKINS: I thank you for this video I just got a motorized chair but I would prefer to walk again my therapist mentioned these now I see how they work will be getting my prescription soon...thanks again # spinalstrokesurvior

Sam Sb: Where did you order those from?

Krushna Nallam: I'm Krushna, a paraplegics patient from 2 yrs. m inspired by u , soon I will buy kfo sets further what r d basics of exercise pls do explain or give me ur call no or call me on 91+9763186614 Thanxs............,Waiting for ur reply.

Krushna Nallam: Hi, m Krushna, having same problem ,trying to stand through knee brace pls suggest me where I'll get kfo or pls call me on 91+9763186614 / 91+7758062964 or give ur contact no I'm in great need. in future u will walk n then run. Best of Luck ! ! Waiting 4 ur reply.............

prince singh: God bless you Jerry

Corinne Brule: Thanks for you reply. Your video posting are the best because you explain everything very welll but most of all you are very positive. Keep working on walking, eat well, work out your legs. You will walk again one day.

Nooga Elshekh: ماشا الله الامل في الله كبير

Corinne Brule: Hi Jerry ...please tell me where I can purchase the leg braces that you are showing here on this video. What company also. Thanks.

Yvonne Making: great video, you give me hope to walk, thanks heaps ...

Tana Torres: Aww you just made my day,I’m waiting for my KAFO!

S B: Bro could you not stand at all when you first got injured?

Shannonbarnesdr1: does standing on leg braces help with circulation and what not ?.... i prefer my wheels its more practicle and independent for me... but imnot para.. im CP, but still for me wheels are much more independent, liberating and give me freedom and all ;-)

Shannonbarnesdr1: hehe, now you can say you are a transformer,.. gotta learn to put em on a lil faster ad make te transformer noise LOL

Ahmed Noor: I want to try this

Robyn Boone: cute guy.

facts sorealitsunbelievalbe: Jerry Diaz - you are drop dead gorgeous!

Candice Conroy IFBB Pro: hey jerry just curious where was your injury at? T5,7...??
paraplegic standing and walking with kfo's 5 out of 5

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paraplegic standing and walking with kfo's