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Did this video help you?

SoadTom22: does it have transpose option ??

Jerry Jose: Thanks man!! You've done a great job. Please tell me whether m50 supports .STY files????

oztronix: Thanks, it vas very helpfull for my keyboard, so, can you maybe make more videos - each on different [more-in-depth] fuctions in sequencing ? (***M50 seems to have a great content regardless Youtube tutorials, which is why everyone should get one of the M50's...support is everything, great work by the way, guys, thanks so much, i ve had no clue where to start with my M50).

lujoebonjo: it doesn't have sampling if thats what your asking. You can get different premade sound patches for it tho

guitarbrad: Very helpful - I want to learn about the M50 - and other instruments - with with more detail then a company demo.

fallosky: GREAT VIDEO!!! VERY HELPFUL! can u explain me how can i SAVE the sounds that i like and use most, and then CHANGE it fast, like if im playing a song with piano and then i want to change it to an accordion without taking so long please CAN U EXPLAIN ME! IM A BEGINER! THANK U!!

RaisinBagels: Hey Mikescape08. I need some help. I have a Korg TR...and i have saved a song i made on the sequencer to my SD card in Media. Now the thing is... I want to put the music i did on my computer and play it from my computer...but the file is in .SNG... Do you know how to convert and/or read .SNG files?? Thanks in advance.

steelest1: Hi all~ Does anyone know how to save a program (sound) which I am going to use in a live performance and quickly load the program in the performance without spending time to find that again? Please help me..

southeastslums: Thanks, hope you do put some more videos together, great help for a beginner user!

T.U.N.I microstudio: i would like to know how to reset touch sycreen sensivity for m50.thanks

Peter Le: bad or good ? sound brass jumper this korg m50

Cyberman86: A friend of mine has a Korg X50 and i dont know but whenever i play his keyboard most of the Sounds Sound Thicker and Stronger than the M50, I have really good ear i think, does anybody know whats going on. I just bought my M50 and i thought it would Own the X50.

Sayantan Chatterjee: Does it have Sampler???

350block: man, I'm having trouble with the sequencer. If I have strings recorded on track 1, when I go to record track 2, the sound changes on track 1 to whatever sound track 2 is under. What am I doing wrong?

themonillo: @SoadTom22 yes, i have the m50 and u can do ANYTHING with sounds, transpose, combinations, effects, arpeggioa... anything that u can imagine... use the joystick as effect, etc... anything

Joseph Gray: I just got the m50 and this tute helped me a lot !!! Thanks for the tips. I'll definitely look out for more !!!!

Jose Martinez: uno de los mejores teclados.

Mark Baldwin: Noticed you had trouble playing back the recorded sequence with drum track. Any idea how to do this? I have had the same problem.

Davide Gemello: @zimonslot Yes it's possibile

RUSbells: I had both! And I know what I say, I sold the M50 and do not regret it! M50/M3 sound just awful. Yamaha wins in acoustics and electronics!

Cyberman86: Does anybody know how to change Octaves in the piano ? i want to play a little more to the left and have more space in the right.

Ricardo Esteves: You need a superior degree to work with this thing!

louiz0999: Love this board

kreg001: @10Sayantan no

350block: yea man, the instruction manual is crazy. has you jumpin all over the book to learn stuff.

Melanie England: Great video... a bit more clear than most. I think it is assumed that we already know most of what we're doing... but I don't. Need true step by step. Trying now to figure out how to edit an arpeggio style and save as a user arpeggio in a separate place with a separate name.

Modie albrighton: i would like to no why my 2 gig sd card does not work what am i doing wrong ??

JohnnySmalls2010: metal i jist bought one to in may of this year im still trying to figure it out bit the sounds are awsom..plug your sustain not in damper but the one next to it

elingenieroluciano: yes, yamaha isthe best yamaha is much better

saarnoldbhm: why didn't it record the drum track as well?

ohiovending: Thank you really needed that help. Right on

Davide Gemello: If you want to use single programs you should put them back to back in the bank d and scroll them with a switch pedal, if you want to use combinations (different programs together) do the same in bank d.

Shadow432643: thx for it ;]

1porkibaer: thx alot for this vid! getting the M 50 the next days...Cant wait!!!

Gibsonsru: Вот тут я купил себе Korg M3 б.у очень дешево на gibsons.ru Там же скачал все инструкции на русском и всякие программы Супер

TheMrbrainwash: this one or Juno-G ?

yomislih: great vid. i'm picking mine up tomorrow hopefully

AdvaitSarkar: Please make more. Please!!! I subscribed just WAITING for you to make more.

MyHappyPlace12: hey this was helpful for a brief overview, but itd be awesome if you did go into the specifics like you said. nice video =]

Lester delos Reyes: you mean yamaha??? the family oriented keyboard?? what a joke

JDStone Creations: I've got the Triton Extreme, and im not sure what problem ur having, but i can give a brief description on bringing in instruments and effects from program mode to the sequencer. For a start, touching "copy from program" in the seq, you get the options of bringing in its effects. If you already have a program with its effects in the seq, this newly brough in prog will overwrite the effects. What i learnt to do is start with a base prog with basic effects, and manually bring in other programs!

TheMydasAscension: Hey, thanks so much man! Just bought one of these and have been puzzling over all the features for days. Great work, hope to see more!

JerseyMac: Great video, good explanation of the instrument capabilities. Please make more videos on how to put a song together from scratch, how to connect to computer and midi externals, etc. Thanx!

Kawaiola05: Does it have internal memory? Or do you need a memory card?

Jill S: Hello, i wanna know the exact same thing as fallosky.If theres no way to do this, maybe can you tell us a way to arrange the sounds so it takes less time. TY!!

oztronix: ... you have to be carefull what is ticked and what not before recording ...

southeastslums: yeah dat manual is crazy!

hugio55: great man thanks

Paul Gee: LIke your demos, just got an M50 and it's a whole lot of instrument

Kalesha Davis: that was straight to the point and it helped alot great video
KORG M50 TUTORIAL 4.5 out of 5

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