Xbox 360 Slim Wont Turn On Fix

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Xbox 360 slim wont turn on fix
Xbox 360 slim wont turn on fix
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Jeff Dunstan: I had this problem where my power brick was fine but buttons still wouldn't respond. Saw your video, checked my USB and nothing was bent but I pressed down on the USB plate around the ports on all sides a bit and it powered right on. So if anyone else is having that problem where their 360 powers itself off and wont turn back on. Try that

C00K13SN1PES77: Omg I did the hard drive thing and it worked thank you so much 

-EpicGameing -EpicGameing: I have a similar problem where I turn on my Xbox 360 it turns off by it self and it keeps doing it, I tried fixing it but nothing anyone have the same problems and you found a solution plz reply.

tj dukes: My xbox 360 slim button won't turn on when I hit the power button but the power cord is yellow do I don't know and power cords are really rare so I don't know what to do now I need help think you.

Ricardo Sanchez: Hey my xbox doesn't work and something is really wrong with my power brick so it's not the Xbox it is the power brick and please.HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eddie23: I just got a new power brick and it still won't turn on, help anyone?

basil akroush: Hey guys could you help me my power brick doesnot even show a light when i plug it in the power

Joshua Fix: Worked!!!!!

delongville89: I just bought a second hand xbox 360 slim it doesn't turn on (bought it very well knowing this) I tryied the power brick from my son's xbox still doesn't work but the same power brick works on his. So I ruled this out what else could be the issue?

CoC Rider: Omg thank you that happened to me

Fuze Games: Thanks 

Fuze Games: What about is the power brick is not on 

Omar Gonzalez: Hi, amm mine has a similar problem, the power brick is yellow or orange, i press the power button and it just beeps and the power brick stays the same. i tryed with a friends power brick but it still does the same..
So if you could help me i would really appreciate it.

jazzar23: I have the same problem only my power brick never turns green, always orange, and I tried an alternate brick (there is a second slim in the house and it works fine) but only encountered the same issue, so i highly doubt a brand new power brick would fix it with the results i already have. So for me it's the exact same problem only way worse, and I have no idea how to fix it, nothing works. Has anyone else had my version of this problem too?

Gmb Soulja: I need help ok one day wen I went 2 sleep I had turned my Xbox off so wen I woke up I went bck 2 play n wen I try 2 turn it on my power brick was a solid red so I called game stop n I called customers support dey said I need a new power brick so I went 2 game stop and I bought a new 1 so wen I plugged dat 1 in its orange but wen I turned my game on it goes green really fast den da power brick turns back solid red but wen I was looking at my usb ports I c 1 of da prongs missing n da front so I need help do anybody have a solution

David Musgrove: Okay someone please help me. My touch sensor doesnt work on my power and disc  so i use my controller to turn it on. Well my cousin reconnected the controller to a different xbox so i dont know how to turn it on. Please Help!!!

Hoos Poe: Check out this video on YouTube:

ImWhelanFTW: I have this problem but I don't think it's the power brick my little brother said it just turned off when he was playing I tired to turn it on and it wernt working everything's fine the brick is amber when it's not plugged in and I tried swapping the Xbox with another one and that one works fine with the same brick as my one so I'm really not sure what's wrong and what to do? 

Leonardo Garcia: Un pluag the controller

Xbox 360 slim wont turn on fix 5 out of 5

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Xbox 360 slim wont turn on fix