Mini Lift 2500.wmv

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Mini Lift 2500.wmv
Mini Lift 2500.wmv
Amazing Portable Vehicle Lift
Amazing Portable Vehicle Lift
Genio 3000 lift. Mini lift.
Genio 3000 lift. Mini lift.
EZCarLift Automotive portable lift system review (5 stars!)
EZCarLift Automotive portable lift system review (5 stars!)

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John Bower: It's not under the jacking points

Abdullah Naimoglu: Price how much is it?

david appleton: this will not work with a front wheel drive as the point of balance is close to the A piller

InDa509: Looks more like a death trap

Jason Lahr: When are y'all planning on a manufacturing release allowing this product to be readied for distribution to vendors, and might one of those vendors be in the US?

Ian Hawey: does it have the ability to put on lift pucks for a Corvette or other performance vehicles

Kon Sol: ben de yaparım ammınaaa( gereksiz Türk özgüveni )

paninad: is the original product, this is a chinese imitaion and thievery of a patented invention produced in the Czech Republic.

Didier Bizet: good evening,

I'm very interested in you product. I live in Belgium, have you got some store in m'y country ? do you ship your product to my adress ?
thank you very much for your answers.

Chien Fu Huang: 請問這是台灣人做的嗎?有賣嗎?

Adriana Tinoco Payan: estamos interesados en su producto, lo tienen en venta
, favor de informarnos a la brevedad posible,gracias de antemano.

Robinson Pinzon: Vivo en Colombia y quiero adquirir uno d estos q debo hacer

Darren Harper: Hi ActiveSlimming, could you let me know how i can get hold of one of these?

agagozdzik: Welcome. I am of Polish, how can I buy such a device. What is the cost of shipping

m: not much use if removing the exhaust pipe

Andy B: lol

Papo com Gourmet: Dear friend,i live in Porto Alegre,Brazil .Is there any possibility to buy the minilift?

Chris L: Shut up and take my money

Phil Chien: Where can I buy one?

g125150sean: 不單是個人於車庫使用 , 還有我的工廠做機械與汽.機車訂做組件 , 空間及需求, 剛好非常需要這項輕巧產品 ^^ 謝謝您 ^^
Mini Lift 2500.wmv 5 out of 5

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Mini Lift 2500.wmv