Mini Lift 2500.wmv

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Mini Lift 2500.wmv
Mini Lift 2500.wmv
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ASTRA-Lift & Car dolly together-New miniLIFT.Low
Minilift 1.25 MO.wmv
Minilift 1.25 MO.wmv
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Astra minilift
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Mini lift manual

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Abdullah Naimoglu: Price how much is it?

david appleton: this will not work with a front wheel drive as the point of balance is close to the A piller

InDa509: Looks more like a death trap

Jason Lahr: When are y'all planning on a manufacturing release allowing this product to be readied for distribution to vendors, and might one of those vendors be in the US?

Ian Hawey: does it have the ability to put on lift pucks for a Corvette or other performance vehicles

Kon Sol: ben de yaparım ammınaaa( gereksiz Türk özgüveni )

paninad: is the original product, this is a chinese imitaion and thievery of a patented invention produced in the Czech Republic.

Didier Bizet: good evening,

I'm very interested in you product. I live in Belgium, have you got some store in m'y country ? do you ship your product to my adress ?
thank you very much for your answers.

Chien Fu Huang: 請問這是台灣人做的嗎?有賣嗎?

Adriana Tinoco Payan: estamos interesados en su producto, lo tienen en venta
, favor de informarnos a la brevedad posible,gracias de antemano.

Robinson Pinzon: Vivo en Colombia y quiero adquirir uno d estos q debo hacer

Darren Harper: Hi ActiveSlimming, could you let me know how i can get hold of one of these?

agagozdzik: Welcome. I am of Polish, how can I buy such a device. What is the cost of shipping

m: not much use if removing the exhaust pipe

Andy Byrne: lol

Papo com Gourmet: Dear friend,i live in Porto Alegre,Brazil .Is there any possibility to buy the minilift?

Chris L: Shut up and take my money

Phil Chien: Where can I buy one?

g125150sean: 不單是個人於車庫使用 , 還有我的工廠做機械與汽.機車訂做組件 , 空間及需求, 剛好非常需要這項輕巧產品 ^^ 謝謝您 ^^

g125150sean: 我有利用 YOUTOBE 的 私訊 ( 右上角 圖像中 有選項 ) 您可以查看 ^^ 謝謝您 ^^
Mini Lift 2500.wmv 5 out of 5

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Mini Lift 2500.wmv