Mini Lift 2500.wmv

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Mini Lift 2500.wmv
Mini Lift 2500.wmv
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ASTRA-Lift & Car dolly together-New miniLIFT.Low
Minilift 1.25 MO.wmv
Minilift 1.25 MO.wmv
Astra minilift
Astra minilift
Mini lift manual
Mini lift manual

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Didier Bizet: good evening,

I'm very interested in you product. I live in Belgium, have you got some store in m'y country ? do you ship your product to my adress ?
thank you very much for your answers.

Chien Fu Huang: 請問這是台灣人做的嗎?有賣嗎?

Adriana Tinoco Payan: estamos interesados en su producto, lo tienen en venta
, favor de informarnos a la brevedad posible,gracias de antemano.

Robinson Pinzon: Vivo en Colombia y quiero adquirir uno d estos q debo hacer 

Darren Harper (Gardens Have Trees): Hi ActiveSlimming, could you let me know how i can get hold of one of these?

agagozdzik: Welcome. I am of Polish, how can I buy such a device. What is the cost of shipping

ACTIVESLIMMING: Would you kindly tell me if you have bought this product from me? If not, could you tell me how you know that it is not much use if removing the exhaust pipe? I do value your comments. Therefore, your reply will be highly appreciated.

m: not much use if removing the exhaust pipe

Andy Byrne: lol

Papo com Gourmet: Dear friend,i live in Porto Alegre,Brazil .Is there any possibility to buy the minilift?

ACTIVESLIMMING: Dear Phil, Thank you for your interest in our product. However, we have not had a distributor for this item in Canada. Therefore, you have to buy it from us direct. If you find it acceptable, please contact us at our e-mail in the following. activesl@ms

ACTIVESLIMMING: I do not know what you are talking about. If there is any service I can render you, please let me know.

Chris L: Shut up and take my money

Phil Chien: Where can I buy one?

g125150sean: 不單是個人於車庫使用 , 還有我的工廠做機械與汽.機車訂做組件 , 空間及需求, 剛好非常需要這項輕巧產品 ^^ 謝謝您 ^^

g125150sean: 我有利用 YOUTOBE 的 私訊 ( 右上角 圖像中 有選項 ) 您可以查看 ^^ 謝謝您 ^^

ACTIVESLIMMING: Please advise us of your contact details including e-mail before we can reply to you. Besides, you are supposed to let us know if you want it for the individual use.

g125150sean: 真的太完美了 ^^ 請問可以 私訊 讓我知道 這組工具在台灣的 價格嗎 ? 我瞭解 目前你們手上有張訂單 ^^ 而且這是採預定製 ^^

ACTIVESLIMMING: Dear Mr. Wu, We have an order on hand and will produce lthem soon. If you are still interested in this product, please advise us of your contact details soonest so that we can contact you easier. Please contact us through our e-mail address above.

ACTIVESLIMMING: Hi Thanks for your comments. However, you will never bend the car like a hot dog with our product because the lifting points of the car are aligned on our platforms so that the car can get enough support. I can guarantee that the car will never warp with this design.
Mini Lift 2500.wmv 5 out of 5

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Mini Lift 2500.wmv