Adult Spinal Tap Procedure Video

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Hilary Martin: I hate getting spinal taps! I hate them!

dan wilson: This music was awesome!!

Martin Arzola: Just Got This Done Today! Hurts !! I feel pain while watching this

DragonFighter1133: Just seeing that makes my back hurt

Narcis Anton:

Rosa Banks: @ Emily Greeson I to have the same brain condition called Pseudotumor Cerebri or IIH (Increased Intracranial Hypertension) which I was found to have back on March 15th of 2012. I've had countless Spinal Taps done even up to 6-7 attempts at one time which was painful that I needed Morphine aferwards. I was always admitted into the hospital for mines by my Neurologist whose Doctor's office is located right across the street from the hospital including her home. The highest my pressure has ever been was like 30 or 130 which was high. The crazy thing is when I went into the ER complaining of a Headache I though that I was just gonna be sent home with medicine but never thought it would turn out to be that serious cause they thought it was a Brain Tumor at first. For my first Spinal Tap on the 15th of March I got a doctor who was training under someone and when I found ou I was receiving one (even though I heard babies get them when Menengitis is suspected) it still freaked the hell out of me..... excuse the language... LOL!!! Anyways she was better than most of the other Radiologists who are required to perform LP's regularly. I have read the same thing about it being rare and not being rare because you can get it at any age and it's not completely a condition that women get only that its more common in women.

I just hope your experience hasn't been like mines and wish the best to you and all Pseudotumor Cerebri/ IIH sufferers.

iceman18724: Just had this do today. Don't ever want to do it again

Emily Greeson: I had a spinal tap because I have a brain issue called pseudo tumor cerebra. I heard it's rare and heard that it's not rare. Have you ever encountered this illness before? 

Julie Quach: LOL, should play this music when doing the procedure!

Samantha Mayo: I have to have theraputic lps and i just dont even have them numb it cause it hurts either way but not bad at all i wouldnt say hurt even just uncomfortable

eddie b: Hell no not me

Courtney Sr: When I was a baby I fell sick and that had to give e one immediately. My mother couldn't watch so a lady gave my mom her sandwich to eat so she could relax.

Keosha G: wow, I just found out today from my dr I have to get a spinal tap, does it hurt? It looks like it would wow. I only looked it up to see for myself exactly what they will be doing. If it does hurt how long?

Dolphin12390: Gross!! I was in the hospital and had this done but dont remember a thing because i was so sick, thank god.

Julia Jones: Is it similar to an Epidural but with the pain? Ive heard its quite bad

Yolanda Gardiner: Oh hell no if I'm not sleep I won't be getting it done and I'm not afraid of needles

Mouad Al-Mansab: Is it really done by undergraduates..? or needs highly qualified doctors.? 

grettagrids: worst freaking pain ever!

ash3227: It took the doctors 45 minutes to get mine in and working properly. It hurt so much I was sweating buckets

Kawaii Otaku: Might be getting one done soon to test for pseudo tumor...this helped let me know what will happen. I'm still scared
Adult Spinal Tap Procedure Video 5 out of 5

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Adult Spinal Tap Procedure Video