Ruger LC9 Frame Full Disassembly/Reassembly + Mag Safety Removal

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Completely disassemble SW9VE 9mm pistol - Taking apart the slide - Duracoat video part 1

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Robert Maybeth: Great video, and well done. AT 3:49, to remove the magazine release spring: Look on the right side of the gun, find that side of the mag release. There is a tiny hole, above and to the right of the mag release hole, at the 1 o'clock position. This hole is where one end of the mag release spring goes into. Stick something tiny in the hole like a needle or small paper clip and shove the spring inside. Now reach in and lever out the spring with pliers or tweezers or some such to reach that horseshoe shaped spring and it will come out. .

Jeff Lee: Thank you so much. Mine needed a thorough cleaning and I could NOT have fully reassembled it without your help!

Torey Hayes: What does the metal plate around the trigger do?

Nick T: Thanks. Helped a lot.

loardjohnWhorfin: DANGER YOU WILL DAMAGE YOUR LCP if you follow this video. The lower slide removal is destructive smashing pins and damaging the frame.All of the pins used to secure the lower to the frame are tapered as well as the holes in the frame.They must be removed from the right side of the firearm and installed from the left, with the skinnier side of the pin going in first.
For a good how to watch the 3 series from-4eversnubby at

Ruger LCP Part 1.flv
Ruger LCP Part 2.flv
Ruger LCP Part 3.flv

B-Rock 7_11: Great video. I had to have mine on safety to work though

ThePetrifiedwood: Great video. Clearly explains how to disassemble and reassemble the frame. Thanks!

John Kennedy: thanks for the vid! ūüĎć

Tomas Chavez: Great video thank you for the help!!!

EpicMale: Excellent video and good information.  Thank you.

ReyAlonzo91: Thank you so much for this video. Life changing!

Jimmy Young: Thank you. Your video helped me greatly. After completely tearing down my Wife's LC for a thorough cleaning  I couldn't get the thing back together. I was having a real issue with the hammer retainer pin and spring not aligning. Until I ran across your video my Wife's LC was just a paperweight and no local gunsmiths would even look at it. They all claimed only Ruger could get it together again. It works perfectly now. Thank you once again!!!

Germ .Fish: Thanks for the video, made this easy. My first time completely disassembling a pistol, and I did it in a hour or less maybe. That included cleaning it for the first time after three thousand rounds and three years... and taking out the stupid magazine safety. Really not as intimidating as I thought. Now I just need to break down the slide and clean out the firing pin channel.

Jacob Niles: Great video! It helped me immensely!

David Baker: Best damn video taking down the Ruger LC9 yet!

Todd Minor: I need help. The trigger (silver part) is forward l, not back like yours. I accidently pushed the trigger catch pin and i reinstalled it after seeing your video and i pushed it forward like i was suppose to before putting the rest of the gun back into the frame. But now the trigger is forward, and i cannot put my slide on. Please please help me!!!!


Andrew Dillman: thanks for the vid. really helpful

Bob S: i have the same gun why wont my mag will not go it
it only goes in half way and some thing with the safeiy is stopping it or some thing i don't know pl help some one was messing with it and now it wont engage the mag
Ruger LC9 Frame Full Disassembly/Reassembly + Mag Safety Removal 5 out of 5

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Ruger LC9 Frame Full Disassembly/Reassembly + Mag Safety Removal