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tonylama: I made a mistake of goingn in a date and not reading profile witch was ok for me if rather get to know then face to face. But she was mad. She was a nice looking girl but a little mean about it. I never got a second date lol

Wacker: kind of funny I wasn't even online dating when this video was made... I started in 2007 but later in the year..

if this guy thought it was bad back then even though in which it wasn't that great but still, he sure still wouldn't want to see what it is like now unless if he happens to still be doing it of course. million times worse.

Webster Kollie: Pof= plenty of fake. Idk why people still waste their time on that trashy site.

Chester Fields: Straight men are so desperate, they will even consider dating a man. I'm 78 years old and I dressed up as a woman, wig, make up, false boobs, everything, and had some pictures taken and put them on a dating site and guess what, straight guys wanted to date me. Even some as young as 25. I was so shocked after getting over 500 messages in just three days. I have quit the dating site as I did not want to meet any of them!!?

Bigus Dickus: Dude POF is a trolling site
Its just ego tripping women that want attention and take the piss. It ain't a dating site, it's only for idiot women who need to fuel up on attention.. Anyone thinks i'm talking shote then please join up on it and send some messages. You'll see lol.

Frank Doria: Plentyoffish is BULLcrap for men ! Waste of freaken time ! Plentyofcrap !

S.D. Fendley: i lasted a week on pof ..i had a lot of hits but dam at first sight i new they were dumped while there fat ass would  still fit thru the front door..the one i did go to meet ..i didn't recognize her when she came to the door ..ok honestly she wssnt  bad looking for 47 so i took her to Durant and stopped and freaked her on the tailgate my truck then took her ass home and let her out ..ok i stopped twice ..before taking her home ..ok then i went in for a couple hours then i left ..i never felt so dirty in my life ..

belly lover: hahaha, I love the ending. seriously what is wrong with these woman.  

Jim Thomas: did you eat all the carrots in the carrot farm peter wabbit

Logan Braveheart: LOl i hate this damn site!

hazeld59: your just saying things we already know ??? doh .

Jason99942: I like big butts and I can not lie You other brothers can't deny! You go man, personally I'm not into the bigger girls. Actually turned off, so more for you :)

Boston Accent: Dude. I like your post

Steven Mayer: Totally agree with you 110%!!! Especially the chewing you out part!!! I have messaged girls and they come back and all they say is "i don't like country music" so they don't talk to me... Doesn't make me a bad person.

R2: LOL so true

mganx2014: Is this a joke? Honestly if i wanna meet a girl than man the freak up! trust me girls are NOT AS PICKY AND BITCHY AS EVERYONE THINKS THEY ARE! most girls would be glad to get any sort of attention, even if its from a guy their not all that attracted too. But this video just shows that your a child, i mean honestly..2:10 - 2:17 ..? And ur no better! there's a reason "fat" women dont message u back dipcrap- CUZ EVEN THEY CAN DO BETTER THAN U.

crchrdsn: LOL... so true. I am tired of these women. Google "PlentyOfFish Sucks" (see the wordpress link) if you need a good laugh about that crapty website and the women that are on it.

lifeisgolden41: LMFAO! I get messages from all kinds of guys but I avoid "chewing them out".. they probably get enough crap from other women.

Crazcompart: POF, like any other internet dating site ...is like going into a nightclub, sans the alcohol...Same mentality...

Lorne On The Cawd: The ending was funny. freak POF.
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