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hazeld59: your just saying things we already know ??? doh .

Jason99942: I like big butts and I can not lie You other brothers can't deny! You go man, personally I'm not into the bigger girls. Actually turned off, so more for you :)

Boston Accent: Dude. I like your post

Steven Mayer: Totally agree with you 110%!!! Especially the chewing you out part!!! I have messaged girls and they come back and all they say is "i don't like country music" so they don't talk to me... Doesn't make me a bad person.

R2: LOL so true

mganx2014: Is this a joke? Honestly if i wanna meet a girl than man the freak up! trust me girls are NOT AS PICKY AND BITCHY AS EVERYONE THINKS THEY ARE! most girls would be glad to get any sort of attention, even if its from a guy their not all that attracted too. But this video just shows that your a child, i mean honestly..2:10 - 2:17 ..? And ur no better! there's a reason "fat" women dont message u back dipcrap- CUZ EVEN THEY CAN DO BETTER THAN U.

Logan Braveheart: Hey man can you do a rant on okcupid

caligal2010: I met a guy from PoF a while back who in his pics looked a little extra but thats what I like, hate skinny guys. Anyways, he pulls up to the coffee shop where we were meeting and he's a freaking hippo!!!! Not meaning to be rude but I was so mad. Seriously dude, you lied to me from day 1! I wasn't turned off bc he was big, but the whole "oh im only 15 pounds overweight" but in reality you're like 200 pounds over pissed me off. Grrrrr!

crchrdsn: LOL... so true. I am tired of these women. Google "PlentyOfFish Sucks" (see the wordpress link) if you need a good laugh about that crapty website and the women that are on it.

lifeisgolden41: LMFAO! I get messages from all kinds of guys but I avoid "chewing them out".. they probably get enough crap from other women.

Crazcompart: POF, like any other internet dating site ...is like going into a nightclub, sans the alcohol...Same mentality...

2010Jakeypoo: The ending was funny. freak POF.

TheToolman151: Why is it that any girl who lists playing sports in her interests category thinks that that qualifies her to have an athletic body type? Flabby arms and love handles are not indications of athleticism...correct me if I am wrong.

ccricers: I have an anagram to describe Plenty Of Fish Plenty Offish haha

brendobrighton: GUYS Don't take any dating site serious please! Women are just picky,players as hell on line.They say that they want"nice guy"but they will fall again and again for jerks,bad boy types,prison breakers,liars and so on,why? Because they find the nice guy boring,predicable and no exciting at all,simple as that.Also women on POF are good damaged by hard,bad,abused past relationships that they need a therapist to get their head fix up than any date at all.They have no clue what are they doing on POF!

Bella Reina: You seem cool. Im a girl and take it from me, you dont need a dating site to meet girls.

YungPsylent: they don't...all you have to do is let her talk, then ask her about something she said and she'll keep the convo goin all by herself. Also, do an evaluation of your profile and ask yourself, "If I were a woman would there be anything about this profile to grab my attention and make me want to talk to this person?". If not, then it's on you to make the necessary adjustments. I'm givin you real knowledge here man, long as your mouthpiece is correct everything else is secondary or irrelevant.

YungPsylent: This is why you got chewed out about not readin her profile when all you said was "Hi what's up?"...it's b/c there's about a 99% chance that her profile clearly stated NOT to send her those simple and unoriginal type of messages. You were most likely the 90th "Hi what's up?" she'd gotten that day alone, and by that point she was already WELL annoyed. Don't say "Hi what's up", or "Hey ur cute", READ her profile and ask questions. Women love to talk about themselves no matter how much they say

nativeboy36: Or if you get that chick who puts "perfer not to say" or "average" and they just take a picture of there face with the camra looking down on them and all you can see if there face and their tits, it looks like their hot with big tits but really there fast as freak.

Tedd Roosevelt: This video cracked me up!!! Sorry man, but I couldn't help myself.
Rant - Plentyoffish 5 out of 5

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