Wisconsin Black Bear Hunting With .45 Colt Handgun

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Taylor McCullough: why

Mr44special: What a kitty! Hunting bear from a tree stand? I am a hunter and that ain't hunting. It's like fishing in a bucket. True hunting is pitting yourself and your wits against the animal's, including the risk of the animal winning. Hiding up a tree means there's no way the animal can win, so that's not true hunting. It's just some kitty not wanting the risk getting hurt. Grow some balls and create a level playing field by stalking your prey first, and then kill it, if you can.

john surber: sir, the fact that you can't kill in one instantly is a issue but, it was quick so from an native American/ German good hunt brother!

prepper fs: The was just so wrong on so many levels. You people are sick in the mind for wanting to kill a friendly animal in the woods. Look at how innocently he was walking in the woods. It's just not right... Didn't you grow up seeing Smoky the Bear? How can you kill Smoky? You people don't even need guns...you just want to feel strong at your Klan rallies... The only people who should have guns are the Policemen at the Sheriffs station...And also the army. You are violating the bear's right to life liberty and berries..

Brett Duffy: I can only own black powder firearms because I got caught in New Jersey with an assault weapon according to their definition which was a BB gun

What a 44 caliber cap and ball revolver with about 60 to 100 foot pounds depending on the road but I have a brass frame so I can't go more than 20 grains of powder of energy kill a bear

George Juarez: Great shot, I hope to do the same this year with my new Ruger SRH 44

collie entragian: good shot

Manuel Gdn: This is one of the most cowards acts I´ve ever seen.

TREX3151: Hell yes! Got to love that 45.

thegatesofsleep: Nice kill bud. A lot of people think the .45 pistol can't take a bear down, glad to see people posting videos of it doing exactly that.

Nicholas Passarelli: i herd black bear hunters cant fight there way out of a paper bag and have the absoloute smallest pickles known to man

CDubs HasIt: It's official... 45 long colt takes down a bear.

Fuzzle Muzzle: And here comes Winnie the..BANG LOL

Damian cyhanick 133113: what model colt is that?

Brent Hall: Ignore the haters. The people who think it was not real hunting buy meat from someone else's killing. The "go hunt man" comments are from folks that aint right in the head. The people I know that I suspect killed in the wars would not talk about it, and surely would not post it on YT.

Sean Nishan: that bad killing bear you will get karma someday

Derek LaRose: and people say 45 acp isn't sufficient. maybe a little slower in a 3-5 inch barrel but for defense. I'll carry my 45 instead of 9.

Paul Mendoza: Love a hot 45 Colt cartridge. Even 130 years ago it was a formidable round when used at alot lower pressures with black powder. Those before us used those 45's with great effect on even larger game.

I laugh at these people who value animal life over humans. They don't understand the first thing about putting food on the table and animal population control. They would be dead without supermarkets and would wonder why local eco systems are in shambles with over runs of animal populations.

We are humans. God gave us dominion. Go tell a native American that it's wrong to hunt and that we must eat only what is provided for us.

Craig: Looks little more than a cub.

黃宇豪: well bad though
Wisconsin Black Bear hunting with .45 colt handgun 5 out of 5

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Wisconsin Black Bear hunting with .45 colt handgun