Wisconsin Black Bear Hunting With .45 Colt Handgun

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Michael Ruge: you should only shoot a bear in defense you sick f***

khalil Abu Kabeer: Did you have to kill that little bear…?!!! You should kill either for food or defending your life if you get attacked, but killing animals for fun…!!!

joe schmoe: Haha! I got to this video because I watched one with a guy saying .45 won't penetrate bear skin!

audiotrax2000: Oooh big tough macho guy. freaking loser. I hope the bears family chases you up a tree and tears you apart. Stay out of their home, psycho.

Kpex2016: That's a cub.

irishd 01: Nice hunt and a good shot.

need to know: A black bear is charging you? You only have time to fire one or two shots of 45 Colt, 255 grain bullet at 860 fps, Any opinions would be much appreciated. Thanks

TylerPlayz: rip yogi bear

Gisselle Zuniga: you suck ass

Larry Sledge Jr: did the bullet go through the bear? and what load are you using? and if you dont mind would you recommend the load your using be used for a 2 1/2 or a 3 inch barrel? reason i am asking these questions is i am planning to carry a 45 colt for bear protection with a flare gun that has a adpater that use's 45 colt/ 410 rounds.

Ryan Harrell: I think a 45Colt is plenty for bear....I have taken multiple 300+ black bears in Ontario with my .243 with a nice 95gr jacketed bullet, and I've yet to have one make it more than 15yds....just make sure you have a nice hard bullett that's not gonna come apart and the 45 Colt is plenttty of gun. I'm taking my S&W Governor out to Montana in Grizz country, and with some solid rounds (not necessarily even a "hot" round) I am 1000% confident I could put a charging bear down, provided I don't miss it's head...there's a lot of speculation out there, but I see VERY few people speaking from experience. I have a LOT of respect for bears, took a 440 with a bow at 5yds, and they have an incredible will to survive, but the fact of the matter is a 45Colt can put down any North American animals inside 10yds, with the correct shot. In all honesty, if you hit a Grizz or brown with a damn 470 Nitro and it's not in the head, your not gonna put it down....people need to quit worrying about gun size, and more about shot placement with these creatures

augsburg74aya: nice shot, I carry a ruger new model black hawk in the woods with me in 45 colt hot loads from underwood, they are nasty on deer and wild boar, I have tasted bear meat several times and never really could get a taste for it, so I never really took a big interest in a hunt, good video ,

john surber: sir, the fact that you can't kill in one instantly is a issue but, it was quick so from an native American/ German good hunt brother!

Brett Duffy: I can only own black powder firearms because I got caught in New Jersey with an assault weapon according to their definition which was a BB gun

What a 44 caliber cap and ball revolver with about 60 to 100 foot pounds depending on the road but I have a brass frame so I can't go more than 20 grains of powder of energy kill a bear

George Juarez: Great shot, I hope to do the same this year with my new Ruger SRH 44

collie entragian: good shot

TREX3151: Hell yes! Got to love that 45.

thegatesofsleep: Nice kill bud. A lot of people think the .45 pistol can't take a bear down, glad to see people posting videos of it doing exactly that.

CDubs HasIt: It's official... 45 long colt takes down a bear.

Alex: And here comes Winnie the..BANG LOL
Wisconsin Black Bear hunting with .45 colt handgun 5 out of 5

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Wisconsin Black Bear hunting with .45 colt handgun