Wisconsin Black Bear Hunting With .45 Colt Handgun

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Wisconsin Black Bear hunting with .45 colt handgun
Wisconsin Black Bear hunting with .45 colt handgun
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Mickey Authement: Nice shot and a clean kill. G R A T Z !

Chris Bulovsky: Nice video and nice bear! I'd be a little chicken going through dense brush after it with a revolver. But well done! I should draw my Wi tag this year….It has been a long wait. Its funny but my unit is sick with bears and yet I have to wait 7-8 years! May I ask what bullets did you use as that .45 had a nice exit. Good Job! 

RagnarTheSniper: why did you do that? now its dead.

spiraluk: The bear was awesome. Till you shot it. 

Isiah Osborne: You hunt deer with the rifle .45 LC 

igorglouch: o btw nice video and good shooting!

bigdogbuc: Right in the boiler room. Nice shot.

cavediverjc: I'm amazed at all the haters leaving comments. You know, the liberals demand tolerance of their lifestyles, but they sure don't want to tolerate ours. I don't leave negative video comments. Why, you ask? Because I only watch videos on YouTube that interest me. I don't watch a bunch of hippies smoking weed around a campfire telling foodstamp stories just so I can leave a negative comment about their lifestyles. These haters need to grow up and face reality. 

BJ Armstrong: Sweet, prolly snapped the spine. Didn't get far.

derek whipple: nice shot

igorglouch: What kind load? Is it factory or handload?

cavediverjc: Good shot, btw. And ignore the idiots. Non-hunters rarely understand the hunt.

PinkOld: Textbook shot. I love my two .45 Colt guns capable of handling modern powerful loads: Ruger Blackhawk 7.5" barrel and Marlin 1894 (the 20" round barrel, NOT the Cowboy!). I'll be taking the Marlin into the woods again in just over a week to see if I can take my second deer ever. Again, great shooting there.

pfettig77: I knew the shot would be close (less than 30 yards) so I knew I'd be able to hit it and kill it easily with a handgun. I guess I just did it because I thought it would be cool and unique - and it was. Not many people use a rifle when bear hunting over bait piles because the shots are so close. You could though. Most people around here use bow.

pfettig77: Uh oh, you spelled grizzly wrong. Spelling's hard. Don't feel bad.

pfettig77: See, this is why they shouldn't let kids on youtube. Why do you care what kind of shape I'm in? This is when you know you have nothing else to argue. Here's the bottom line, kid. You don't like bear hunting and you're not a sportsman, so why don't you just stop watching bear hunting videos? There's a real cute video with a little British kid who got bit on the finger by his brother. By the way kid, the word is yeah. Yea is the word you use when you're voting (i.e. yea or nay).

elchinomacachino: Don't listen to these anti-hunters, keep up the good hunting brother

nanimate: Didn't mean to harrass bro. I honestly couldn't care less if black bears went extinct tommorrow. Im just curious, why not stalk the bear on foot, so that there is an element of danger, surely that would be more exciting for you and certainly for us.

pfettig77: I deleted the comment because it had a swear. you seem upset. It's going to be ok. Why won't you agree to meet me? If you're a kid you can bring your parents.

pfettig77: Thanks!

pfettig77: I thought about getting into a youtube debate with you, but those never seem to avail much. I'll tell you what, if you live in the upper Midwest we could meet somewhere and I'll buy you lunch (vegetarian if you like) and we can discuss it like gentlemen. I would like to point, however, out that the bear died about 10 seconds after being shot (you can hear it in the video). Also, please don't swear in the comments anymore.

pfettig77: Oh, he felt the bullet alright. Also, if you're an atheist, then you're definitely an evolutionist. If you're an evolutionist then you believe that weak things have to die in order for species to continue evolving. If that were not true, we'd still be monkeys, right? In fact, if animals had done what you're doing (not eating other animals), then we'd still be in a perpetual state of primordial ooze.

Electro: I tell you what, find a handgun that fires .45 colt buffalo bore+p ammo and try to hold a pattern smaller than a dinner plate at 15 yards, when can do that , try the handgun on a paper plate attached to a string being pulled by someone at walking pace, then try it from a tree stand. If you have never fired this powerhouse ammo from a handgun, you would assume using a bow is more of a challenge. Instead of harassing this man for legal hunting, go find your own hobby.

pfettig77: What is "full grown"? Do you know what that means? This bear was several years old and of breeding age. It was well above the average size bear killed in WI. My friend shot a 400 pound bear a week before this. By your uninformed definition of "full grown" that wouldn't qualify because if it had lived another year it would have been 450 pounds. Please try to learn about a topic before you try to make comments.

Angel With The Scabbed Blue Wings: i don't know much about guns, but judging by the size of the bullet wound, i can already tell that's a powerful gun.

pfettig77: Yeah. That's the only way I've ever known it so I don't think about it much. Maybe it's in case you get into a foot chase with the DNR so they can call your license plate number in.

bubdub762: and then i'd waste that damn squirrel...

pfettig77: I don't know the exact recipe (my dad loads them for me). The bullets were 300 grain XTP and they were moving at about 1100 fps. Most people say to use hard cast on bears, but I figured anything with that kind of energy would kill pretty quickly so I went with the XTP bullets.

Electro: See that big hunting license displayed across his back? If you don't like it , write your congressman and leave this man alone. He is legal beagle and has accomplished something many sportsman only dream of. It cost this man lots of time and money to take that bear, it ain't free and its hard work. Nothing is wasted at the end of the hunt, everything is eaten and most of the time it cost thousands of dollars if you hunt with guided hunts.

pfettig77: I was serious about meeting up with you for lunch. My treat. I think there are a lot of things you could learn.

pfettig77: I'll answer your question if you answer mine. Why do you look up and watch bear hunting videos if you disapprove of them? I killed it because I wanted to eat it and because I enjoy hunting.

TheAbsintheReviewNet: I have news for you. Plants are living things too. They are killed prior to you chopping up their dead carcass and eating them.

pfettig77: Thanks! I hope we can continue to carry guns like this...

pfettig77: I think a lot of people just assume. They assume since a handgun is inherently less powerful than a rifle, it won't kill an animal as quickly. Most people don't know much about how any of this actually works, so they just take a guess that it's less effective - and then they actually get mad about it, not knowing if it's actually true.

split29445: I know nothing about bear hunting. Why do you use a pistol vs a rifle?

pfettig77: You said "If your (I assume you meant "you're") going to take an animals life, instead of thinking of a "unique" way of killing, think of the most humane. A high powered rifle at that." You didn't say anything about shot placement, just that I should have used a rifle. So which is it?

pfettig77: If you hunted, you'd know that most hunters consider it unethical to shoot an animal in the head. If it's a bad shot you could blow the animal's lower jaw off and then it'll die a long painful death of starvation.

vuilestinkerd00: i want people to hunt only on dangerous animals not rabbits and stuff its so depressing to see a dead deer or something and then people say yeah good hunting wtf

backwoodsB.S.: coming from the person who buys meat from the store

S4nordic: 300g 1100fps. i dont think i would shoot that out my glock 21

pfettig77: He was just shy of 200 pounds. Not super big, but still a bit above average. I was nervous that I wouldn't like the bear meat but it turned out to be the best meat I've ever had. The burgers and steaks are delicious. We went through it pretty fast - I wish I had a bunch more.

keltingr: never go in after a bear right away u wait 30 mins, this was in AK you'd be dead

nanimate: why did you want to kill that bear

pfettig77: True. It was a lot of work though. I started baiting in April and shot the bear in September. That's the only way to do it in Wisconsin (besides chasing them around with dogs). In all my years in the woods hunting I've not once seen a bear from my stand ('till the one I shot). They simply don't come out. I've shot lots of deer and that's a lot easier. You just sit quietly and wait for a deer to happen by. Now that's easy.

keltingr: Dead bears kill dumbass hunters who THINK they're dead in Alaska. Happens every year up here. Thats why we let them sit before we go in the bush

pfettig77: 1:20

pfettig77: Right you are.

pfettig77: Oh boy, another youtube debate. 1. You're right, the actual shooting of the bear was easy. The 6 months of prep was not. 2. We ate all the meat. 3. 90% of the meat we eat we either grow or hunt. 4. The "pistol" killed the bear at least as quickly as a rifle would. 5. Why do you watch bear hunting videos if you don't like them? 6. In your first comment (deleted) you ended a sentence in a preposition. 7. There should be a separate youtube site for kids & liberals (I assume you're one or both).

pfettig77: Please watch and listen carefully. You can hear the final crash about 10 seconds afterword. Also, notice how far my friend and I walk to find the carcass. MAYBE 30 yards. That's a very very short run. The fact is that a very heavy (300 grain in this case) slow moving bullet is way more effective than a fast moving 30-06 or something. A rifle bullet would have been traveling too fast from that distance - it never would have expanded. You should study ballistics, it's a cool subject.

pfettig77: Why what?
Wisconsin Black Bear hunting with .45 colt handgun 3.8 out of 5

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Wisconsin Black Bear hunting with .45 colt handgun