Wisconsin Black Bear Hunting With .45 Colt Handgun

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Ethan Carlson: Between me and my brother, we've killed and eaten over a dozen black bears.  So I can relate to your video on a visceral level.  All my kills have been made with a 30 caliber rifle, but my brother has taken three with Ruger Bisley a revolver in 45 Colt.  He turned me on to his revolver this weekend when I visited him for some target shooting.  Now I'm on the prowl for a Ruger Bisley stainless 5.5" in 45 Colt.  My bro' loads 335 gr. Lead Head bullets at 1260 fps out of his 5.5" gun.  Believe me, it kicks like a mule!  I'm built very light, so I had a hard time controlling the recoil, and I need to learn better technique.  But I hope to take my next bear with a 45 Colt.  Thanks for the excellent video in every way!  Have you ever smoked and cured a bear ham?  It's better than corned beef!!!

Dustin Artrip: What kind of 45lc were you using? I bought a Taurus judge to carry while fishing and camping. Wondering which load i should choose

Garret Chambers: it appears you may have been raped by poision ivy that day

BFerry10: The hard cast loads are a good choice for hunting larger game like bear. You will almost always get an exit hole with the heavy 45 Colt and 44 magnum loads. This can leave a good blood trail to follow.

lifted0422: after reading some of these comments on here people obviously have never hunted.one guy saying jump out of the tree and kill the bear with a knife wtf great hunt man


paco ochoa: nothing like putting a black bear down on 4 feet with one shot of 300 win mag. i know hunting a bear with handgun makes you feel good but shot placement is harder and the animal can suffer longer.

Robert Loera: As a Iraq Inf war vet meaning I'm not anti gun or a democratic, they really should outlaw tree stands. IMO bear hunting should only be legal with a bow or knife! Sorry, but once you hunt Man, this is just boring and cruel

pclose9: We have to hunt or there would be an wild animal overpopulation and they would be running out into busy highways. 

pclose9: Hey did you get a pass through? Nice shot!

PinkOld: Watching the slowmo again, I can see the exit hole, so that was exactly the kind of shot placement and bullet performance you want.
Just curious, but did you eat him?
I've been told that black bear is pretty good if you know how to prepare it.

Joe Owen: Great shot, EXCELLENT bear!

The 45 Colt out of a Ruger, Freedom Arms, or TC is a great round. If you load it to its full capability out for those guns, it is actually far more powerful and effective than a .44 Rem Mag. I shoot the 250gr XTPs running about 1050-1100 fps out of my Vaquero 5 1/2". Deer hunting with it is a great experience.

If you're interested in the challenge, try taking a Ruger Old Army out sometime. They are very effective. Velocities of 1000-1100 fps on a 240gr lead flat nose are achievable with the right powder. It's a blackpowder revolver (as I'm sure you know) so you would have to check your local game laws to make sure it's legal.

If you're interested and have questions, give me a holler. I would be more than happy to help!


P.S.: Some of these comments were absolutely hilarious (and sometimes painful) to read! You dispelled most of the hypocrites very quickly and with some class. Great job!

Mark Pickett: resting your finger on the trigger... not a good idea. I understand it's single action, just not a good habit. Nice shot though!!

MrPantone08: Love that pistol and caliber. Great clip man

MultiCiscocisco: waste of time stop being pussies and Hunt them down.what your doing is cheating

TheUSAforever1: Enjoyed this hunt vid very much. Good shot on a pretty bear. Didn't look like it went very far either. 

LouisianaNative13: Good Kill for a pistol, I have a circuit judge and was interested in using the 45 long colt to take deer out to 100 yards and closer. It is a slower round so I wouldn't expect it to drop like if I was using a high powered rifle. But I kind of like this round. A Lot of Thump.

paulie 4x: Do you think a 1911 .45 acp would kill that bear, and how different was your .45 colt compare to a .45 acp ? Thanx, great video, especially when you went for your trophy, takes ball's dude.

TheZombieburner: Good kill. Looks like a pretty good sized black bear.

Leng Thor: HAHA!!! all these people talking about hunting and saying it's easy. To all the people that say huntng is easy then why don't you try the first step and go squirrel hunting. I bet you won't think it's so easy after you try it. YES, pulling the trigger is easy but why act like the only thing a hunter does is pull the trigger to make you non hunters feel like you are correct?

What about the prep? You need to have knowledge of nature so you can find the right location where the game you are after is, you need to know what vegetation or animals your game eats and so much more. Hunters need to hunt for many other things before they actually hunt for the animal. Hunters don't just go out into the first patch of woods they see and kill anything they see. 

Do hunters slit the animals necks when it's still alive and let them bleed out? Do hunters use hooks and hook a live animal through it's jaw and drag it to relocate it to where it's going to get slaughtered? There are many more terrible things slaughter houses do to animals to optain the meat you guys buy from walmart. 

Also how is buying meat from walmart so much harder then actually hunting for it? You have to drive to the store and pick it up with your hands then pay for it? WOW so hard to do. Most of you are to lazy to even walk a few miles to walmart to buy your food, so don't even say stalking a animal for days, walking 10-20 miles, sitting patiently and alert for hours on end, and finally the hardest thing that happens alot to hunters is having to let the first animal you see go because it is not big enough or not the right gender when it took you days to months to actually find it. 

Hunters let more animals live then they actually kill and at the same time non hunters throw away more meat from leftovers then hunters actually gain from hunting. 
Wisconsin Black Bear hunting with .45 colt handgun 5 out of 5

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Wisconsin Black Bear hunting with .45 colt handgun