A Homemade Knife From Pruning Shears

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A Homemade Knife from Pruning Shears
A Homemade Knife from Pruning Shears
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Tanner saslow: I love the coloration and pattern of the knife! i just have one though and that is stabilization. The acacia will crack and split if not properly dried out or stabilized so that may give you problems down the road but over all, nice job man.

Ernst Becker: Well done ! It is amazing when some one takes something that some one doesn't want and creates a usable product. Throw away items, misnamed, " junk " are someone else's treasure. 

Steven Jennings: Great well made knife 

MONSTER: Beautiful, nice, neat knife. And the video had just the right amount of sound none lol. Thanks for sharing. 

MasterK9Trainer: I like the way you utilized scraps for the handle, repurposed and modified the blade, created a solid connection with a regular screw and you made something useful and beautiful.

mariusloren: Are you from Russia?

alitlweird: handsome looking KA-niff-ee! (:

beastlyboe: Didn't think I'd like the short blade with the long handle but it looks awesome

Steven Jennings: Well made knife 

mariusloren: Ok

Algovian: Really cool. Awesome idea to use a blade of a pruning shears. And the result ... really beautiful. I think I said it before ... you're an artist, Alex! :)

Lacides brochado salas: wuauu... amigo me encanta el mango quedo muy guapo buen cuchillo... very nice

kaziklu79: Thank you, Greg!

kaziklu79: Thanks! I think you're right but must test it with some bacon ;)

s10m0t10n: A really nice job, there. I like the 'use what you can find' approach and that you turned one tool into something quite different. That piece of acacia wood turned out to be an excellent choice, too. Great work - thanks for sharing it.

kaziklu79: Thank you, my friend!

kaziklu79: Thank you very much for this so nice comment, Stiobhan! Greetings from Bulgaria!

Tjolbi: Very nice recycling mate, well done! :)

kaziklu79: Thanks, glad that you like it! :)

kaziklu79: Thanks! Acacia is my favourite handle wood now, has a beautiful pattern.

TheStickBow1: Nice!…very resourceful and what a beauty.

ElmStreetKid1986: Haha! Not THAT is cool!!!

stevenk1965: Great job really looks good. I have an old broken pruner in my shop. guess what I'm going to do with it? Thanks for showing, Steve.....

kaziklu79: Thank you very much ,Bernhard! Your comments are always very encouraging.

sweep7720: Awesome! I really like how that turned out. Simply beautiful!

kaziklu79: Thanks, Eugene!


thetopicala: I love that Acasia wood. Great inspiration this blade. Gongratulations.

kaziklu79: Thanks! Glad that you like it :)

Ar Pharazon: Lots of interesting stuff on this knife: the recycling of the pruning shears, the glowinthedark, an especially that piece of acacia ! Very well done ;-)

kaziklu79: Thanks a lot!

kaziklu79: Thank you! :)

kaziklu79: Thank you! :)

kaziklu79: Thanks, Danilo! Greetings from Bulgaria!

Tomadair1: Beautiful wood ,here in Australia Acacia trees are very common please do you know the full name of this Acacia tree so I can hunt down this fine wood as I like it very much ,particularly the way you cut the wood to best show the grain,beautiful work ,thanks for sharing.

longshotkdb: smart...make a good food prepper.

Yarylo: Нравится что съемка идет на фоне живой природы
A Homemade Knife from Pruning Shears 4.6 out of 5

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A Homemade Knife from Pruning Shears