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REV705: подделка 100 проц

Love Tap: they good yes okay i buy now thanks yes =)

luis duran: from hong kong , 3 or 4 dlls and you still though they were originals...ok

17GigaHertz: yes and because they are overpriced I wanted to get them for less money ...

Vulgora: at least i was intending to get good headphones and they cost me $4 how much did the fake beats cost ? $30?

Peter 3337: thas not nice he could of said you're a douche bag for buying from hong kong

Vulgora: lol thats what at you get for wanting over priced headphones based on their name ..douche bag xP

17GigaHertz: I bought Beats by Dr. Dre In Ears from England they were also crappy fakes!

lostn65: The truth is, with a lot of fakes, sometimes even the seller doesn't know they are being sold fakes. They're sourcing them from trustable vendors, who also can be duped. Creative might tell you how to spot a fake, but the fakers can then "update" their faking to cover it up and beat the fake-spotting-guide. Not saying yours is fake. Maybe you just got them during a massive fire sale, but crammage bought his from a chinese seller on ebay for dirt cheap. That's different.

Vulgora: i just dont think they should be able to sell fakes and yeah i should have knew better

lostn65: You should see it coming. If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. And how do you know your 10 euro ones are real? Maybe it's just a really good fake, so good you can't tell? Yes it's fraud. But if you find the price is far below its value, you really don't have a right to expect it to be real. You should use better judgment. The seller is still at fault but if you get pissed off, you should be more pissed off at yourself than the seller. Caveat emptor.

Dennis de Jong: I honestly don't know as I never bought from Amazon. BUT I can tell you that for example Nikon camera's (dslr) are made in Thailand. BUT they are cheaper abroad.. so why. I think it all has to do with the middle man. because the producer will sell cheaper the bigger the bulk they sell. so far for the price.. btw stores nearly always sell at the price the manufacturer advises..

Vulgora: it was in the heat of a auction when i lost all sense of humanity i know i should have checked if it was coming from hong kong of well i think i gave these way

lostn65: You paid a few bucks for something worth $40-ish retail from some ebay seller in HK/China and expected it to be genuine? Really? If it was 20-30% off, that might be credible, but you're paying about 10% of its market value. You should have bought it expecting a very good chance it was fake, and willing to risk wasting your few dollar investment. I take chances like that all the time, though I don't get pissed off when it turns out it really is fake. If I buy it, I can afford the loss.

Dan C: buy them from Singapore then... where creative technology was founded. i would recommend Ep650, had them for 2 years now, and they are awesome for that price...

Dennis de Jong: @crammage true, good luck next time. ( I ever got scammed by chinese too! so I avoid online buying from chinese now )

Vulgora: @Reallush true but sometime i for get exactly how much you have to spend plus they should be able to sell knocl offs anyways

Dennis de Jong: like my dad used to tell me, if you want quality you got to pay for it!

TheReedim: Almost bought this fake headset in this exact packaging you showed us on a site like eBay just in my country. Phew. Thanks for letting us know! Liked.

Vulgora: @JSantana319 your welcome no problem!
FAKE CREATIVE EP-630 5 out of 5

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