Collimation Of The Celestron NexStar 130 Slt

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Sanjay Colaco: Thanks for that mate, very helpful. I have one that haven't used for a few years so a great video to start with collimating it first and enjoying the Aussies skies. Whats eyepieces and barlow do you use?

Laura Bales: Anyone have any suggestions as to where I might find a video or easy instructions as to how to clean the NexStar 130 SLT?

flowernoire: very helpful. thank you

Sam Akers: Most excellent! Very helpful. I was a bit hesitant to by a Newtonian because of collimation but after I watched your video I realized how simple the process is. So I went ahead and got the SLT 130 and am hoping for some clear skys here in Germany soon. Danke!

Joseph Garcia: Awesome video dude, thank you!

SuperEdep: Hey mate they are called allen keys or hex keys in english :)

Amir Magharius: And are the eyepieces that come with the scope Plössl eyepieces or do they just have 1 lens in them? (sorry for all the questions!) Thanks!

Carol Pearce: Thanks so much for the tutorial. Great stuff.

Familien Kring: Hi Amir. I use a Celestron 2x Barlow. Looking at the moon you need a moon filter - I use also a Celestron moonfilter. Both products are very good. I own different eyepieces. But you get far with the 9 and 25 mm you get with the scope - combined with the 2x barlow - you actually have 4.5 and 12.5 mm as well. If I should suggest you buying an eyepiece it would be a 2" one rather that 1.25". You get a great field of view (FoV), and thats brilliant when looking at Deep Space Objects!

Familien Kring: They can be rather firm. I wouldn't worry about putting a bit more pressure on.

gre99y: Hey Familien - great vid but what size was the allen key tool you used to adjust the secondary mirror?

Familien Kring: good question. The size is not stated on the tool itself. And I couldn't find written anywhere...not even the Celestron Manual. So I measured it....2 mm :-)

Amir Magharius: Thanks for replying! Another quick question: What can you really see through this telescope? If i use a 6mm eyepiece and 2X barlow, do you think I can see the rings of saturn, cloud belts of jupiter, and ice caps of mars? Thanks!!!1

Familien Kring: Sorry about the very slow answer. Didn't notice your comment. Yes I see the shadow and also the clips. I have the same feeling as you, that you shouldn't be able to see them, if the telescope-setup was completely correct. The only thing that I know is that secondary and primary mirrors are correctly aligned and hope this is fine. And once again sorry for that late answer. Clear skies!

Intermouse2768: Hi the screws on my secondary mirror will not move, they are very tight and I am worried to use too much pressure on them, is this normal?

Amir Magharius: Do you have to Collimate the telescope when its brand new? Is it really necessary?

Familien Kring: Hi. Not all my screws are in a locked position. So its okay. From time to time just put in your collimator to check that the telescope is still correctly collimated or adjust as acquired.

slim974: Thanks for the video, i have a question, i have dirt on my primary mirror any idea how to clean ? Do i need to unscrew the back of the tube and take it out to clean because it is hard to reach ?

Amir Magharius: Thanks!

Familien Kring: Thanks. I have added a post to my blog on this issue. Hope it helps if you experience the same.

Familien Kring: And I think you wrote about collimation eyepieces. I have never tried to collimate without the laser collimater, so you have to ask elsewhere about that :-) try having a look at the astronomyforum, they are all very nice to answer when you post a question.

matthew cornacchia: I figured out the problem. It seems I just needed the correct size key which was a 2.5mm key. Thanks again for your video and post.

slim974: I luv it, but keep in mind it is a tool that require work like collimation, cleaning and mostly dodging vibrations

Matt Fitzpatrick: Wow. That's an amazingly simple process. Thanks for putting this video together. It should help a lot.

Cornoch: Hi there, i Have nexstar slt 130 and the same laser from Seben. My only question is, How do i get the secondary mirror to move. Iv tried a variety of Allan wrenches or keys and tried twisting each of the 3 holes around the spider. Left and right. with no movement at all of the secondary mirror. Am i doing something wrong? Do i not have the correct allan tool? The allan key i am using does seem to grip something inside the holes but im not sure as this is my first attempt ever. plz help

Amir Magharius: Thank you so much! What eyepieces, barrows, or filters did you use?

zbubak: HI nice done ! Actually I am very intereseted in getting 130 SLT , would be able,please, to provide me some feedback on your experience with this telescope ? I read a lot of review and so on and what makes me worried is that the tripod and telescope wobbles and shakes a bit thus affecting the view .Or maybe make your own review on youtube perhaps ?Many thanks for reply Tomas

Familien Kring: hi Amir. The telescope is collimated from the factory, so it should not be necessary straight away. But I have to say, that I got my collimator after about 3 months and that the scope needed collimation already. My scope was sent from amazon, so it had to travel through the postal service, so that might have had an effect. But anyway I would suggest that you collimate your scope at least ones a year.

lukeskywalkerlol: hello, i am really struggling with the collimation of my secondary mirror. i can hit the middle of the black ring with the laser but only with loose screws. i can't hit the middle when i want to fix the screws. do i even have to fix the screws or is it ok when they are just loose?

gre99y: Your a legend, thanks.

Familien Kring: To my knowledge they are plössl. In my opinion they are the best ones I have :-)

Daniel Porter: Superb video, really didn't want to try collimation until I saw this video. Thanks for that

ctguy1955: The tool is called a "allen wrench"

Intermouse2768: Thank you, I used a pair of pliers to hold the Allen Key as it was digging into my fingers and it worked great. Thank you Torben.

DaffyLee: Hi. The secondary mirror screws seems stuck on my 130 slt. When I try to adjust them the laser dot moves a bit, but jumps back to its original position when I stop adding force to the screw. Any tips?

slim974: Hi, I checked the celestron support site, they strongly discourage cleaning the mirrors and they recommend contacting celestron factory. So I guess I wouldn't dare to touch them

Amir Magharius: Hey again! One more question. With the Celestron Eyepiece and Filter Kit 1.25 in and this telescope, will I be able to see the same quality of planets as what you showed me in your video? Thanks!

Rod Lang: Thank you very much, that is most helpful.

Curtis Evans: sometimes called 'allen key' (usually for the smaller ones like that.) great vid thanks! :)

Familien Kring: As I understand it, it is a good quality kit. You will get great views with the different eyepieces and filters. But I myself would probably only choose another 2 eyepieces, where an 2" is among and a few filters for the 1,25". I bought a 4 mm eyepiece and I almost never use it, as eye relief is a problem. Magnification is not always for the better, the light gathering capability of the scope is also reduced, If you do not have a barlow, you need that as well (its a must have).

Familien Kring: Must admit that I have never had to clean my primary mirror. I would suggest posting the question on the astronomyforum. People in there are always very kind to answer whatever question you might have. But am interested in the answer as well :-)

Familien Kring: Thanks - your comment makes it really worthwhile to make a video like this :-)

Familien Kring: Hi Tomas. Thank you for your feedback. The tripod is the weakest part of this scope - if windy it can shake and wobble. But considering the cost of this scope I think this is a great buy - getting goto and all. The light weight also makes it easy to carry around so this is an advantage. I am going to write on my experiences with the 130 slt and "must have" accessories (in my opinion) on my blog -

Kasda Foil: Thanks for the great vid. For now I only have a collimation cap that I made and i'll try collimating with that. However, when I rack in the fucoser all the way down the tube, there is a shadowed section on the left of the reflection, is this normal? Once the secondary is aligned, do you see all 3 mirror clips on the reflection of the primary when looking into the focuser? Thanks!

Familien Kring: Thanks :-)

Paa Hawkins: awesome!

Familien Kring: I noted the first time I did the collimation that the screws were quite tight. I can't think of anything else than giving the Allen key a good push. If the Allen key is the correct size it fits firmly into the screws in the 3 holes.

Familien Kring: Try to loosen all three screws completely. It will take a bit more time but start by turning each screw a bit . It will be a bit trial and error but you will get there. And yes it will probably go completely out of collimation in this process but you can with a bit of time get it correctly centered again.

Familien Kring: Hi again. I have made a short video on a few webcam recordings I have done on Jupiter, Saturn and the moon with the nexstar 130 slt. You can have a look at

Familien Kring: Thank you for that :-)
Collimation of the Celestron NexStar 130 slt 4.9 out of 5

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Collimation of the Celestron NexStar 130 slt