Handi-Rifle Hammer Mod! Getting Clearance For A Scope

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John Doe: +TWANGnBANG Do you use loctite or anything similar on your screws for scope rings? If so what color or type?

Hebrews5: How did you attach the hammer extension?  Never mind I see it has a set screw.  Thanks Nice Video.

WarHorse1897: Excellent, Thank You.

Matthew Candel: I have the Mueller APT also. It is on my Remington R25 and I love it. I would like to put one on my Savage 30 06 I just don't know if it would hold up. Anyone know if it will hold up on a 30 06?

Meredith Goerlich: I just pickup up a combo deal for this rifle in 30.06 and 20 gauge. The guy had already modded the hammer. :)

hunter edgecomb: Found out its easier to just buy a see thru scope mount for like $24 

sinandpunishment: I'm sure you know this, but the bluing pen doesn't work for all metals. There are different types of bluing for brass and aluminum as well. I've ran into the same issue with that pen as my vise had scratched an upper I was working on. For new guys out there, painting is ok, but remember if it gets hot; think about what your putting on it and make sure it's made for that application. 

MrPunish44: tried this using Leupold low PRWs, uncle mikes hammer extension, and a Nikon P-300 Blackout Rifle Scope 2-7x 32mm. The scope still does not make clearance due to the size, shape, and location of the power magnification dial.  A few notes though, the unlocking lever is loose and tends to snag/rub the extension spur. (especially when gravity pulls  it out, such as deroostering with the muzzle skyward) i had to grind the edges of both the lever and the extension spur to ensure they would not ever contact. I used an angle grinder and it made short work of the hammer. I cut a 90 deg relief into the hammers base where it widens out to help seat the ext. lower rather than open up the inside of the extension, this ensured a tight snug fitment when installed.

Big Gee: Has the trigger become lighter with use? That is the only thing negative about this rifle. I am use to 4.5 triggers.

koxx dta: Would it have cleared with mid rings? Just curious,trying to avoid grinding hammer for now

AirborneBadass: Your methods for modification are awesome to say the least. I can really appreciate how you went about cutting and shaping that hammer. This is a project that I am about to start soon and you basically showed me every step that I need. Thanks for the great vid...

theWZZA: Hey, man, I had this question about scope clearance as soon as I saw the gun.  Thanks for making the vid.

wonderwolf303: nice Project!  A sharp clean flat file would do it quicker I think, and of course no worries about overheating. I hate seeing guys using dremels on guns. But it works!

Tyler Morse: Hey man I like your vid. Your rifle looks sweet as well with that scope and muzzle break. IMO I think a skeletonized buttstock would complement the muzzle break and scope, that's just my two cents anyways, well done.

Tetra84: I was getting soft primer strikes with that offset hammer extension. As much as I liked it, it was making for unreliable shots. When I took it off it was making good strikes again. Wish I could get it to work. :/

TWANGnBANG: That would make for an awful cheek weld. Lower rings are better, and it was easy to do.


Johnny Franklin: I have a Handi in S&W 500 Mag. I don't have any stringing problems. Only problem I have is recoil.

Thomas Ainlay: What did you add under the forend stock screw?
Handi-Rifle Hammer Mod! Getting Clearance for a Scope 5 out of 5

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Handi-Rifle Hammer Mod! Getting Clearance for a Scope