Lets Noob - Ravensword 2: Shadowlands #2

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Lets Noob - Ravensword 2: Shadowlands #2
Lets Noob - Ravensword 2: Shadowlands #2
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katanori moto: Thanks a lot bro.. Now i can move forward to the game hahaa´╗┐

akhilesh gupta: hey where is the power of wind which is required for finding the second ravenstone´╗┐

HOC_RumblySuperset: Yea not yet. I made of vid where I just got to the front door of ror dan. Episode four is where I will be going in.

antoniaontos: Amazing video you helped me a lot!if you want to learn where to buy a horse i can tell you

Mantas M: you missed box in the ship :D

Topplethepyramid: Sorry i feel like a noob right now, but where can i get the game? I can't find it on the appstore!

HOC_RumblySuperset: thanks!

Dennis Ancheta: where is the golden crossbow? its worth about 4000 gold and can't find the seller

Ryan Albores: Excellent vid! Have you been able to cross the acid water inside citadel ror-Dan? I have the wind spell but it doesn't do anything and I'm stuck?

HOC_RumblySuperset: Thanks means alot. I love this game

arnipa2: you know if the game is really easy to you its probably cos its on easy difficulty :D i think i saw difficulty bar in main menu in your last vid, you can change it to make it harder and or easier ;p

MaxamillionBanx: Use the golden scroll at the waterfall next to the cabin to obtain the flying mount.

SkizzleGames: Love this series keep it up :)

Martinx88813: Great work finding the way up... What card is it & how we use it? I Like one for when I get a Tablet I can make videos too... Is it Like a PVR also how much is it?

Tuan Tran: How to usr

CrisZDTV: I think lol

iOsDexterity: Do more mc4

1512Tootsie: i know u did but wat diference does it make if i had the link to get the game i really want!? think about it

HOC_RumblySuperset: dont worry i will still be releasing an MC4 Episode about everyday

1512Tootsie: dude can i please have tje android accoubt for mc4. plz it wont effect anybody! i really want ir bro!!

Mark Camilleri: I found the Golden Scroll from a side quest but it says "when the Lady of the Falls whispers there is but one answer Earth and Sky Earth and Sky" does anyone know what it means, where is this Lady of the Falls?


HOC_RumblySuperset: sry man i already announced the winners....:(

HOC_RumblySuperset: hmm thats a good idea. i may just do that.

TristanSauce thomson: To do something in return for us do something for someone else so the kindness chain never gets broken

afas1976: Great graphics!!!

iosGamingJoe: lol i love this series! title and all! ;)

HOC_RumblySuperset: yea i know right. Still pretty unblievable that this is on a mobile platform

HOC_RumblySuperset: Oh I know lol. Some part s are easy but some parts are extremely hard haha so I just keep it the same difficulty

Tuan Tran: How to use

HOC_RumblySuperset: i bought it through gameloft and had it texted to the winners phone

HOC_RumblySuperset: Yea ill probably go back and do some side quest. I feel like im going through the game too fast haha.

willisgotgame: great series dude, im a new subscriber. Have you thought about doing the modern combat 4 campaign?

MrODOking: Lovin all your gameplay bro, keep it up!

1512Tootsie: i know but can i have the account please i really want this game
Lets Noob - Ravensword 2: Shadowlands #2 4.7 out of 5

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Lets Noob - Ravensword 2: Shadowlands #2