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YG PRODUCTIONS: New Bad Sport and Cheaters Lobby Bypass DNS Codes: Primary: Secondary: Try or if does not work.

TOMMY TIM: I did it my psn name is dope-_-gameing-

paul shaw: Xbox GT: SIFI K11ER

Barculet Ştefan: My psn: MariusStefan

luckyosprey1: I did everything but I have Xbox 

jeffery liu kuey: ps3 OSOAEKUULOUPANTI

OfficialSpaceLemon: GT: BOOF x Warluses

ItsBeatz PvP: Add meh KittysBFishin <3 :D >:)

Kick4Gaming-חוזר בקרוב מאוד אם 3 שותפים תישאר סאבים: psn:noam131

Superior Maker: ICreativvv

Kieran Alsop: xbox gt iLoveEatingMice

mad cucumber: psn:MEGAGarry

TehTekneq: When you make a DNS code can you message me on xbox live-PuR3 JaTT and can you also invite me to your game. Thank You

DisJoinedtax LP: Send my pls the code DisjoinedTax17

Ramsey T: Awesome

max blaudimeer: Gt is bridalkarma222

Arman Jutt: ArmanJutt11

ImNightHD: My GT: Deay Night

playingeyePT: Gamertag : CrusialDaisy9 please one ;( code

YG PRODUCTIONS: Also, I am currently at 100 friends on xbox so I cannot accept any more request. However, if you want to talk to me, join my crew (YG PRODUCTIONS) at Rockstar's social club. (Link in description)

DisJoinedtax LP: Xbox 


YG PRODUCTIONS: I am currently working on new 1.11 DNS servers. The old 1.10 ones were repatched. For updated news on this, be sure to keep posted via twitter and YG Productions crew site on social club. Thanks!

YG PRODUCTIONS: Danial Joe, PM me and send the code you have. I can edit its code source to make it work way better. Also these are for Xbox AND Playstation. Note: We are trying to help a lot of people so if one of our top crew members do not respond, please be patient. Thanks.

Xavier Delma: I need them DNS cods I did what you told me to do

junior sanchez: losmejores0307

YG PRODUCTIONS: Quick note guys, the codes below worked for 3 hours before they were patched. I am currently working on creating new ones as well as looking for new codes, so keep in touch. For right now, look at my other videos with money glitches. Thanks.

YG PRODUCTIONS:‬ ‪‬ ‪‬ ‪‬ ‪‬ ‪‬ ‪‬ ‪If these don't work try using one of these three as a secondary:‬ ‪‬ ‪‬ ‪‬ ‪‬ ‪If you still have no luck it may be your IP server. Send me a friend request (BiggerCucumber) and I will host a modded lobby. Once I have more likes we will also have one giant modded lobby.‬ As of right now, the DNS have stopped working for me due to recent dns patches. Try them because they still might work for you. I will get new DNS as soon as possible. Thanks. Also, I will be posting new DNS codes on my twitter, google plus and social club accounts so be sure to follow me, join, etc. to keep up to date. If you follow the steps above I will be the first to notify you about the new codes. -YG Productions P.S. Be sure to check out our Cydia Repo and upcoming videos!

LJPotatoGaming: Got it working again! My xbox gt is Take Sway 2 if you wanna get in sub to me!

tboyrock2: GT: tboyrock2

davis nguyen: Gt:c0d x snipezz

Joey King: Bhey plz add me psn: joeyking2000 and jimking88

daniel christiansen: Psn Daniel3264583f Please

connor lambkin: gt steamedlotus76

Isaac Guzman: Gamertag: Urban Trick HD 

_BiB_: Gt FuZe Syber

Daniele Berlingieri: Work? 

Juy Williams: Xbox360: I Lost a Table

Tanner5121: Hey

ForeverToThee 21: Please invite me on Xbox: JonahJ9

ThatsWhatA GamerSaid: GreekLover

de-lo saint jesus: Gt Jesus trigga

Brandon Simon: Everyone who thinks he's legit is so gullible

Alan Ster: My PSN: alan-helm

FReTyEs: Xbox ViRusViPerKx

Quin Shimamura: Hey send me a message with the code on the xbox360 my name is quindoggg I will be very appreciative 

Gjon Gjelaj: XBOX GT: Vital X Speed

EmpireWindows8: GT: KINGJOHN1234

Oscar Mitchell: done all psn ozzyboy101

Richy Avila: :)
(NOW PATCHED) GTA 5: DNS CODES ON 1.13 (XBOX & PS) 4.6 out of 5

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