ATHLEAN XERO - Bodyweight Only Workout Program

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Fatelvis2: I am sure my attempt at rolling squats was pathetic :(

Asad Chaman-Ali: I aint saying this is not a great program but i would strongly advice all of your guys to first to start with frank medrano's calisthenics getting started because its more beginner friendly. because this is more for advanced level like somehow like insanity or p90x because they demand you that you can do some of the demanding moves like handclap push ups or handstand push if you are a newbie. so thats the reason. why i think.

Asad Chaman-Ali: To everyone considering to buy this program i can just advice your to buy Frank Medrano's calisthenics getting started this is for advanced level but Franks program is very easy to understand and to do and it fits nearly all beginner levels.

Jorge Armendariz: Hey Jeff, recently I purchased your TNT program and I have Xero. I was under the impression that the TNT program also had the possibility of adding into my Xero workouts. I really thought there was some TNT addition into my Xero program but I don't think that those workouts can be implemented. I guess what I want is a TNT Xero version :D . However it seems that TNT is for AX-1 only, is there anyway you can design something like TNT for Xero without the worry of overtraining. Love the Xero program so far, third week in. It is pretty hard for those people that think they will not be pushed beyond what they thought was possible.

Mike Amar: I haven't been able to find a review of the program on YouTube I really want to see how good it is compared to athlean x

Dia Akin: You CAN do arm, back exercises with this program and they're quite effective. Had my biceps burning pretty bad. Your results is dependent upon the effort you put into it. If you keep going once it starts burning, you'll get more from it. 

diegobearriver: why does it not have a warm up and a cool down?????

Abdulla Y: Hey guys, I was thinking of buying Athlean Xero but I need to know if it builds your lower body, my upper body is great but I need help with quads, calves, glutes, and hamstrings. 

MrJMoose23: This Program is great! And the best part is, you can do it almost anywhere. I'm Halfway done week 4 now. The workouts gets progressively harder every week. (You'll be dripping sweat during and after every workout) The Challenge workouts at the end of every week sets goals that you need to meet or break, if you don’t, you’ll need to repeat the whole week over again. If you decide to cheat and move onto the next week anyway, good luck! you won’t be ready for it, you'll only be cheating yourself. After I finish this program, I am going to start over and try to break all my previous goals and incorporate the X-Tinction ABS and Absolute Xero Bonus Challenges into it.

Amsyar Hanif: Just checked it out and it does come with a meal plan! Now I'm psyched to start the program!

kiooo9: It does have a meal plan they just it up this week. 

Anthony G: I'm really psyched about purchasing this program, but I just confirmed that it doesn't include the meal plan. What's up with that Jeff?

Gary Garcia: Hey Jeff, I want to buy this prohram, but I wanted to know if it comes wih the meal plan?

Jacob Nguyen: So can I get DVDs of the program sent to me or is this online only (where i have to have Internet access in order to watch and exercise)? Thanks!

Gary Garcia: does any one know if the meal plan comes with the program

Sammich Maker: i think its muscle building

setofirons: Looking forward for the new series

Cherry Pauper: The statement that body weight exercises make you lose muscle is absolutely ludicrous. Your ability to lose muscle is determined by your diet. I don't believe in overtraining, either. As long as you eat right, don't worry about muscle loss. Also, don't believe the idiots that tell you that cardio "burns muscle." Again, go back to diet. I hope There, I hope I've made you feel better lol.

AnklebiterTypeR: I'm curious about this myself. I've always been under the idea that there are specific muscle groups in the arms and back which can only be worked by resisted "pulling" movements, which there is no way to replicate when going 100% equipment-free.

thekillermike22: rude

67spankadelik: I'm an over the road truck driver. I may have to check this out.

Will Kane: How are you supposed to build the biceps and back without a bar?

Abdelsalam Refaat: thanks

Conner Devan: :)

dannyboy11x: of course both, you cant separate those two things if u train right

Bogeyman: Yes Leon, the same portal as AX1 and AX2. Just make purchase is done with the same email address as your previous purchase(s). You have to be online though for the 'standard' portal, but you can also download the pdf's in your account settings.

Notorious Machiavelli: I should get this program before I go to prison.

Tdaws55: Jeff, big fan & member of 'Team Athlean' since 2010... How does this program build bicep/back muscle without any equipment / traditional 'pull' exercises?

archraskal: As to your different sized exceptions, doing pull-ups on a bar is a bodyweight exercise. If the resistance is your own body weight, it's obviously a bodyweight exercise. The difference between a professional athlete or bodybuilder and someone who takes a serious interest in keeping themselves in shape, while not devoting themselves exclusively to it, is always noticeable. You don't have to be a competitive gymnast to see impressive results from bodyweight exercises.

Baseer Syed: I just scored 10 rounds in the Xero's Man of Steel Challenge. I beat Jeff's score of 9! I must be great

MrDampkring: I just wanna get into some level of fitness. Getting rich piana big is not my aim. Can anyone who has done this comment on if the back and biceps can be worked with this program?

0VforVendetta: Both as far as I know.

evokaiyo: Prisons are better equipped than your local gym.

Kai Diego Dias Bergheim: I would like to see some more videos about this before I buy. Just to have a better idea about what I can expect. I have two of your other products and I like them very much.

Mike Power: Both. His main point is that it's possible to build muscle using only bodyweight. But he's not about just maximizing muscle gain, he's about getting an athletic, lean body with all-body training. All his programmes include a comprehensive dietary section as well.

Amir Hoze: hey jeff my name is amir and im currently in the army, i have been wanting for some time now to get in great shape and your workouts look like they can do the job, but my diet could be very lmited and sometimes i just wont have the option to conduct a workout although i am highly commited and willing to do the program. i was wondering if you could help me personally if i neede any help with questions? if you can i'd be glad to buy your xero program :)

GeneralDO0m: Full body workouts (especially this) as opposed to just specific body part workouts tend to burn fat... Whether you're at 30% or 10%

MrTChrisso: so in some ways that's just another way of saying never :D

Beyond Aesthetics: Both :-) He wrote about it in one of his emails.

archraskal: Ever watch male gymnastic competitions? Of course you have. Then you've noticed how muscular these guys are. Well, they only use bodyweight exercises when training. They don't use iron or machines at all. It's true. So pumping iron isn't absolutely necessary for building a significant amount of muscle. To some extent, this applies to practitioners of Parkour as well.

pgr: still, pull-ups and chins are very effective form of bodyweight workouts that we cannot do with this program (for my current student accomodation i'm not allowed to have a pull-up bar in my room). so it's still important to take into account. it's obviously true that you will always notice a difference between people who spend 5 hours a week and 25 hours a week training. but with barbell's or dumbbell's it's possible to work very effectively in short time. i don't have access to any gym though

Swolbraham Lincoln: Scary trailer o.O

Abdelsalam Refaat: looks good but is athlean xero for building muscle with just body training or fat loss or.both!?

Mike Power: Absolutely agree. Plus, it's been shown by researchers that intensive weight training is itself a great cardio workout. In fact those people jogging leisurely on treadmills for an hour are producing very little real cardio improvement, unless they include intensive intervals, that is.

Abel Diaz: Agreed. Errati-core is no joke !!

jimiringo06: gracias compadre por tus experiencias compartidas. echale ganas

Leon van Helden: Hi Jeff, does Xero work with the same online portal as the standard program? I'd like to be able to download the excercises to my tablet to take on trips where I don't have access to internet. Is that possible with this program? That would be the deal-maker for me for sure. Keep up the creative and inspiring routines, I am a huge fan!

MrDampkring: I bought this today. Will start monday. Time to take that before pic! One concern is I'm a vegetarian so I'm not sure how well I can follow the diet plan.

MostSleptOn1: I can't wait until the eBook is finished so I can start on Monday. Thanks Jeff

AndyMcDfan92: Voodoo! Haha I'm assuming this program doesn't even use a pullup bar? It does seem like it'd be difficult to develop biceps and back without one.
ATHLEAN XERO - Bodyweight Only Workout Program 4.8 out of 5

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ATHLEAN XERO - Bodyweight Only Workout Program