ATHLEAN XERO - Bodyweight Only Workout Program

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"Jason. Should I Buy An Athlean-X Program?"

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JapEngIta Translations: Can anyone tell me if there are vegan suggestions for the meal plan?

battleax: im glad i got this cant wait to start

David Saintival: would this dvd be good for a beginer especially someone who is overweight/Obese??

Hugo Martinez: Just got this, let the gains BEGIN!

Aaron G: How is it possible to train the lats not using the bar?

PT b23: Best program I've done. Doing AX1 next. Highly recommend.

Karenl2005: I would like to buy this program, but I am not sure if it could fit people with knee isuues. No impact legs exercise

bagoh4: Do you guys recommend this for a begginer? i want to build a decent form for now. Im really out of shape for 26 bmi. I cant have access to his supplements as well since im abroad and theyre gonna be too expensive to ship for me.

Anthony Noriega: Hey Jeff. I want to start this program, I was just wondering what the duration of the program was? Thanks

Audio_Lover3636: I'm curious abt this program I wanna purchase it but I'm just wondering if this wud also workout nd build my lower body? I see a lot of push-ups nd ab workouts nd everyone says it gives u a good burn nd good results but what about the lower body?

Fatelvis2: I am sure my attempt at rolling squats was pathetic :(

diegobearriver: why does it not have a warm up and a cool down?????

Dia Akin: You CAN do arm, back exercises with this program and they're quite effective. Had my biceps burning pretty bad. 

Your results is dependent upon the effort you put into it. If you keep going once it starts burning, you'll get more from it. 

MrJMoose23: This Program is great! And the best part is, you can do it almost anywhere. I'm Halfway done week 4 now.  The workouts gets progressively harder every week. (You'll be dripping sweat during and after every workout) The Challenge workouts at the end of every week sets goals that you need to meet or break, if you don’t, you’ll need to repeat the whole week over again. If you decide to cheat and move onto the next week anyway, good luck! you won’t be ready for it, you'll only be cheating yourself. After I finish this program, I am going to start over and try to break all my previous goals and incorporate the X-Tinction ABS and Absolute Xero Bonus Challenges into it.

Abdulla Y: Hey guys, I was thinking of buying Athlean Xero but I need to know if it builds your lower body, my upper body is great but I need help with quads, calves, glutes, and hamstrings. 

Aristotle Cajetan: Hey Jeff, recently I purchased your TNT program and I have Xero. I was under the impression that the TNT program also had the possibility of adding into my Xero workouts. I really thought there was some TNT addition into my Xero program but I don't think that those workouts can be implemented. I guess what I want is a TNT Xero version :D .

However it seems that TNT is for AX-1 only, is there anyway you can design something like TNT for Xero without the worry of overtraining. Love the Xero program so far, third week in. It is pretty hard for those people that think they will not be pushed beyond what they thought was possible.

kiooo9: It does have a meal plan they just it up this week.

Anthony G: I'm really psyched about purchasing this program, but I just confirmed that it doesn't include the meal plan. What's up with that Jeff?

Gary Garcia: Hey Jeff, I want to buy this prohram, but I wanted to know if it comes wih the meal plan?
ATHLEAN XERO - Bodyweight Only Workout Program 5 out of 5

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ATHLEAN XERO - Bodyweight Only Workout Program