Dutch Passion Think Different SCROG Autoflower Harvest Time Medical Marijuana Ebb And Flow Flood

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Dimrain13: Care to share your nute ingredients? Since you mixed them yourself.... I ll be stating a run with 7 of these and was also planning a scrog. so it should be intense.

VBA Scripts: mine looks like a very skinny version of yours...

D Fields: CAN I LICK THE GLOVES................?

samuel desrosiers: Nice grow !! very sad that reputable seeds companys dont tell the real flowering time in there seeds description.. and auto think different and auto ultimate.are known for foxtail buds

Adam K: you are the real master ;D

Sophiedoll xxx: Fantastic.. totally fantastic. Very well done!!

john hartley: I bet he just used golden tree and part A part B micro grow 

Kapski NL: Damn, you got a nice setup and nutes there :) and those buds...
How do they smel during flowering? Would love to have some of those on my balcony.

The jupiter: These TD's are truly awesome and if you plant them outside in the U.K facing south n put a screen around them to avoid rabbits etc eating them, feed them the advanced nutrient range if u can (Don't just take my word on this check out the reviews on A.N.) and if its a good summer you'll get around 6 ounces per plant. True, you can get more over a long summer with non-auto strains but if the summer is a bad one then your "huge" crop may turn mostly to mould. Some non auto strains CAN
do ok in the uk climate ie, purple power, holland's hope etc but a bad summer could still hurt your crop weight.Best to start TD's off from seed 1st of may indoors or a greenhouse and then slowly harden them off until mid june and put them outside for good. After it's rained if you can gently tap the buds n stems, this'll knock away the rain droplets still hanging around on the plant and thus reduce the risk of mold. .By the 3rd week of august they should be ready to harvest. Pots are probably better than in the ground, less soil pests n u can feed them better PH levels, ability to flush, n tall 20 liter pots help against rabbit attacks too. But in a heat wave a pot can dry out in a day killing it's plant so do keep an eye on them in the heat. The smoke is magical. Autos are a godsend to the uk and other coldy summer european climates coz one avoids the "mold lottery" of a wet summer!
Oh well, happy growing all everyone . . . . .

AtroxInstrumentals: god damn i want to rob you #nofront

DeadFlorist: Waw dutch passion is lucky to have you growing this. nicely done, beastly

SRtWeNtytUrBo faSt: bob narley

KumaBean: Hps systems aren't any more difficult to set up and operate than cfls or any other light for that matter, experience simply doesn't come into it. If you're tight on space, or are strapped for cash, go for the cfls.

CarlosAyrs: Friend, thats beautiful.. Dry yeild and smoke report?? please!

calibomber209: I think 75day was meant from lights being 12/12 or start of flower. Anyway nice job.

Adam Rutter: very nice, Keep the passion Up. What state you in?

William Smith: Get some movers bro

Zeemofree: Hps or COB LEDs will kick the crap out of any hps watt for watt

Димка Одесса: what a harvest) im a beginner grower, would you recommend CFL lights for auto strains or flourescent?

mrbustr brown: what was your lighting schedule and was it under 1000 hps or halide?
Dutch Passion Think Different SCROG Autoflower Harvest Time Medical Marijuana Ebb and Flow Flood 5 out of 5

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Dutch Passion Think Different SCROG Autoflower Harvest Time Medical Marijuana Ebb and Flow Flood