GE Washing Machine Repair - Water Overfills, Overflows Washer

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canyonman1963: Note from Brett Kaufman: Thank for the help on the overfill of GE washing machine. Both ends of the tube were attached, but the vasoline used at the bottom nipple finally clogged the unit. Cleaning that out fixed it. Please include this information in your youtube channel. Thanks for the comments Brett, and thanks for the donation as well!

cupolove1: awesome! 1/2 of my house flooded last night when the washer kept filling. i have this same model, so i will be checking this when i get home

Robert Rosati: Thank you!!!!! The tube, where it connects to the bottom of the tub, was clogged. I took it off, cleaned it out....and wallah!!!!!

Roxanne King: Thank you so much for posting this video. We had a call in to a repair man who was going to charge $67 just to look at it. Our tube was connected but clogged. My husband was able to clean it out and it works perfectly and it was FREE!

bruce dadaian: thanks so much . my hoses were connected but clogged... cleaned out and working

Janis Lancaster: Very helpful video. After watching and following the steps we have been unable to isolate the problem. (The hose is now clear from debris, has no leaks and seems to get a good seal on both nipples.) From previous posts it would seem that the pressure switch might be the problem, but the thing that troubles me is that only the cold water continues to run. The hot water does not, making me think there might be a problem with another part, such as the inlet valve. Is that possible? Is there anything else that we can check? Thank you again. We have learned a lot about how washers work. ;)

Philip Hare: Hey just wanted to say a big thank you for your youtube video it saved me time, money and a happy wife which equals happy once again thank you. 

raiders5000YT: This was an awesome video, Canyonman. No need to sell me, I'm an automatic subscriber to your channel as of today. I'd only suggest you put at the beginning of your huge freakin' letters...DON'T PANIC! I feel alot better now. Thank you!

Jen Albrecht: The hoses were connected but the part of the hose at the bottom of the washer was clogged up. I cleaned it out now it works! Thanks so much for doing this video it saved me a lot of money 

hodgesjljr: My daughter's washer overflowed and this was the first video that popped up when I googled. Turns out this video shows the same model she has! Found crud in the tube and the fix was done. Thanks!

mister fix: My problem is the washer overfills on the rinse part of the cycle. It was fine for wash, but not rinse. Any ideas?

Chris Gray: Thanks Canyonman! Took the front panel off and saw my tube was clogged with black junk. Cleaned it out with a q tip and some rubbing alcohol.... Good as new!

C Anderson: Thanks!!! Took out the knob and reset it, checked the belt, checked the coupler, was about to start shopping and I watched your video. At least I know my way around my washer now, but I wish I watched your video first. Great job! 

fluknick: thanks canyonman1963. great vid, great follow up comments.

MrBigjoe1960: Mine was the switch. eBay $7.50 including shipping charges.

James Fureyster: Thanks I fixed my washer because of you saved 400$. When I looked at my hose the one you where talking about. It was connected on both sides but it was plugged with dirt. So what I did stick a tiny wire and scraped the dirt. Because it was on bottom side. Then what I did run hot water through it. And blew from other side while hot water was inside. Thanks. It helped me allot.

john casor: On my front loader; the machine will not fill up much, with water ? a company man came out & replace presser switch and same problem ? so another company man came out & changed the presser Dome & now it fills up & works great!!! but why would a air DOME give high air presser to the presser switch Einstein ?

Eric Rizzo: Another big "thank you" here! Like others, I had a clog at the lower end of the tube. Can you accept donations via Google Wallet?

W Burwell: You are the best. What is your paypal?

James B.: Thank you so much! My hoses were in place but it was clogged at the bottom. It's working perfectly now.

big balls: thank you very much for this video. very helpful, saved my mom some extra money by just looking this up and following the directions, thhank you

mellio72: Thank you for this video! My wife noticed our washer over filling and it had just started flooding the floor. Luckily our washroom is right next to our garage. I quickly grabbed a broom and started sweeping the water onto the garage floor while she used towels to keep it from coming into the carpet in the rest of the house. After this disaster was diverted I immediately told her the washer was old and we should probably just get a new one. Then I decided to see if their was any info on this model of washer on the Internet. Your video immediately popped up and saved the day! I used my air compressor to blow out the soap scum from the box at the bottom of the tube and it worked! You can't beat a no money repair! Thanks again your video was a life saver. 

Heath Leist: My washer is filling up without it being on or plugged in. Could it be the pressure hoses or inlet valve problem? 

jeremiah johnson: I watched your video thinking maybe this is what's wrong with mine but I got discouraged when I saw that the hose was connected then crossing my fingers that it was disconnected at the other end then too the front off and it was connected too BUT looked a little closer and saw that the tube where it connected to the box it was really dark looking so I unplugged it and THANK GOD it was stopped up with gunk. So I cut the bad end off and reconnected it now my washer works like a champ!!!!!!! Thanks a lot

Natalie Hopkin: Thanks so much our hose was clogged and we were able to fix in about a half hour.

jeremiah johnson: I watched your video thinking maybe this is what's wrong with mine but I got discouraged when I saw that the hose was connected then crossing my fingers that it was disconnected at the other end then too the front off and it was connected too BUT looked a little closer and saw that the tube where it connected to the box it was really dark looking so I unplugged it and THANK GOD it was stopped up with gunk. So I cut the bad end off and reconnected it now my washer works like a champ!!!!!!! Thanks a lot

Damon Shattuck: Do you have any idea why the hose would keep coming off? Monday night our machine kept filling with water and flooded our laundry room. I saw your video and reattached the hose. It worked okay for a day and then the hose came loose again. Wondering if there is something else to cause this or if we need to look at new machines (we have a frigidaire stacked unit). 

Mary Maldonado: I had to change the panel because the start button was broken. But someone too the hose off. So when I put it back in it started overfilling. I blow up the hose and I can hear it bubbling. And it won't go to the next cycle. If it was bubbling doesn't that means that's not clogged? What else can I do?

Michael Groninga: Water is not filling in my box. As soon as I detach the hose the water will start filling in the box. I can blow air thru bot sides of tube. Not sure why this started, I had just tightened the clamps on the pump and now the sensors are not working.... Please help! Thank you :)

David Sofranko: Another clogged hose here. Thanks so much for posting this video. Very helpful!

desertdispatch: can that pressure switch be tested with a meter?. reason I ask is lets assume for a minute and take the same problem overfills / overflows and lets assume that the hoses were connected on both ends when you checked. Now what?

john casor: Your last statement was unbelievable sir, you state; Maybe the old one had a crack in it, if it had a hole OR a crack in it, it would LOSE PRESSURE & that would Not trigger the air Pressure switch to send a signal to the water control solenoid to stop the water flow & would fill and fill and fill more and more water forever and ever, you sir should read what you are typing and stop giving advice out,

leo mas: i check the horse and i have change it but water keeps filling even the water pressure works

Demitrios Delpol: It it goesss on the nipple thats what she said!!!!!

titosuave123: Thx man it worked for me

Sushil Prasad: This video gave me confidence to try fixing my GE washer, which is only 3 years old. The tube was clogged on the side of the box, so cleaned it with warm soap and skewers. But this did not fix the overflow problem. The blow test to switch worked in stopping intake flow. The final trick was to clean the box itself with fine wire - it was clogged with gunk. The washer has successfully completed a full wash cycle! Thanks much!!


Daniel Davenport: Thank you so much! We checked ours and the hose was connected on both ends, but the lower end was clogged. It was so nice of you to put this video here, it looks like you have helped a lot of people, including us!

whaler: Thank you, this is just what I needed to not spend on a new machine. When that time comes, it will not be a GE, ever again. Thanks!

financeranger: You are the man...My wife grabbed the Sears add to buy a new washer, we have made the mistake of overloading this one before and it leaked (shocker), then the back drain popped off, this was the third time it leaked, and turns out the lower hose connection (2 inches up) was clogged (barely perceptible, run a pipe cleaner thru to be sure). You saved me $500!!!

sunshineferris1: Thank you, thank you, thank you! The hose was loose at the top...not all the way off..putting it all the way back on got mine up and going again!

April White: is this the same for Kennmore? I had a washer that flooded and bought another used one and it worked for a week then it did the same exact thing. wouldn't stop filling up and flooded the floor. ???

N3wbi3z0wnz: Oh... Figures why my washer keeps overflowing... Thx for the vid. Now I wont have to wipe up the wet floor 👏👏👏👏👏

Kelly P: You are my sunshine, my hero for the week, month and possibly year!! After nearly flooding our entire basement yesterday I thought I was going to need to replace my washer, which I cannot afford to do, and the tub end is completely gunked up. I am going to do my utmost to clean it, but was wondering if you have any input on whether I can replace the hose with something from a local hardware store or if it is a very specific material. Seriously, you rock!!

roach412: It looks like I have some crap built up INSIDE the pressure chamber. I'm concerned that it will just clog the tube you have any recommendations for how to clean this? Some kind of solvent to dissolve the crud perhaps? Doesn't appear to be accessible to clean manually, but I haven't pulled the inner tub yet....

Kenardo: You definately helped me out. I was about to buy a new washer, but didn't because I like to fix stuff. After 2 hours of tearing this machine apart, I couldnt find anything. Then I put it all back together and was going to call a handyman, but he wasn't able to come out that night, so I was watched your video and the line was plugged... Thanks a lot canyonman!

canyonman1963: Thats great! and you are welcome!

canyonman1963: There is not a float in there. The switch operates off of the pressure it detects from that box through the hose as the washer fills with water. Take the hose end off of the switch in the control panel, and see if you can blow through the hose fairly easily. If not, the box is crudded up and needs to be cleaned - not an easy job as the box does not open. Have to use a thin wire to push in where the hose attaches and clear the opening, as well as the opening inside that goes into tub.
GE Washing Machine Repair - Water Overfills, Overflows Washer 4.8 out of 5

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GE Washing Machine Repair - Water Overfills, Overflows Washer