AR15 .458 SOCOM - A Real Shoulder BRUISER!

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toadamine: that's a serious donkey boofer!

Kellie Davalos Poneyfeathers: currently my husband texas slinglead is building this little beauty 😅

Jeremy Gray: What does it cost to reload these rounds ?

ZeroGorDIE: whats the effective range of the 458 ?

wrushbo: The .458 SOCOM was... NEVER... I repeat NEVER intended or adapted by any branch of of anything out of Tampa, FL. Its a novelty single-stack round that you can fit into an AR. Its the .45-70 that will fit into the average joe schmoe's AR... that's it. They need to drop the name and just call it by the person that invented it and stop pretending like 'operators' are out there using it, because they're not.

BigE.: As I agree the 5.56 does lack in proper knock down power, it can and it has killed millions of people. If any of you have a military background, remember how much your ruck and all your gear weighted plus the added weight of ammunition. I'd much rather carry 20 pounds of 5.56 several hundred rounds than the equal weight of what... 75 to 100 .458 rounds. In a decent nose to nose engagement, even in semi automatic you are going to burn through those rounds in about 3 to 5 minutes and then what? Good thing the Socom rifle weights almost 5 pounds more because you're going to have to use it as a club at the 6 minute mark.

joe louden: My poor man's .458 SOCOM is a 12ga with Foster slugs (".73 SOCOM"). Bruises my shoulder just like a $1500 .458 and puts nice, big holes in things.

Jan Trzeci Kowalski: 3:24 badanie kału

Clint Davis: 5:13 absolutely wicked :')

Keith Brandson: Uh, yeah.... Pretty sure that's gonna leave a mark.

rasbeans51: pretty sure that was sun tea no big deal

Ole Ironhead: That was very cool!  Gonna have to look into reloading for it.  What BCG does it use?  I guess its just an AR 15 upper and lower?  Not a 308?  I like its concept if reloading for her is practical.

Cnf 60: You can get those rounds that weigh 600 grains, but are sub sonic

Mark Rich: Thats perfect for CT state laws .

Rick Deckard: i dont shoot or handle 'found fluids'...yuck...

Steven Rudd: Can't afford that amo... went with a works very well 4 me..just can't afford 458soc. Amo...I like it...the taper helps the fead.

sc0tte1: That round makes things go away

tomas fabbro: +TAOFLEDERMAUS you should know that you can use the same mags 5.56 in the 50 beowolf and in the 458 . this is in reply to a post i found where you call it an advantage of the 458 vs the 50 beo.

tomas fabbro: two things one i thought you could only fit 9 rounds so wikipedia is lying again also this is why you must never understimate a gun because of calibers like this or like the 460 rowland for 1911 but that is another story.

Gabriel S.: Must be what 3-CPOs' pencil looks like.

All these new calibers to replace 5.56 are pure bull meant to fix a problem that doesn't even exist because the 5.56 is an awesome little round for an assault rifle, if not THE best.

Want to disable an attacker faster than 5.56 yet want the cartridge to be light and accurate? Yeah so do I but there's no magic bullet.
AR15 .458 SOCOM - A real Shoulder BRUISER! 5 out of 5

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AR15  .458 SOCOM  -  A real Shoulder BRUISER!