AR15 .458 SOCOM Zombie Killer 'HOGZILLA' (ultra SLOMO!)

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AR15  .458 SOCOM Zombie Killer
AR15 .458 SOCOM Zombie Killer "HOGZILLA" (ultra SLOMO!)
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.458 Socom Rock River Upper Table Top Review
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We Shoot the Powerful .458 SOCOM "Hogzilla" Rifle
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.458 SOCOM - Turning Cover Into Concealment(TM)
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Yusuke Shoots 458 SOCOM
AR-15 in 458 socom with silencer.
AR-15 in 458 socom with silencer.
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Slow Motion .458 SOCOM Visible Bullet in Flight
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Troy Del-ton Aero precision midlength ar 15 hk type zombie killer rifle
AR15 Demo .458 SOCOM & .50 Beowulf Mags AntiTilt new follower
AR15 Demo .458 SOCOM & .50 Beowulf Mags AntiTilt new follower
Larry Vickers and Bill Wilson Take a Quick Look at the .458 SOCOM
Larry Vickers and Bill Wilson Take a Quick Look at the .458 SOCOM

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Leonardo IV: So its like getting shot with a 45 long cold lever rifle

Ricky Rivers: Make one that shoots 45-70 govt.

IsraeliTrancer: adding a giant drum magazine to this rifle will make it better (if it exists for .458 lol

SuperRip7: Is that a California gun ?

kyle o'donnell: freakin jar looked like a fetus

GunFun ZS: Tony Rumore created a monster all right.

Jeremy Dietz: Always video 1, what do you mean room clearing? These were engineered for barricade "vehicle" stopping. Nothing to do with "room clearing" mp7 was made to clear rooms

Jeremy Dietz: That would be a compensator, not and muzzle brake

laptopcommando: .458 SOCOM: proving once again that yes, size does matter.

Gerard Saraber: I think I want one :) .458 socom AR upper.

wavelength1970: niiiiiice

Aurora91sl: The ROCK RIVER ARMS .458 SOCOM was the first AR on my " must have list. " I went with a BUSHMASTER .450 AR first because the ammo is so expensive for the .458 SOCOM. Around $2.40 - $3.30 a round is ridiculous !!! I pay around a $1.40 a round for 450 BUSHMASTER ammo. ALEXANDER ARMS .50 BEOWOLF is just a little more, about $1.50 per round. SBR & CORBON should be ashamed of themselves. Don't get me wrong I love ROCK RIVER ARMS .458 SOCOM & ALEXANDER ARMS .50 BEOWOLF & still plan on getting both

HairyArabianWithAnAK: not to be a douche or anything. but the Redjackets version is cooler:/

DATNIGGA MEEZ: you wouldn't want that yo hit your melon.. :(

scuba diver: $4 a round!?!?!?! I can get 50 BMG ammo cheaper than that!

TAOFLEDERMAUS: @rosspl23 With the .458 you can use unmodified 30rd mags. I think that is one advantage.

AlwaysVideo1: These are mostly for room clearing (solo, as I would hate to be next to the muzzle brake one one of these), so your shots would be 5-15 feet away mostly. If you don't expect civvies, then walls really disappear with these rounds.

Peter Martinson: Does anybody make a pistol barrel in .458 SOCOM?

TAOFLEDERMAUS: @johnnyfisalive It is legal in California.

raginroadrunner: Take into the jungles of Viet Nam and see how you like it then...

karmaxie: The beowulf was found SEVERELY lacking which is why SOCOM invented the .458. End of story.

coltman151: Two questions: What does he think of the Spikes lower? and how has that aimpoint held up to the 458?

McNasteh P: dude i got to were i had to go around the whole scree 4 times while this vid was going on on snake :)

ab1462: My buddy has a Beowulf and has always had problems and it sits in his safe...I have a .458s and it shoots great and takes pigs regularly...I think it's the fact that it necks down for some headspacing that makes it run better, pistol rounds can be problematic in AR's I've heard (all mine run rifle rounds)

Arek Hawkes: fetice in the jar? mom they found billy.

alexpain100: .458 or 50 Beowulf

TAOFLEDERMAUS: @LocutusIsBorg I've heard the recoil of the 458 is too hard on some adjustable stocks. The stock, in my opinion could be a little longer in order to keep your face from getting struck by the gun. I'm willing to bet he'll upgrade this gun further as time goes on. Heck, he could drop the 458 upper on one of his other rifles like his .308 AR. I like how AR's are so modular.

HateMeS4L: the lemons in the jar look like a fetus lol

John Thompson: 6:08 failiar to feed. Had to force the round in. better check the feed ramp

serekithegreat: Looks like a heavy hitting beat of a round. The cost for ammo is just ridiculous though. Maybe if I win the lotto......

Eric Harkema: Bahahaha awsome video, let be a lesson to all..never leave your sun tea brewing at your local club

rbagrizzly: the "birdcage flash hider" has no cuts under it so it won't kick up dirt when fired from the prone position.

elbob099: @Nater245689 freak sake i only wrote .22 because its written on a screen or polint two two, forget the point, say two two not twenty two as i said numbers after a decimal are said individualy end of

drbackjack: And beyond 100 yards it drops like a brick.

classicjag76: "we're safety-minded people" as we sweep the muzzle past both of us...

MrAustralianPyro: This footage was on Sons Of Guns s2 ep14.

Vyppaaa11: I wonder if any of the "experts" that jave replied to my first comment have actually paid enough attention to realize that I first referenced the 22short ajd all they have been talking about has been the 22 lr

rosspl23: hmmm. Should have got a .50 beowulf, cheaper, harder hitting, more availability. And by the way, that was a jar of piss I left out there. Hope you warshed your hands. Yes, I said warrrrshed. Good slow mo video though. I'll be honest, There really is no difference between the .50 Beo and the .458 Socom besides availability and price of ammo. The ballistic tables are almost identical out to 200 yards which is their advertised max effective range. I prefer straight case design and common bullet.

Sprotdude17: How about just get a ar-10 .308 good power ALOT cheaper ammo

916Bassin: check your magazine, sometime it can cause it to failure to feed.

marksrig: @majpoopiepants I thought the same thing...makes you wonder....

rosspl23: @taofledermaus That is a nice advantage I never thought of. Although, All I have to do to my standard GI mags is file the front feed lip into a half moon shape until it sits a few millimeters below the follower. A little spraypaint on the bottom for ID purposes and we are ready to rock and roll. Bill Alexander makes incredible products, as I own the 6.5mm grendel as well. In the end, its like comparing a Ford to a Chevy. Safe shooting brothers. :)

MegaGevehr: An oldy but a goody

TAOFLEDERMAUS: @elbob099 It's a regional thing. Sort of like when people call the 747 a "seven forty seven" instead of a "seven four seven" or 125cc motorcycle a "one twenty five" instead of "one two five". It's VERY common in the U.S. to call a .22 a "twenty two".

CrazeSniper: 3:27 looks like a shrunken head lol

Ghostt Gunna: i belive that was iced tea

Tackdriver4000: Great video. Anyone who clowns a .458 is just jealous because they can't buy one or butt hurt because they are stuck with a .50 Beo instead. It was developed by men who used the .50 in real life battle.

marksrig: @916Bassin 458 is legal in cali!

vash241987: BTW what is the range on that round? would be sweet if the military used the round, but 10rd capacity would be a downer

disniggardatniggar: that bottle of lemons looked like a fetus.. otherwise very nice weapon!
AR15 .458 SOCOM Zombie Killer "HOGZILLA" (ultra SLOMO!) 4.7 out of 5

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AR15  .458 SOCOM Zombie Killer