Thief Walkthrough Part 4 Queen Of Beggars

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SchwartzBruder30: I love how these two are ignoring combat, bow, and other upgrades like them with the justification being "because we say we're not gonna get in any fights, we won't."

Emily: Zach is a brilliant genius...making the ps3 not up to quality....

Taymanator0051: Some of those loading screens don't seem that bad.. Maybe it is just somewhere you've been before so it can load it easier. Lookin good Ray and Zach! I'm glad Zach is able to do some commentating; Ray as well for that matter :) i know you are kind of going through a tough time so keep gaming Ray! :P

Alegre671: walked through like a boss, rick ross, criss cross, apple sauce

Fuzzy Pickles: such crapty graphics 

Connie Giang: "I'm a thief, not a grave robber, Rosso"
lol There are standards to be set in the thieving world apparently

nicolas perier: all playstation haters the quality is even worse on xbox 360 so SHUT THE freak UP because everybody knows xbox suck. the xbox one sale confirms it.

IndianTelephone: Soooo... um what is going on? That magic crap baron was doing made Garett jump 1 year into the future? what? i am lost in the story already, someone explain pls.

Daniel Axon: F***u

bwaitemusic: The cutscenes and dialogue are stupid

Professorofmagicalcreatures: Were Dewey?

MrIrrationalGamer: I suppose you might want to stash things as sort of a stockpile..  Let's say you can only carry 10 of any type of arrow.  If that were the case, I'd never want to have more than 6 on me and I'd put the rest in my stockpile/stash in my hideout.  That way, you don't have to leave gear behind as you go through the levels.  If your arrow capacity is maxed out, and you find more arrows, you have to leave them.

And remember... a poppy a day keeps death away! :)

vittorio baldini: this video is full  lag!

WeaverWill: It doesn't look good on ps3 but it's not that bad to be honest, I've seen worse.

Matt Taylor: Weird, it looks terrible on the PS3 but some of the gameplay that the Devs put out in the last few weeks was on 360 and it looked amazing.

EricPaz: Consume poppy everyday~

Jonathon405: Chill thug life listen to tupac and freak illuminati also thief is so amazing outstanding game love it I just wanna play it I am desperate ill do anything what you want media cows I'll anything plzz I'll lick your shoes make a sane itch anything I just need the ps4 version on thief plzzzzzzz

Corrosive Prim8: I can't wait to see the graphics and textures on next gen if this is so good

scroeffie: iam stuck at the chapter 4 opening the biggest safe you have seen the comb code doesnt work there are allot og bugs in the game very few side questst like 5 orso missions are oke the things u find in houses is always the same when u are in a house there are no people most of the time not sleeping nothing to sneak by wierd in thief deadly shadows is a better game than this i think

RadioPerils NoSurprise: The old lady told us literally nothing. 
Thief Walkthrough Part 4 Queen of Beggars 5 out of 5

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Thief Walkthrough Part 4 Queen of Beggars